diamond distribution

B.A.P - Diamond 4 Ya line distribution (187 seconds of vocal time - may overlap eg adlibs, duets etc) - this song was really hard because there were so many parts where two members were singing, so I’m not 100% sure with this one, but it should be accurate enough :D

Yongguk: 9 seconds

Himchan: 39 seconds

Daehyun: 47 seconds

Youngjae: 43 seconds

Jongup: 41 seconds

Zelo: 8 seconds


This is really important- and also really frustrating- for people that want to buy and support diverse runs or LGBT centered runs like the current Iceman.

Marvel does not count digital and paper trades sales for runs. They’re not considered when they’re counting up the numbers on a new run and deciding whether or not to give them the axe, like, at all. They don’t count how many people are reading on their MU app either. 

There’s a long and complicated history behind this but the main reason is DC and Marvel helped prop up Diamond distribution and basically killed any other comics distribution company, and now Diamond is a monster of their own creation and has them over a barrel in terms of comic sales which is why you don’t see comics anywhere outside of book and comic shops specifically. 

It drives me insane because I only like digital copies or trade paperbacks, but if you’re trying to boost sales numbers to scream at Marvel to get their heads out of their asses and keep a good run up, you have to buy the physical paper copies at a comic shop.

it massively massively sucks and this is something I only found out recently, but if you want to use your money to make your statement in terms of comics, you must buy the physical copies 


Catching up on July 2015 releases from Boom Studios!

Regular Show #25 by Kevin Church, Tavis Maiden, Madeline Rupert, Pamela Lovas. Anniversary Issue! In this stand-alone story, Benson gives all Park employees fitness devices to encourage them all to be healthier, but Rigby refuses to work out. Then his device starts possessing him and now Rigby can’t stop working out! $3.99 MSRP

Adventure Time #42 by Christopher Hastings, Ian McGinty, Zachary Sterling, Vivian Ng. Finn and Jake are on the run, trying to figure out who on the inside framed them for the destruction of Peppermint Butler’s secret security team. $3.99 MSRP

Bee & Puppycat #14 by Patrick Seery, Carolyn Nowak, Stephanie Gonzaga. When Bee plant-sits one of Deckard’s plants and forgets about it, causing it to die, she and PuppyCat take a temp job to get enough money to buy him a new one. $3.99 MSRP

Bravest Warriors #34 by Kate Leth, Ian McGinty. Kate Leth and Ian McGinty bring three years of Bravest Warriors comics to a close with their most epic story arc yet! $3.99 MSRP

You can ask your local comic store to back order these items for you by using the Diamond Distribution order codes below:

Regular Show #25:  MAY151153

Adventure Time #42: MAY151155

Bee & Puppycat #14: MAY151160

Bravest Warriors #34: MAY151162

January 2016 releases from 451 Media Group!

Bad Moon Rising #4 by Scott Rosenberg, Brandon M. Easton, Ty Dazo. Now that one of their members’ blood has been spilled, how will the Lunar Cycles gang respond? With the leading researcher in the field of “Lycanthropic Studies and Investigation” finally on the scene, what will a town infested with werewolves do next? Perhaps most importantly, do werewolves prefer their revenge served hot or cold? For these answers, sink your blood-stained teeth into the pulse-pounding fourth issue! $3.99 MSRP

You can ask your local comic shop to order this item for you by using Diamond Distribution order code NOV151417


January 2016 releases from Archie Comics!

Sonic Comics Spectacular: Speed of Sound TP by various. Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t just the fastest running hero around; he’s the longest running, too! From killer robots to mad scientists to evil wizards, Sonic’s overcome them all! He’s traveled the world at super-sonic speed! For every villain he’s faced, there’s a friend he’s made! Sonic is simply the coolest hedgehog there is! Sonic Comics Spectacular: Speed of Sound is a collection of some of Sonic’s greatest adventures! You’ll be racing right along with Sonic through over three hundred fifty pages of pure action, adventure and fun! Whether you’re new to all of Sonic’s awesome adventures, or a long-time fan reliving the magic, this is the end-all, be-all collection for you! $8.99 MSRP

Sonic the Hedgehog #281 by Ian Flynn, Terry Austin, Tyson Hesse. Sonic is speeding down the Dragon Road in “Wings of Fire,” Part One: Sonic and the Freedom Fighters travel to city-state of Chun-nan in search of more Gaia Keys! Dulcy the dragon is bringing all her might to help, but is her fledging team ready for end-of-the-world stakes? Could anyone really be? Then in “Homesick,” Bunnie and Tails come to the aid of a Key Guardian in a time of crisis! $3.99 MSRP

Sonic Universe #84 by Ian Flynn, Jim Amash, Tracy Yardley, Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash. Eggman’s got the master plan in “Eggman’s Dozen,” Part Two: Dr. Eggman has suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands (and claws!) of the malicious Naugus Twins! But everyone knows that you just can’t keep a good villain down-so what’s a demented doctor to do? Form a coalition of evil! When Dr. Eggman forms a strike team of his Egg Bosses around the world to strike back, will these misfit minions mesh into a fighting force? And what sinister secret is Dr. Eggman using to keep them in line? $3.99 MSRP

You can ask your local comic store to order these items for you by using the Diamond Distribution order codes below:

Sonic Comics Spectacular: Speed of Sound TP: NOV151068

Sonic the Hedgehog #281: NOV151069

Sonic Universe #84: NOV151071


The Blacksad: Amarillo Hardcover will be released in English in August 2014 from Dark Horse Comics. This film noir style comic series by the Spanish Juan Diaz Canales (w) and Juanjo Guarnido (a) is published by French comics giant Dargaud, and Dark Horse has been putting them out in English on a regular basis. You can pre-order the book via your local comic store by asking your local retailer to use the Diamond Distribution ordering code JUN140012, or order it via Amazon here. It will retail for $17.99 MSRP.

This August 2014, from AMP! Comics for Kids it’s the Phoebe and Her Unicorn TPB, the first Heavenly Nostrils collection! Written and drawn by Dana Simpson, artist of the popular webcomic Ozy & Millie, this humorous strip features the rollicking tale of the friendship between a girl and a mythical unicorn! Good clean fun for all ages, the book will retail for $9.99 MSRP. You can ask your local comic store to preorder it using Diamond Distribution code JUN140776, or you can preorder it on Amazon here.

Vile Decay is now order-able through Diamond distribution! The book hits shops June 25th. Requesting a copy from your local comic book store helps tremendously.

2 Colors on cream felt paper. 24 pages. Published by Revival House Press and distributed by Alternative Comics.
Diamond Order Code: APR140824