diamond horseshoe revue


Tons of people loved Shirley Temple, and one of her biggest fans was none other than Walt Disney himself. Their friendship began at the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, and continued on after that for many years. She continued to appear in the spotlight even after her retirement at 21 to help Walt open the Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough attraction with a family of her very own. Years after Walt passing she continued to work with the Walt Disney Company and even had a hand at crafting Del montes sponsorship of the Magic Kingdom version of the Diamond HorseShoe Revue. Rest in Peace to a Hollywood Legend and wonderful public servant Shirley Temple. 

This Day in Disney History

February 1, 2003: The Diamond Horseshoe Revue says a final farewell at the end of the night.

The doors to this live dinner show will close permanently after this night. One of the first original shows at the Magic Kingdom, this show was sometimes performed up to 10 times a day! If you multiply that by the 365 days a year the show was played, that’s an awful lot performances, and it was certainly well loved by many.