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Companion Backstory Swap

A while ago, someone made a prompt for companion backstory swap on the kink meme. They particularly wanted Hancock as the general of the Minutemen, and I obliged, but ever since, I have been thinking about swapping all the rest of the companion as well. And I am going to inflict this brainworm on other people as well.

So. Fallout 4 companion backstory swap is a go.

Preston and Hancock:

  • Preston: when the ghouls are banished from Diamond City, Preston is unable to stand aside. He leads the evicted ghoul families to Goodneighbor, and remains there to help them build a life, set up defenses, and act as a mediator in the community. In short order, he becomes the mayor, and also something like a sheriff, and though he insists he’s only an involved citizen, there’s no mistaking Goodneighbor’s love and loyalty for their favorite mayor.
  • Hancock: the Minutemen had a bit of a bad run with generals lately, but that’s where Hancock steps in. The Minutemen lost sight of their real purpose, in his opinion, and he plans to bring back that old adage: of the people, for the people. Canny, ruthless, and willing to fight the bloody fight in defense of the little guy, Hancock plans to bring safety and freedom back to the Commonwealth. Even if he has to personally stab to death every lowlife to do it.

(Bonus role swap: Ronnie Shaw as Preston’s bodyguard and aide. Fahrenheit as Hancock’s lieutenant.)

Piper and Nick:

  • Piper: few people can elude Piper Wright, ace detective. When she was young, the settlement where she lived was attacked by raiders. Her parents killed, and her sister kidnapped and sold to slavers, Piper did not stop until she tracked Nat down and saved her from a fate worse than death. Now Piper spends her time tracking down other people as well, reuniting families, hunting down deadbeats, and solving mysterious disappearances. The denizens of Diamond City certainly keep the Wright Detective Agency busy. And if the Sole Survivor wants to save their son from the Institute, there might be no one more qualified to help–or more motivated, after hearing their story.
  • Nick: after waking up in a junk pile, the mind of a pre-War reporter rattling around in a synth body, Nick Valentine was understandably confused. The first few years were rough, but eventually, Nick saw that the best way to help the Commonwealth was to go back to what he knew best: writing about it. Publick Occurrences is his pride and joy now, and there’s no pesky editor to kill his stories, or fascist government to censor him. This is freedom of the press as he never knew it. And maybe, with the help of a friend, it’s also time to return to the old story he never got to finish. The one he was so obsessed with that it cost him his engagement. It’s time to track down Eddie Winter, and confront him with his crimes.

(Bonus role swaps: Ellie Perkins the papergirl/fledgling reporter. Nat the pint-sized secretary.)

Codsworth and Curie

  • Codsworth: a Mr. Handy model programmed to maintain the secret lab section of Vault 81, Codsworth has spent a very lonely two centuries polishing test tubes. Now he is out in the world, and finding brand new things requiring polishing! So many new things to experience! And so many new horizons that might be opened to him, if only his consciousness could be moved to a gen 3 synth body…
  • Curie: acquired by the Sole Survivor’s family in order to take care of Shaun, Curie was only at this task for a short while before everything was taken away from her. She never thought her family would return, and it’s true that young Shaun is tragically missing now, but she rediscovers the bonds of family with the Sole Survivor, as she sees them change the face of the Commonwealth.

Deacon and MacCready

  • Deacon: the fast-talking, face-swappin’ merc you hope to never find employ from your enemies. He fell in with the Gunners after his wife’s death, but these days his services are usually available to the highest bidder. Comes up with a thousand different stories about what he needs those caps for, and all of them lies. Except, maybe, the part where he’s starting to grow a conscience.
  • MacCready: a recent transfer from the Capital Wasteland, he came to the Commonwealth after the attack on the Switchboard left the Railroad shorthanded. Strangely, even for someone who hasn’t been here long, he seems to already have a pal in every settlement, and an entire network of nosy little urchins who act as his eyes and ears in exchange for comics, Sugar Bombs… and survival tips. 

Cait and Dogmeat

  • Cait: The Sole Survivor arrives at Red Rocket to find a boisterous Irish immigrant in search of help. There’s a group of Minutemen holding out at the Museum of Freedom, she says, and they’re not going to be holding out for long unless she returns with back-up. Looks like the Sole Survivor will have to do.
  • Dogmeat: The Combat Zone isn’t what it used to be. The place has really gone down-hill since the Raiders moved in, and the newest blood sport keeping them entertained is dog-fighting. The Raiders all get the end they deserve, of course. But what kind of monster would shoot a dog? Especially one who’s been through enough already, and can bite like a champ.

Danse and X6-88

  • Danse: in a world where M7-97 is never liberated by the Railroad, he goes into Courser training and becomes one of the most efficient, reliable Coursers on record. He adheres strictly to every rule, and the only reason he does not take pride in his work is, of course, because a machine does not feel. Or at least, did not feel, until meeting the Sole Survivor and having his understanding of the world turned on its head.
  • X6-88: Paladin Tanzen is the model of a BoS knight: upright, hard-working, and wholly dedicated to Brotherhood ideals. Once you get past the veneer of professionalism, however, you may find a pragmatic man with a wry wit. To his closest peers, he might even admit that he has his own opinions about how the Brotherhood should be run, and does not always approve of Maxson’s course of action. Maybe the Sole Survivor is exactly the kind of new blood the Bortherhood needs, however, and Paladin Tanzen is more than happy to sponsor them.

Ada and Strong 

  • Ada: they say art can touch people, and Ada certainly felt touched when Rex Goodman introduced her to Shakespeare’s work. Not a lot of humans would react to seeing an assaultron loping towards them by launching into a soliloquy. She is intrigued, and wishes to understand the contradictory nature of humans that makes them constantly enter into conflict yet endure as a species regardless. Travelling with the Sole Survivor might just be a more edifying experience than she expects.
  • Strong: after his caravan is attacked, and the humans he was meant to protect are killed, Strong wants only one thing: revenge. He knows, however, that a mindless rampage is unlikely to be successful, and he also knows that he’s not going to find the person responsible on his own. The Sole Survivor might just be the key to getting what he wants.