diamond braid


oooo i love this challenge ask!! ive been saving this request for so long lol…. there are so many asks that ive got saved in the endless abyss of my inbox and i think about them a lot and the just? ???? 

anyway pink is giving jasper some gentle grooming because she likes doting on her quartzes and styling their lovely fluffy hair, so LOOK!

tadaaaaa!! completed hair style! 


Random inspiration is random.
Over-protective!brother!Dwalin and pining!Thorin.

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“Are you looking at my sister?” Dwalin growled darkly. Thorin flinched in his seat, doing his best to pretend that his interest was completely innocent. It wasn’t.

“N-No?” he stuttered, well-aware that there was only one acceptable answer to that question. His best friend continued to glare, but he seemed mollified after a minute, sinking heavily into the seat beside Thorin and turning his own gaze towards the fire where Svala was providing the night’s entertainment, telling an old saga about a Moongazer from the Orocarni.

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Queen Diamond IceWing in her winter coat (and all her snobby, overstuffed, abusive glory.)

She has diamonds braided into her beard of feathers (a sign of prestige among IceWings), and is looking especially snooty today. Maybe this is when she finally caught Foeslayer?


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