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Writing Help: Colors

*some of these will overlap because everybody’s interpretation of color is a little different.


crimson, ruby, scarlet, blood, vermilion, maroon, cerise, sanguine, cherry, coral, cardinal, puce, auburn, beetroot, blood-orange, burgundy, russet, ginger, poppy, rose, carmine, wine, amaranth


magenta, salmon, fuschia, carnation, scallop, peach, rose, coral, punch, blush, flamingo, strawberry, rosewood, bubblegum, silk, hot pink, grapefruit, primrose.


tangerine, marigold, sunset, flame, ginger, cantaloupe, tiger, apricot, carrot, squash, sandstone. 


Canary, gold, flaxen, lemon, saffron, tawny, sand, sunshine, bumblebee, butterscotch, corn, ocher, topaz


cyan, sea, magpie, aquamarine, beryl, turquoise, ultramarine


forest, grass, malachite, verdant, olive, chartreuse, fir, lime, jade, sage, moss, pine, sea, bice, viridian, fern, myrtle, juniper, pear, seafoam, pistachio, basil. 


sapphire, cobalt, ocean, midnight, indigo, sky, slate, peacock, azure, arctic, ice, denim, cerulean, electric-blue, navy, admiral, royal-blue, blueberry, frost


mauve, blackberry, royal-purple, amethyst, amaranth, violet, plum, eggplant/aubergine, periwinkle, sangria, lavender, heather, raisin, mulberry, grape, wine, lilac, jam, alexandrite,


velvet, ink, coal, ebony, sable, jet, obsidian, shadowy, soot, onyx, pitch, raven, crow, midnight, spider, leather-black, grease-black. 


petal, eggshell, pearl, alabaster, diamond, snow, ice, ivory, cream, cotton, eggshell, cloudy, chiffon, silk, coconut, linen, bone, frost, beige, lily-white, milky, diamond, sparkle, pallid.


coffee, taupe, khaki, tawny, umber, rusty, russet, dun, fawn, copper, cinnamon, caramel, beige, mocha, hickory, wood, pecan, walnut, chocolate, cedar, penny, topaz, zircon, jasper, onyx, andulasite, rutile, mousy


silver, lead, shadow, graphite, pewter, iron, cloudy, smoke, ash, dove, fog, flint, salt, hoary (specifically for hair), grizzled, drab, mousy, granite, moonstone, hematite. 


“OW!” I yelled at Carbonated Beverage. We have the same looks, I guess. I have his beautiful, majestic shiny sun-kissed natural-highlighted sandy — not like Sandy, I hate her because she’s so horrible — blonde brown-ish long hair. “Did you really have to splash water on me? I was gettin’ up, anyways!”

“I’m sorry,” Carbonated Beverage sang in response. “I love you so much you’re such a good sister you should come to the dx today I miss you hahaha you’re so cool and the gang loves to be aaround you1!1”

“hahaha totally!” I pulled on my cowboy boots. They matched my skinny jeans and tank top perfectly. And my leather jacket — duh, I’m a greaser — looked oh-so prefect with it1!

I don’t put on much for makeup because I don’t need any I’m so pretty. I’m not like the other greaser girls who wear all that makeup. But somehow everyone in my brother’s gang loves me!

“Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Curtis!” Darry, my older brother called. “Come on and laugh and enjoy this breakfast I made or else I’ll hit you too because I’m so mean but when I’m not working 2,3493 hour shifts I find it in my heart to care about you!”

In the kitchen, I find Two-Bit, Johnny, and iwefisfsbbsuhf DALLAS. He’s this sexual magnet of a teenager that attracts me because he;s so aofdangerous and I’m soosdfj not! “H-Hi Dally.”

“Hey sweetheart dollface,” he said and I proceeded to blush so much. I’m really ugly in my opinion but everyone calls me pretty I hope Dally likes me.

Johnny is like my brother. He’s so little and fragile and I totally love friend-zoning him as my best friend!

But none of this matters, because my boyfriend is going to pick me up soon. And no — I didn’t change the tense of this story eight times!

“Bye friends and family! Two-Bit, you’re so funny! Steve, wash your face the cake I bake especially for you is all over youu!”

~O~o~“` time skip ” o~O~~

“What’s that, Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar Curtis?!” I knew it was bad because he used my middle names and my last name.

“What is it, Darry?” I said innocently and tried to cover my makeup-covered bruise. I knew it didn’t cover well!1!! He removed my hand and gasped so loud that Coca-Cola woke up!!.

“It was your horrible hood boyfriend I’ve never, ever met, right?” Darry was so angry I tried to calm him down but it wouldn’t work ! “THat little loser —”

“I’m motherfucking dfucking dicksucking-ass here!! I am ready to fucck shit up because I am DaLLAs Winston, the *ugly in books yikes but then again pony was unreliable narrator thank you fandom* unresistable bad boi that’s always  motherfucking there for your fucking motherfucking ass, dollface babycheeks!”;al

SUDDENLY DALLAS APPEARED. Where did he come from? I thought he was banging Sylvia that cheating slut who sleeps with everyone! Woah! They must be broken up again.

“OH DALLAS!” I, skinny beautiful long haired Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar — shit, I forgot Ros(i)e – Curtis, cried and leaped into his arms.

“Hey, baby –” he suddenly changed his personality for me — “I’m gonna beat the shit out of that guy! I knew he didn’t deserve you! nOT Like I do! let’s clean you up and possibly makeout, okay??”

Suddenly I so loved. More than I’ve ever felt in my lifetime!11!

A/N: hey guys so sorry I didn’t update for six and a half months but here it is! I hope you guys like it! Guess what happens next chapter? I’m gonna give a super big hint, okay? And if I don’t get 5464 reads or follows I won’t write anymore!! How do you feel about Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Pear Sierra Rosie Lavendar being assaulted — physically and/or sexually — and/or getting pregnant at sixteen?? dally would make a good father!! socs love jumping girls!! they’re so mean like Cherry!


Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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I finished all of the fan gems that will eventually all be in a comic together, the group of gems found on an earth like planet known as the Organic Gems (in order, Coral, Amber, Petrified Wood, Ammolite, Ivory), and the Homeworld gems sent to clean up said planet known as the infamous White Diamond Special Tactics Unit (in order, Onyx, Topaz, Agate, Sunstone, Jade). They’re all fighting over a very unique gem, Carbon, who can, with enough time, become an entirely new Diamond. Its up to the Organic Gems to make sure Carbon can develop before the WDSTU can break them.

Different kinds of pearls in the DA

I also sorted them out into colour because I feel like since pearls are meant to be servants/accessories they should at least fit the colours of their diamond (not saying every gem has to fit the colour of their diamond)

White Diamond = 8
Light grey
Matte grey

Yellow Diamond = 19
Coco brown
Matte gold
Light green
Matte olivine
Matte green
Forest green

Blue Diamond = 20
Matte blue
Matte sapphire
Matte light sapphire
Powder blue
Matte light purple
Light purple
Matte purple
Matte light plum
Matte lavender
Light plum

Pink Diamond = 13
Matte Lilac
Matte peach

All together there are 60 types of pearls!
That’s a lot of pearl

If you know any more types tell me and I will update the list


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Pink is gunna need a bigger bed to fit both Black and Ivory.

They only fit in two at a time. Black curls around Pink, a great cliff range of iridescent black, the muted shimmers of green and purple dancing in the hollow of her throat. Her central eye remains open, sharp and watchful, her other two half-lid, lazy and warm. Her huge hands will caress Pink’s spine, comfortable and not daring to stray, fluffs and pats down Pink’s hair in equal measures. Waking next to her is always accompanied by a pulse of terror, because Black sucks the light from the room, pours gelid shadows over everything, so thick Pink screams. Black doesn’t mean to, Pink knows, she clucks and hums worriedly, four huge arms caging around Pink while Pink fights her way out of the oppressive, choking darkness. When Pink is done - crying, sobbing, promising to never need a gentle embrace to lull her to sleep ever again, Black will, with the greatest tenderness, kiss the bridge of Pink’s nose, each eyelid, her own three eyes rippling blue yellow grey sympathetically.
With Ivory, it’s - different.
Ivory jitters and shudders and gasps, back arching in rapturous, trembling awe, body teetering on the edge, when Pink tries to snuggle into her. She cries, constantly, cheeks wet, hating herself, clawing at herself with the arm that bends the wrong way. She flinches when Pink reaches out, gabbers an endless stream of whimpering apologies. Her sleep is restless and haunted, full of kicking and sweaty nightmares, she sleeps shallowly, bursts with torture. Pink learns to immobilise the wrong bending arm against her body, freezing Ivory solid, heavy breathing, heat, unhealed scratches weeping on Ivory’s hips from her own nails, and nuzzle sweetly against the back of Ivory’s neck. For once, Ivory has no room for hating herself when her senses are full of Pink, Pink, Pink. She wakes to Ivory clinging to her, suffocating clammy heat, windswept, whispering apologies for her own presumptuousness even as she squirms closer.
Pink doesn’t know how they are together. The bed is only big enough for two.


Imperial Napoleonic Egg -  House of Carl Fabergé, c. 1912

Maker: Workmaster: Henrik Emanuel Wigström (1862–1923)

Artist: Miniatures by Vassily Ivanovich Zuiev (Russian)

Gold, guilloche’ enamel, rose-cut diamond, platinum, gold, ivory, gouache, velvet, silk, 4 5/8 x 3 ½ (max diam.) in. (11.7 x 8.9 cm)

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"You're yourself, but you're also my rage wife." The magenta Diamond uttered, hugging Ivory tighter. "Besides, we all belong to White anyway."

a word to the wise. always use their names. Ditch the descriptors. It will confuse your writing because, hey, remember, your reader doesn’t have the same image in their head as you do. They have to scramble back through their memory to remember whoever the “magenta” one was, who the “taller” one was, et cetera, et cetera. It may seem really obvious to you, but it’s an extra second or two in the reader’s processing of the story. I can see why you’d want to, if you’re writing two characters with the same pronouns, because it can feel like it’s hard to differentiate. If a sentence’s subject seems questionable, just use the names again. Always use the character’s names. The only time you wouldn’t is if the character’s name is unknown, and even then, you’d stick with one nickname, “the raggedy man”, or whatever.  

Equally, whoever told you “said is dead” is a liar. Using synonyms to break up your writing is nice, but usually, in dialogue, only use it for emphasis, or you’ll sound like the infamous My Immortal. Synonyms for common words are like precious gems. Use them sparingly to display them to best effect.

Things like names and said are “invisible words”. How often do you notice the word “her” or “he” or “the” in a sentence? It’s the same thing. It takes no effort for the reader to know what you’re talking about.

“You’re yourself, but you’re also my rage wife.” The magenta Diamond uttered, hugging Ivory tighter. “Besides, we all belong to White anyway.”

“You’re yourself, but you’re also my rage wife,” Pink Diamond said, hugging Ivory tighter. “Besides, we all belong to White anyway.”

The second sentence should be easier to parse.

(Also, they sure as hell don’t all belong to White.)

Will Tracing Ivory DNA Stem the Slaughter of African Elephants?

The fight against the global elephant ivory trade has just added a new tool. Researchers at the University of Washington and INTERPOL, the international policing organization, have successfully used DNA taken from ivory seizures around the world to identify elephant poaching hotspots in Africa.

The team took DNA samples from about a half-ton of ivory confiscated in Africa and Asia between 1996 and 2014. Then they matched portions of genetic material to lengths of DNA that are known to be held only by elephants in specific geographic areas. Using this method, they found that most of the ivory seized since 2006 originated in just two areas.

“Understanding that vast amounts of this major transnational trade is focused on two primary areas makes it possible to focus law enforcement on those areas and eliminate the largest amount of illegal killing,” said University of Washington biologist Samuel Wasser, who led the study published last week in the journal Science

The largely ineffectual work to counter the ivory trade has entered a critical phase. One estimate puts the number of African elephants killed in 2013 at more than 50,000. With a population of less than 450,000 on the continent, that puts one year’s killing spree at more than 11 percent of all African elephants left on earth. The slaughter led Nature in 2014 to conclude that the elephant population is collapsing, and most animals could be wiped out within the next decade. Learn more and see infographics and a video below.

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