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Playlists for the Signs // CAPRICORN

bridges / broods

gold / imagine dragons

grey l.a. / blackbear

solitaire / marina and the diamonds

love will tear us apart / joy division

jet pack blues / fall out boy

blood / the middle east

hope for the hopeless / a fine frenzy

money power glory / lana del rey

stealing tomorrow / great lake swimmers

SU theory (kinda)

It is constantly reminded in the show that each gem created is created for a purpose. Every gem has her respective role she must fulfill, and already knows what they will do from the moment they are born until forever. I believe that also goes for the mighty Diamonds. Yellow Diamond appears to be military based, as she is wearing armor and even a helmet (yes I was surprised too, her odd hair is in fact a helmet) at all times. She also plans tactics and missions. Blue Diamond seems to be more diplomatic. Her court consisted of mostly non violent gems with certain abilities, like being able to see into the future or terraform, and her duty seemed to only ensure and reinforce gem culture. White Diamond is still a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems she is the ultimate authority as she appears in the mural with the most solar systems and holding Homeworld in her hands.
Pink Diamond is what I find to be most interesting. The fact she only has possession of Earth and the Moon is intriguing, as her fellow Diamonds have vast territory to claim as their own. I believe that the solar systems were given to the Diamonds in a division of land by White, but Pink hadn’t gotten her planets because of her particular role in Homeworld.
I believe her role was the creation of gems and gemkind.
Pink was the one who was in charge of planning what kind of gems were to made in certain areas, thus the kindergartens were founded. She was the source of the diversity of gems, and she had a vast knowledge of what kind of resources were needed and where they needed to build to make good gems. Because of this, giving Pink her own planet was not ideal, as most planets far from our solar system most likely were not good enough to dedicate to only create gems.
Until they found Earth.
This whole planets entire makeup was so full of nutrients and the best possible conditions for huge kindergartens to be built, it was given to Pink as her first planet for her to decide what to do with it. Earth was a huge benefit to Homeworld, a place where the dominant species posed no threat to them, and where so much precious resources were just ripe for the picking.
Pink eventually grew fond of the primitive humans and captured a good amount to keep on her personal space station. Eventually it became difficult to care for them, as they had needs that were hard for current gems to meet.
Inspired, Pink ended up engineering a new type of gem solely for the purpose of caring for, protecting, and healing humans. Rose Quartzes. They were given the ability to heal through tears, and were created to be as non threatening as possible.
Things went smoothly for many years as Homeworld relished off Earth’s rich ecosystem. Until unexpectedly, a single Rose Quartz declared that she would protect the Earth from Homeworld, and with a rag tag team of.angry gems, she started a rebellion. Pink, legitimately frightened by Rose, bubbled the rest of her kind and hid them in her room in her Zoo. Then she hastily planned the Beta kindergarten where Jasper formed and pledged her life to Pink. Things began to escalate as it became more and more apparent that the simple Rebellion had become more serious.
It all came to a horrific climax, as Pink and Rose came face to face once again. Despite everything, Pink pleaded with Rose, telling her that she created her with the purpose of protecting humans, and that the Zoo was were her real purpose lay. And in a moment of vunerablility, Rose let Pink draw near to embrace her once loyal subject.
Then, in a room full of witnesses, Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.
Rose decided her new purpose was protecting the life of Earth.
After the death of Pink, the Rebellion became a full on War that raged on Earth for many, many years. Homeworld lost, and left the Earth.
The blow that landed on Homeworld was extremely heavy. Not only did they lose precious resources, but they lost an otherwise immortal leader. Without Pink, planning and creating gems became difficult. Despite technological advances, Era 2 came with gems like Peridot that had restrictions on their abilities, lack of resources to use for Homeworld , and a crumbling kingdom.

Effy Stonem playlist - here.

1. Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over, “She hid around corners and she hid under beds” / 2. Joy Division - She’s Lost Control, “Confusion in her eyes that says it all, she’s lost control” / 3. Marina and the Diamonds - I’m Not A Robot, “It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot, you don’t always have to be on top” / 4. Portishead - Machine Gun, “But now, I realise that I’m… only for me” / 5. Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology, “I was happy being quiet, but, of course, they wouldn’t leave me alone” / 6. Del Shannon - Runaway, “I wonder why she ran away and I wonder where she will stay” / 7. Placebo - Meds, “And the sex and the drugs, and the complications. Baby, did you forget to take your meds?” / 8. Kanye West - Love Lockdown, “I’m not loving you… way I wanted to, what I had to do, had to run from you” / 9. Gabrielle Aplin - Please, Don’t Say You Love Me, “Just, please, don’t say you love me, ‘cause I might not say it back” / 10. Billy Joel - She’s Always A Woman To Me, “And she only reveals what she wants you to see. (…) She can lead you to love, she can take you or leave you”


Tanks KV-2 from structure of 18th Panzer division, abandoned due to breakdowns or lack of fuel in the area of Senno. July 1941.
Two KV-2 18-th tank division of the 7th tank brigade, abandoned due to breakdowns or lack of fuel in the area of Senno.
The BT-7 tank with the logo of the 27th Panzer regiment 14 Panzer division on the aft hull – white diamond with a number 4 in it. The photo was taken in the second half of July 1941, after fighting divisions at the turn of the river Chernogorii
Destroyed in battle tank BT-7 of the 27th tank regiment 14th tank division – on the stern clearly visible white rhombus with the number 4 inside. July 1941. Judging by the size of the holes (at the rear left), the car was destroyed by the fire of 88-mm anti-aircraft guns.
Abandoned due to breakdowns or lack of fuel BT-7 27th tank regiment 14th tank division (in diamond shape at the stern is visible figure 4). July 1941. The car has no visible damage.



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