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kayn, the new League Of Legends™ champion is unbalanced as fuck, receives nerfs, buffs and adjusts every single patch like camille but it’s never really balanced and no one knows exactly how the fuck to play him, another kalista on the way.
like yasuo players, kayn players are bullied and despised worldwide.
like playing zed, your score is either 21/3/0 or 1/17/2 there’s no inbetween.
professional players don’t pick him. they don’t even look at him.

riot regrets making kayn, tries to kill him on a special event like gangplank but doesn’t work. as they try to fix that motherfucker, urgot’s rework gets lost and forgotten into the oblivion.

the servers get laggy as we all enter in mass panic state.

the system fucks up cause riot is too busy adjusting kayn every patch, player’s complaints fill the boards. diamonds, platinums and challengers descend into the void called bronce five.

riot then decides to cancell the game, killing us instantly.

Short & Sweet || Sodapop Imagine

Never had you known twelve hours earlier that you’d be sitting in an empty field with your exquisitely beautiful boyfriend, intertwined in his arms as the sun set. Never had you known twelve hours earlier that you’d spend hours talking, and the whole time Soda would be distracted. Never had you known today would be the best day of your life.

“Soda…are you okay?” You asked, resting your small hand on your boyfriends toned arms. Soda stared off into the blur where the earth met the never-ending sky. He quickly looked down before turning and looking into your eyes. It never gets old…no matter how many times you look into his eyes, you fall for him all over again.

“I’m sorry honey…I’ve got…other things on my mind.” He spoke softly, and you could tell something was bothering him. You gave him a concerned look, and without a word, held your arms out. You were answered with a quizzical look before he  finally embraced you, his strong arms wrapping around your body. His hugs were like an envelope, protecting you from the rest of the world. You felt safe in them, and they never ceased to put you at ease. You hoped your hugs did the same for him. Soda and yourself sat there, silently hugging, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, you both pulled away and you sat patiently waiting to see if he would explain.

“Today…” He started, “I went down to the gas station.” Nothing seemed out of the ordinary yet. Soda worked at the gas station, and he’s never had a problem with it. You nodded, urging him to continue, “A bunch of Socs came in looking for trouble…” He trailed off, as your mind began to worry. Had he been hurt? What had the Socs done? Sensing your uneasiness, Soda held your hand in his.

“It’s not even about the money…it’s not being able-not able to give you-w-what you d-deserve.” Soda began sniffling, and his eyes watered with tears that struck some of your own. You knitted your eyebrows, completely confused.

“What I deserve? Soda, you’re talking like a mad-man. If I have you, I have everything. What’s this all about?” You asked, unaware of what he said within few minutes would change both of your lives forever.

“A…A ring. They took it. W-We got into a fight. Steve tried pulling us apart, and in the mess the ring fell out of my pocket. T-They picked it up…they laughed. Them damn Socs, I hate ‘em. They said why would a girl like you wanna-wanna marry a guy like me.” He finished, tears speckling his red cheeks. Wait- did he say marry?

“Marry?” You asked, your eyes wide. Soda looked up at you, nodding glumly.

“I was gonna ask you…tonight would have been perfect. I wanted to cancel, but I still wanted to treat you to something. I’m sorry…I don’t deserve somebody like you.” You shut Soda up with a firm kiss, his lips soft against yours.

“It can still be perfect, don’t let them ruin it.”

“The ring…” He muttered.

“Forget the ring, I don’t need diamonds to know you love me.” Soda looked at you, and his vulnerability shone through. His eyes sparkled, as a faint smile inked on his lips. He leaned forward, plucking a few flowers and twisting them around each other.

“ Y/N, I’ve loved you from the beginning. I remember the day you walked into the gas station. All you wanted was gas, and all I wanted was you. Ever since that day, you’ve been my everything. I’d give my world to you, if I could. I’m not very good at speeches, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I love you with everything in me Y/N. Will you marry me?” He smiled, hope laced in his features. You sniffled, your eyes watering. With a continuous nod, Soda placed the flower ring on your finger. It was much more beautiful than any diamond.

You truly had the best boyfriend- no, fiancé , ever.


hey guys, what did you think? I hope you all enjoyed! I adore writing imagines, so there will be plenty more to come! Love you all!

How much you wanna bet pink diamond used her own soldiers to shatter so she didnt have to be forced to fill a position she didnt want to fill?

Chick got mad bedhead. And her base has a giant pillow on the floor
She didnt want to even get up in the morning she may have wanted to he a scientist, ever think about that?
Ever wonder why the choosening is the only thing the zoomen do that is so well thought out and actually like a ritual?
Maybe she wanted to study reproductive habits of sentient organic species and you’re telling her to destroy the place!

So fuck a prime directive huh?

How much you wanna bet that she not only let herself be shattered to show the other three theyre not so invincible as they thought, but funded the gem war?

How do you go from three people to over a thousand on a couple of decades and a full blown war worth geo weapon level destruction in a few centuries without help?

Pink is the only one holding her planet above her in an exhaulting manner and not a posseive way. Shes the only one to appear simply dressed in the mural.

She didn’t wanna be there, she was the kid forced to go to law school because “youre from a family of layers goin generations back on both sides”

“My mother is an intergalaxtic tyrant, my sisters are intergalactic tyrants, i wanna study bugs n shit…”

Yeah, she can be just as cold and callous… you refuse to accept her for who she wasand wanted to be so she left you. In the worst and most terrifying way possible

Wouldn’t it be some shit if this were true, and you find out the reason she chose/created the roses as her main soldiers (or what ever) was because their healing powers werent known and she figured she could shatter herself and be reassembled by MULTIPLE of the roses under her and the reason why our rose couldnt do it was because she needed more but they were all trapped on pinks base. Thats whats in the locked chest in lions mane. The bubbled shards of pink diamond who too drastic measures to take down an intergalactic empire for the sake of preserving the planet she held in reverence even to herself.

Wouldn’t it be some shit if all those bubbled roses were keeping that as their big secret. Dont let those expressionless gems in those floating bubbles fool you, pink bubbled then with the knowledge of how to revive her after the rest of the diamonds were either on board or shattered themselves.

Dont try to debunk it, you can see in their smug little facets. Thats the real magical destiny for Steven free the roses, heal the corrupted gems, reform pink diamond take out the other three or covert them to appreciating organic life and become a research race that only learns not kills.

Its the rebellion story no one expected. Because a tired scientist didnt want to take up the family business. 😧😧😧