diamond hoe



real - years and years / obsessions - marina and the diamonds / breathe - rhodes / hold me down - halsey / dark in my imagination - of verona / all i want - dawn golden / radio - lana del rey / antichrist - the 1975

l i s t e n

Omg imagine the other mianite crew landing in the world of mianite. Imagine they finding a haphazard world clearly built by a mixture of builders with a mixture of styles and abilities connected by neat bush-lined paths. Imagine them running around the remnants of homes in utter confusion, finding massive models of what looks to be their faces but slightly different, by only a few colours, and wondering how the hell they got there.
Imagine them walking through the diamond hoe and the tea cup and the quartz house and the giant salt shaker, coming from such a serious world full of drama and tension and landing in a world built on the concept of fun. Countrybat and jeriah learning their otherselves were lovers and shared almost everything. Mot finding a massive statue of what appeared to be another him wearing a sombrero and standing infront of a giant cake. Spark climbing Jerry’s tree and wondering whom it is named after, perhaps a great warrior of some kind. And Dec trying to organise them all, trying to tell them that no they do not have any “blood magic” or “smeltieres” and that they all should stop talking nosense.