diamond carpet python

So this is Gideon, our Diamond Jungle Carpet Python. He’s very uh… attentive. And gorgeous!! 

anonymous asked:

What's a good kind of snake and container(s that the right word? maybe home is better) for someone who was never owned a snake before? I'm might be getting one for my bday, and I want to get one I can take care if and not get in too over my head. Also, if it's not a bother maybe a caresheet too?

Hi there! The enclosure (that’s the word I use 😉) best suited to your new pet really depends on what species and age of snake you’re considering.

My suggestions for decent beginner snakes in order of adult size (starting smallest) are as follows:
Kenyan Sand Boa (2ft)
Rosy Boa (3ft)
Corn Snake (5ft)
Woma (6ft)
Diamond Carpet Python (7ft)

I’d do lots of research, have a look into these species (and more!). Once you think you have a good idea of which species is right for you feel free to drop by and I’d be happy to help.

I overhauled my Diamond Python enclosure today. It is the top segment of a three-tiered lawyers bookcase. Their section is 4'x2'x2’, with a divider slightly off center. I used one piece of the shelf as a ledge for basking spots.

Seeing as fall is mostly here, photoperiods have begun to shorten, and ambient air temperatures have dropped during the day and night. Once October hits, basking temperatures will go down, and they will go off feed until March. November will see night temperatures drop to around 55F.

These overall cooler temperatures, extremely cold winter conditions (for a snake), and winter fasting are an essential part of keeping Diamonds. They have slower metabolisms and are meant to function in a cool region. If kept too warm, and/or fed too much, they over exert themselves, often reducing their lifespan to around 7 years.


Celebrating my 666th post with an olllld one I made and never posted after this gem popped up. Not as good as Hannah’s, but Azazel had to contribute, somehow.

He father was Demon, and Azazel is named after a demon.. sooo… it works. Please enjoy sassy devil Azazel.


Azazel followed my hand as I removed his old hide and he started to follow it onto the dresser his tub is on until he saw my camera and decided to investigate it instead. Azazel loves Camera.