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What tiaras are/were owned by the Dukes of Bedford?

I know of two tiaras that belong to the Dukes of Bedford.  First a floral tiara that was created circa 1830 by Fossin (a predecessor to Chaumet) and was a gift from the 7th Duke to his wife Anna. 

There is also an amethyst tiara that was created circa 1870 probably also by Fossin.

Both tiaras were recently featured in the Chaumet: Imperial Splendors exhibition at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.  The pieces were credited as being on loan from the Bedford Estates meaning the family has created a trust to protect their historical collection.


The state banquet at Christiansborg Palace in honour of the Belgian state visit to Denmark on 28 March 2017 – as seen in Danish and Belgian royal tiaras:

  • Queen Margrethe of Denmark wearing the Pearl Poire Tiara
  • Queen Mathilde of Belgium wearing the Nine Provinces Tiara
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wearing the Ruby Parure Tiara
  • Princess Marie of Denmark (not pictured because the producers refused to give me a close-up of her) wearing the Diamond Floral Tiara
  • Princess Elisabeth of Denmark wearing Princess Thyra’s Sapphire Tiaraa

Favorite Tiara spam:

  • Diamond Floral Tiara: Worn today by Princess Marie, this diamond floral tiara is the property of Queen Margrethe, who received it from her parents, King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid.  The piece dates to the early twentieth century; its first owner was Princess Dagmar.  Princess Marie wore the tiara on her wedding day in 2008.