diamond craters

I recently studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and for anyone considering this college, this is what I would like to share.

There is no AC. Not in campus housing, classrooms or the library. None. Windows are your friends and thank goodness for the trade winds. The classes are typical but you’ll get a nice view of Honolulu or diamond head crater from your room. You won’t fall in love with this school, it is just like any other. You will fall in love with the island itself. In no time you’ll be putting all your effort into exploring every part of the island that you can. You’ll make friends who have cars and you will explore with them and they’ll show you local spots. There’s an adventure waiting everyday. You’ll be waiting for class to be over so you can jump in the back of your buddies pick up truck and ride through the twisty roads of the east side to get to your spot on Makapu'u beach. Before you know it, you’ll be venturing to find the sacred waterfalls, conquering koko head, or jumping off waimea rock. You’ll learn quickly that every part of the island has beauty and no picture can capture exactly what you’re seeing. You will become addicted to acai bowls, poke bowls, lanikai juice, jamba juice smoothies, lilikoi, and lychee. If you surf, you will learn that the reef hurts, the paddle outs are long, and the locals demand respect. Once you live there, you understand the Hawaiian way of life. When it comes time to leave, you will cry your eyes out. Of course not over some petty one week vacation in a five star resort on Waikiki. The only way to fully understand it, is to live the local way. Once you do that, you will not want to leave. When that time finally comes, you will cry all kinds of tears on the plane ride. You’ll then come to realize that Hawaii has your heart. Everyday you will be longing to get back to the island. One day it will happen. But for now, I can say that I am LUCKY I LIVED HAWAII💙

Inhumans Logic

How did Medusa get from Diamond Head Crater to a North Shore Plantation WITHOUT passing through Honolulu. Like if she was really looking for Black Bolt she should have gotten off the bus much sooner, and why would she wait there.

Also how did the guard lady get from the abandoned Sugar Mill she was at to the plantation in a timely manner, it would have taken her AT LEAST 3 HOURS to get there walking. Medusa would have had to been waiting over two hours there for her to show up

dilophoraptor  asked:

I haven't seen my home state of Arkansas, if you feel up to it, could you please do it?

1) Deerling for the state animal, a white-tailed deer

2) Ducklett because the World Championship Duck Calling Competition is in Arkansas every year!

3) Torkoal for the over 50 hot springs in your state.

4) Carbink/Diancie for diamonds! It is your state gem, probably due to the large Crater of Diamonds State Park, and the only active diamond mine in America!