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Gem Class Analysis: Pearls

Prior to the recent Steven Bomb, some of the most divisive fan theory characterisations have been for Blue and Yellow Pearl. Theories would range from their having a close and intimate relationship with the Diamonds, to their being physically abused, to it sometimes being a mix of both.

And we can understand the source of what seems like a contradiction. That these Pearls, in particular, are serving the Diamonds directly puts them in a very privileged position, not exactly in the modern sense of the word.

That Pearls are in such close contact with the ruling elite makes them privy to the goings on of upper Homeworld that other gem classes would remain ignorant to. At the same time, they’re also living objects, dehumanised and treated as utilities rather than individuals.

It’s a unique position of power and powerlessness and, unconsciously, we as fans pick up on that; hence, the muddled characterisations of what their relationship with their Diamonds would have been like.

In the latest Steven Bomb, we got to see more of all of these characters and we know now that their relationship isn’t one or the other but somewhere in between.

“Oh no. It was very serious. When I still served Homeworld, I saw it myself.”

In that regard, I want to talk about how Diamonds and their Pearls relate to each another, and look at the implications this has for our very own Pearl, who admits she served Homeworld at one point.

1. The function of the Pearl class

To get this out of the way as early as possible, Pearls are being dehumanised. It’s not right to limit an entire class of gems to objects and prevent them from having individual inclinations, when other gems can manage some level of individuality. Pearls are individuals with their own capabilities, thoughts, and feelings.

Even before we knew about the Diamonds, the way other gems like Peridot initially treated our own Pearl showed us that Pearls are one of the lowest classes on Homeworld.

Words like “owner,” “stand there,” and “hold your stuff” were being thrown around. Not much was expected from them.

In light of all the new information received, a consolidated understanding of what Pearls were expected to do on Homeworld would help in the succeeding discussions. And what we know is that Pearls were gems created specifically to serve particular individuals. This service did not entail doing a job like other gem classes.

Other gems serve a specific function in servicing gem society as a whole. Like builders, soldiers, technicians, and leaders.

This public- or collective-oriented approach to organising gem society makes a lot of sense considering the way the gem life cycle is perpetuated.

The reason we don’t have gem classes specifically for private affairs, like the home life, is because their concept of “home” is much different from ours. Gems are born as full adults; they don’t need to eat or sustain themselves physically. That means a lot of our human necessities don’t apply to them.

That in turn puts the service sector of Gem society, where Pearls are, as something extraneous to functioning. 

It’s much the same for social constructs. Would the Ruby Squad consider themselves a “family?” Probably, but not in the way we understand the word. Instead of families, gems are groups into classes. And in these classes they socialise each other on what it means to be the gem they are.

The best example of this would be the soldier gems, who train each other and depend on each other in missions.

Leggy, the newbie “just born yesterday,” according to Rebecca Sugar’s early sketches of the Rubies, was being oriented by her more senior teammates.

Even though we felt threatened by the Ruby Squad, and Eyeball in particular, Leggy had absolutely no fears hiding behind the latter and it’s more than clear their shared experiences made them more cohesive as a unit.

In that way, gems don’t seem to spend a lot of time with gems outside their class.

The very “function” of Pearls is very different from that of other gems. Their work is relegated inward into the private sphere. They attend to very specific individuals. They are always with gems who aren’t like them.

And the key to this is the value system on Homeworld.

I talk about the utilitarian nature of Homeworld a lot of the time. So in a society in which utility is one of the key aspects, having work that is visible, like the creation of buildings or the colonisation of planets, puts a high premium on certain types of gems.

Service is invisible.

It’s not as easy to measure the impact of telling people they’re great everyday has on the rest of their lives. But this is the work Pearls do. Their work makes Pearls appear like they’re of even less use, which in turn puts them lower down in the eyes of individuals.

It’s very similar to how the work of medical nurses wasn’t recognised as legitimate until very late on in the history of medicine. Nurses comforted patients, checked on them daily, and attended to them, while doctors stepped in for a diagnosis and prescribed the treatment plan.

Because one involved something tangible and the other involved the daily grind of caring for another human being, the “usefulness” of latter was taken for granted.

It was (and in many places still is) very difficult to quantify the effects of their contribution and they were viewed lowly.

2. Servicing the Diamonds

Now to the specific question: What exactly do Pearls do?

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Bort’s gotten so strong lately; doesn’t even let me fight. All of us in the diamond class have the maximum hardness level of ten. But there are two classes of durability. I may be hard, but I am fragile under impact. Bort is special, though. The hardest and most perfect among us. I wish I could be strong like that. A weak diamond is really no diamond at all. Sometimes, I think if only it weren’t for Bort… no matter how much I love Bort.

This was haunting me all day since I posted the first bunch of ideas for the AU and my mind says “hell yeah”

• The two both love caffeine, but the two have a favorite drink that they both have in common; t e a

• They may both have the same TYPE of tea, BUT not the flavor. Blue’s favorite is probably Green Tea, but Yellow’s is Black Tea.

• Whenever the two hang out, they usually buy food from shops such as Beach Citywalk Fries or McDonalds {I do enjoy bringing real world and SU together :,)}

• They one time decided to skip debate class, which actually turned out to be a study hall for today, and eventually got caught

• Whenever they skip class, they have to fucking RUN. Why you ask?

• Holly Blue is the Hall Monitor and she is incredibly strict, whenever she catches the Zircons skipping class (which she only sees them skip once per month) she has to send them back to class

• IF the Zircons escape the Hall Monitor, they get into either Blue’s car or Yellow’s car (mostly Yellow’s) and they go to eat or walk around Beach City

• They don’t HATE debate class, in fact they LOVE it, they just skip it sometimes due to the fact that they sometimes find it stressful

• One of their BIG tests is to debate against the Diamonds, and that both doesn’t work out, yet works out at the same time for them.

• Everybody who went before the Zircons had a fair amount of points given to them on the tests. BUT now it was the Zircon’s turn and everybody prepared for hell itself

• The four have decided on the topic of dress code, which the Zircons are on the negative side and the Diamonds are on the affirmative side

• So once they begin the Diamonds bring up excellent points and the Zircons were almost astonished, but of course they had a fair share of rebuttals

• Eventually Blue and Yellow Diamond begin to rebuttal and rebuttal against each other and they wouldn’t stop until one admits that they are wrong

• Eventually, Blue begins to shout and Yellow had to escort her outside again, and she had to calm down. “She’s just so stubborn about the whole thing!”

• Yellow manages to calm Blue down and they slowly enter the room again, seeing Yellow Diamond giving the two a rather angered look.

• “Did you manage to calm down?”
“Yes… sorry.”

• Eventually the debate comes to an end, with Blue and Yellow nervous as h e l l

• Once the two got to their homes they immediately got onto the school website to check their scores

• They both are super happy with their scores, which they both got 98% (Blue Diamond had to deduct 2 points due to the fact that Blue Zircon was freaking out during the debate)

• So the two get on Skype and tell each other about it with smiles and giggles and squealing in joy

my fingers hurt y'all ; ’ )

Steven Universe Gem Reference

Diamond: Matriarch, Leader

Sapphire: High-Class Advisor, Seer

Aquamarine: High-Class (???)

Agate: Disciplinary Enforcer, Overseer

Topaz: High-Class Guard, Soldier

Lapis Lazuli: Terraformer

Quartz: Solider

Zircon: Lawyer

Bismuth: Architect, Builder for the high-class

Nephrite: Pilot 

Peridot: Technician, Kindergartener 

Ruby: Low-Class Guard, Soldier

Pearl: Low-Class Servant, Slave

Obsidian: (???)