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S/O Pet Names
  • McCree: Babydoll, Darlin', Sweetpea
  • Junkrat: Darl', Hotness, Precious
  • Soldier76: Princess, Babe, Wonderful
  • Roadhog: My queen, Babygirl/boy, Babe
  • Hanzo: My love, Prince(ss), Diamond
  • Tracer: Love, Honey, Sweetie
  • Widowmaker: Cherie, Mon amour, My sweet flower
  • D.va: Oppa, Honey, Bunny
  • Zarya: Dearest, Angel of Mine, Kitten
  • Sombra: Mami/Papi, Sexy, Hot lips
  • Winson: Hi there.

Kuramochi: Shut up, Sawamura!
Sawamura: But I can’t!
Chris: Pipe down. 
Sawamura: B-but…
Haruichi: Let’s keep it down, Eijun-kun 
Sawamura: Not you, too, Harucchi!

Women of the Zodiac

Aries women are boiling inside with the power of a thousand volcanoes. Their energy is powerful, with the unique ability to turn dirt into diamonds. Their love is honeyed, decadent and a necessity, for there is nothing quite like it in the entire universe. There’s fire behind their eyes, probably the same fire that warms up the stars. 

Taurus women are the smell after the rain. They come into your life exactly at the right time to show you there’s beauty even in sad moments. Their joyfulness and adorable persona has the power to lift spirits and maybe even bring back the dead, shattered pieces of oneself. Their intelligence shines as if it was being filtered through a multi-coloured vitralium. 

Gemini women are the first sip of champagne - crisp, numbing and voluptuous. They are real crystals in a pile of fake jewels. They are sweet, tender and their love is ever-lasting. Their eyes are miniature galaxies that hold the entire universe in its place. Meeting them gives you a feeling of ease, as if everything fell into its place the moment they walked through the door. 

Cancer women are the moment just before sunrise, the feeling of happiness and hope that engulfs someone as they look out the window and witness the beauty of nature. They are great conversationalists and can paint you in the most wonderful of words, all while seeing behind your veils and smoke screens. They are technicolour creatures in a world of neutral shades. 

Leo women are a luscious garden in the middle of the desert. Just like an oasis, their life-giving energy will encircle and cure everyone who’s brave enough to explore it. Their suave movements have the power to seduce and even kill, tenderly. Their eyes are jasper crystals and their skin smells like burnt incense. 

Virgo women are like lightning - precise, luminous and oh-so-beautiful. They light up the entire sky with their vivid imagination and seductive personality. They are quiet, swift and light as a breeze gently caressing your face. Their style is regal, as they are probably the most ceremonious sign of the zodiac. 

Libra women are a cup of lavender tea, warming you up from the inside. Their flavour is syrupy and their eyes burn in amber-like colours. Their touch is gentle, as if they have feathers and their love, all-encapsulating, is the singularity that generated the Big Bang, creating the entire universe and a million other universes, all tied together with a lilac satin ribbon. 

Scorpio women are the sound of wood burning in a completely white mansion by the beach. They bring serenity and jubilance, dancing before your eyes like nobody’s watching. They are the moment you get home and feel immediate comfort. They are walking barefoot on freshly cut grass. Their skin is carefully carved from the luxuriest marble, while their spirit is domesticated and welcoming. 

Sagittarius women are the blue hour after the sunset, when the sky is a watercolour painting of purples and blues. They complete the day, putting on one of the finest shows you could ever experience. They are magnetic, dreamy and born poets. Looking at them is like looking at a statue by Michelangelo, everything, to the tiniest detail, is breath-taking. Their royal spirit shines through, indifferent to their appearance, as if under their skin there’s an ever-burning fire. 

Capricorn women are dark, clear nights, snuggling under the most magnificent sky. The constellations on their bodies shine with the power of quasars, their minds, brilliant and sharp, cut you like razor blades. Their velvety touch is almost mystical, making you wonder how can someone like them exist in reality. But they do, defying every law known to men, living their life at the limit between reality and dreams.

Aquarius women are the first bite into a luscious dessert. They are like the forbidden fruit you bite into, because they are so attractive you have no other choice. Being cursed by them would be a privilege. Meeting them is like shaking hands with a cloud, you try to capture them, scared they’d be lost from you forever, but you never will. When the time is right, they’ll appear in front of your eyes and you’ll embrace them, finally understanding the answer to all the questions ever asked. 

Pisces women are the smell of hyacinths, revealing the re-birth of nature. They are the sweetest, most delicate creatures to roam the Earth, but also the mightiest, most fragrant. Catching a glimpse of their dreamy demeanour is similar to the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Their eyes, always watery and deep as the ocean, carry with them the innocence of just being born into the world. You see yourself as new in their eyes. 

P.S.// Happy International Women’s Day to all my followers, whether they’re women, gender fluid or men in touch with their femininity. You’re all wonderful and deserve a wonderful spring! <3

anonymous asked:

So sorry to bother you about this, I'm sure you get lots of similar asks, but I just found out about Storenvy scams yesterday, I had no idea they existed, and now I'm quite anxious about whether I've lost money. Do you know if the store DiamondHoney is reputable?

Hi there, it’s not a bother at all! While scams are common on Storevny, they’re also on pretty much any marketplace platform - including Etsy. I’ve written a short guide on how to spot scammers on storenvy here, which you mind find helpful.

As for Diamond Honey, I do honestly believe they are a legitimate store. I’ve communicated with the owner before and he has even been kind enough to send me a few of his items before with handwritten notes included in the packages which leads me to believe he ships the packages off from home. Diamond Honey still use a third party supplier which they get their pieces off (not handmade) BUT, they post them from their own home instead of being a drop ship company which is nice. 

As I’ve stated above in the guide I wrote, if you are concerned with the stores legitimacy then it doesn’t hurt to e-mail them and maybe ask for some photos of other products, sizing guides, etc, just to gauge their response time or to even see if they reply at all :-) 

Hope this helps!

reblog if....

Reblog if when you have kids someday they’re going to be named after a fictional character or after a shipping 

Hogwarts House aesthetics

Hufflepuff (but not exclusively so)
Forgiveness at no price. Roots cracking sidewalks and blooming flowers. Kisses on foreheads. Homemade bread. Middle child. Warm hugs and ever comforting shoulders. Bare feet walking on fresh grass. Clothes still warm from the dryer. Sleepy grins. It’s okay, it’s all okay. All clouds. 

Denial. Convincing others, doubting the self. Feet moving faster than their feelings can catch up. Broken smiles that taste like salt. Gripping the edge, letting go far too late. Unfocused eyes. 

Ravenclaw (but not exclusively so)
Contradictions. Flaws balanced. The promise of blank notebooks. Silence. Jazz. Everything said comes with a footnote, spoken or unspoken. Baking. Archives, mental and emotional. Skies that blend seamlessly into ocean blues. Forests. Eyes that never rest; they seek and seek and seek. 

Questioning everything. Not wanting answers. Scalp going ice cold. Gripping self together. Flight. Lightning. Days in bed, nights awake. Echoes everywhere. Dreaming thoughts that refuse to surface. 

Slytherin (but not exclusively so)
Balconies. Possession, or the attempt. Minds like magnifying glasses. First impressions. Arsenals. The initial touch of bare feet on cold tile. Muzzled with laughing eyes. Dripping jewels. Words like acid, lips lined with honey. Diamond cut edges, gummy centers. Nine locks on a wooden door. Glass walls. 

Solitary confinement. Numbness. Revenge. Closed doors, new locks. Sighing. Overdosing stimulants; physical, atmosphere, taste. Disappointed but unsurprised. Blame. Adding to a list of mistakes to never make again. 

Gryffindor (but not exclusively so)
Sprinting across burning sand to feel the ocean. Posters that cover every inch of wall space. Screaming out frustration. Whirlwinds. Salt. Grass stains. Shots and overspilled beers. White knuckles on raised fists. Action painting. Never lowering their voice, even when appropriate to do so. Dripping with sweat and grinning. 

Running up a down escalator. Fight. Using the body as a weapon. Bloody lips. Raw throats. Hot tears. Demands. Face to face, disbelief to sinking realization. Nostrils flared. Physically ill. 

a honeygogo fanmix ❤ listen here

super love- dami im // speed of love- owl city // sugar- karmin // wake me up- ed sheeran // that’s okay, that’s love- davichi // i still love u- perfume // talking to the moon- bruno mars // the only exception- paramore // froot- marina & the diamonds // angels- owl city // she keeps me warm- mary lambert

I’ve been really disconnected from tumblr for a while…I highly doubt people notice but, hey…I’m back I think.

I took this picture last weekend when I went out with my husband. I decided to wear a simple coord. It’s a little bit sweeter than what I’m used to but I think it looks fairly ok. The dress is comfortable but its REALLY short. 

OP, tights and hair clip: Diamond Honey - Shoes: Offbrand - Bag: Sanrio