diamond axe

the cybird men drawn by yamada shiro (she did the character design of the ikesen guys). byron looks so nice ♡

the two idol groups are 「BLACK DIAMONDS」 and 「White Blossoms」. check the source for more info~

i looked for this image again because i really wanted the mini illustration board (nico & byron version) from the AX2017 princess lessons. no one seems to have it tho. this is the closest i’ll get until @cyikemen opens an online store haha ☆

The past few days I’ve been working on a necklace to represent Mitch and Jerome and it’s done ^-^
Of course, I had to make Betty and Big Bertha xD
But this was quite the pain to make actually.
I kept messing up on Betty. I messed up twice but I kept the second one because it wasn’t as noticeable. It looks pretty good tbh cx
It looks awkward at the bottom where I combined them and it was so annoying to get the necklace strong through the holes but I did it and I can now wear it to school with pride c:

If anyone wants to know what I made it out of, I just used yarn and plastic canvas (:

Aurora Quartz’ first form!

It’s finally official. I’ll color this up digitally at some point, but the gist is that she was ‘special ordered’ by White Diamond.

A specifically petite Quartz fighter. Tiny for what though?

To fool enemies?

To make White D feel more elite by having specially crafted gems?

To be travel-sized?

Who knows!
Her design was very 'chess piece'esque. And her color palette was nearly all white, with her darker tones adopted much later in 'reforms’ down the line during the war/as she began to rebel from the Diamond Authority.

I like the idea that even though fusion was allowed on homeworld for practical purposes between same-gems, she was most likely strictly banned from fusing with other Aurora Quartzes due to the physical differences.

In conclusion, homeworld was a boring massive bag of lonely bs for Aurora Quartz.

Not the best photo but I got a bunch of these made today plus a few bull ciphers, sending them off with a friend to sell at WonderCon this weekend. If anybody’s there and interested in these look for “The Art of Dave” (I am not Dave).
He’s got a bunch of cool stuff of his own as well *plug plug plug*
Unfortunately I didn’t have the material for white diamond, maybe at AX.


PixieCraft, welcome to the land of wisps, faries, spirits, and pixies!

Sky- Light Pixie, one that is quite the nuisance and mischievous. He can be found in caves most of the time. He can lead you through the longest ways to the exit of a cave, drop you into lava, and more. However, in the exchange of butter, Sky will perform his duty without any trouble.

Jason- Air Spirit, one that’s not often seen, due to their near transparent bodies. Jason likes to rest in the clouds, and if on a lucky chance, you can find him playing with pigs and bats. Look out for calls of names of “Jeffery” and “Dillion.”

Ty- Ghost Wisp, one that should be taken seriously. Ghost Wisps take their job seriously, protecting the graves from grave robbers. Ty is mostly found lingering over a family’s grave, floating back and forth. Never ask him who’s grave he’s protecting. A curse is coming if you anger him.

Jerome- Elf, but not the ones from Santa or shoot bows. Jerome is found resting in trees, sometimes equipped with a bow but mostly with a diamond axe. Quite small, but very mischievous and troublesome. He likes to play a lot, so look out for whoops of joy and yells.

Mitch- Fire Wisp, and perhaps the most feisty of them all. He can range from a little ember to a full-fledged fire, best in your interest to keep on his good side. Nothing’s worse than having lava suddenly come out of nowehere. Nobody knows why, but Jerome and Mitch often play together, despite having the chance to kill each other during play.

Ssundee- Plant Fairy, but doesn’t have wings. Ssundee is typically found at sugar canes or wheat, helping them grow. He’s attracted to cake, so careful when you let a piece of cake cool off at the window. A slice or two may be taken! If you find a little white light near plants, either that’s just the sun, or Ssundee jumping around.

Quentin- Water Spirit, less playful at times. One known fact is that once you anger them, there’s no turning back. Had you ever seen a faint blue glimmer on the water that quickly fades? That might be Quentin, as he can liquidfy in and out of the water. Stay on his good side? Have water whenever you need it.

Seto- Willow wisp, one that is found deep in the forests. They hold long-term grudges, serious like the ghost wisps. However, sometimes Seto likes to play, and if you see a purple light dancing in the air, do NOT attempt to follow it, unless you have glowstone dust. Seto loves the dust, and will lead you home with the code word, “Glowy”.

Brice- Animal Fairy, one that doesn’t support wings as well. But why need wings when you have all the animals on your side? Brice is often hanging around turtles, so check there. Playful and quite the athletic jumper, if you anger him expect to find a snapper turtle’s face up to yours in the morning.

Have you noticed the weapons in the strawberry fields? The shield in the back has a diamond, specifically a white diamond. And the ax in the front has a star at the end of the handle. Can you even comprehend???



When you and your squad decide to do an impromptu mini shoot at Anime Expo after the offical Jojo panel and it comes out better than you thought it would. Here’s a few of them.

Jotaro, Okuyasu, Yukako 

Also a special thanks @shwit for making my Yukako cosplay! I absolutely adore it and I was so excited to put it into action! I can’t thank her enough for making such a wonderful cosplay, and if you need to commission someone you should commission her!

theasiantrashcan  asked:

"Your Cassie Rose? THEE white pumpkin? The way Jesse described you made you sound way scarier." Olivia said to the red head. She didn't know how, but she found the crazy Cassie Rose, and was now talking to her. (HELLO!)

Cassie scowled, crossed her arms and squinted her eyes. “Yes, I am the Cassie Rose, yes I am the White Pumpkin, and imagine me with a diamond axe and three bodies at my feet. Maybe add a white pumpkin on my head,” She growled, gritting her teeth as she spoke. “You still a smartass?” (You do not know my reaction to this, I was freaking out. But hi!)

Be Watchful for Signs of Readiness (Peanut week - “Mother Knows Best”)

You know, one of my earliest memories was watching my mother take off her makeup. Well not my mother, exactly. I wasn’t her child, technically, but I didn’t know that then. All I knew was that she was the woman who healed my skinned knees with a wave of her hand and a kiss, the one who made snowman pancakes with powdered sugar and hot cocoa in the winter.

There were three of us kids, and technically - I mean, if we’re talking by blood here - she wasn’t any of our moms, but that never mattered. My oldest brother always called her Mom, but she’d raised him his whole life, so of course he did. To my other brother she was Mama, for as long as I can remember, even though she wasn’t technically his mother either. He was Dad’s, like me. But it didn’t change what she was to us, y’know?

Our family isn’t like other people’s, but it’s ours, and it’s good. And also messy, and weird.

I am my father’s daughter by blood, my mother’s by choice, so Dad still can’t live down the fact that my first word wasn’t “Dada,” or “ball,” or “no” (that was word number two). It was “Mama.” I always told him it served him right for naming me Imogen, but he just sighed and said it was a family name, and Your mother agreed to it, too, y’know?

I guess nobody’s perfect, huh?

Still, when I was little, I thought she hung the moon. Now that I’m older, I realize her loving me the way she did was even more impressive than I’d thought. Considering how I got here.

Yes, I am awfully chatty today. I guess I just got tired of staring at the walls.

What was I saying?

Oh, yes. One of my earliest memories was watching my mother take off her makeup. Soaking a cotton pad with something from a blue bottle and wiping off shadow and mascara, undoing red lips. The soap she washed her face with was black, I remember that. Not just the bottle, the soap itself. It was black, and smelled like… warmth. Something herbal, maybe. I never knew what, it just smelled like mom’s soap, y’know? When I was four she would let me stand at the vanity with her and wash my face while she did.

“Careful around your eyes, Ginny,” she would warn. “Don’t get too close; it’ll sting.”

After the soap came the night cream, cool and soothing - and expensive enough she rarely shared more than a drop of it, bopping it on the tip of my nose with a smile.

My mom, she had the most beautiful smile…

When I was little, I thought she was perfect. She did everything moms were supposed to do. Read bedtime stories, and stayed up all night when I had croup and couldn’t sleep without coughing, and glared daggers at the people who were mean to me for reasons I couldn’t understand yet.

I would, eventually. I would learn a lot of things. Some things I’d wish I could unknow. But before all that, before the truth, I learned the simple stuff.

My brothers taught me how to climb trees. My father, how to shoot an arrow. My mom taught me how to turn the itching, buzzing energy inside me into candle flames and wards of protection. I miss that, here. The magic. I mean, not just because being able to throw a fireball at your ugly mug would make me feel better now and then. Stone’s cold, y’know; a fire would be nice, is all I’m saying. Or a real pillow, or, I don’t know, an issue of Batman vs. Superman to pass the time. Something.

You’re not really a conversationalist, if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, yeah. Mom taught me about magic.

But first she taught me how to paint red on my toenails, how to plait braids into my hair. We were outnumbered - three to two - and she used to wink and whisper, “We girls need to stick together.”

When I was nine, she taught me to make snowman pancakes. I thought that was really the bee’s knees. I was a woman now. I could make the pancakes on the big griddle in the big house. It took me most of a year to figure out how to make them without burning them or leaving them soggy in the middle – cooking’s not really my thing, that was mom’s – but I got it eventually. It was all in the timing, right? Don’t flip too soon, don’t wait too long. Be watchful for signs of readiness.

Man, I could really go for some snowman pancakes right now. You think you could make that happen for me, Iago? No?


Did you ever see the big house, or have you always been here? I know some of you moved in after we’d all left. Or they’d all left, I guess. I was born there, in the Other Land. Six months premature and lived to tell the tale – benefits of having a magical aunt on a time crunch.

We came back here when I was fourteen. Someone struck a diamond with an axe, and the whole world began to crumble. It took Mom, and me, and my… other mother…, and aunt Em and aunt Mal - and a very special wand - to open the portal to save our people. Some of our people.

A lot of the town didn’t make it, but we got as many people out as we could. I got my whole family, so I guess that’s lucky. The last of it I ever had, considering I ended up here three weeks later. Pretty shitty luck, right?

And my family, y’know, they’re pretty special, like I said. They have this thing, about always finding each other. Not my mom and dad, but aunt Snow, and uncle David. Aunt Em. Even my big brother, they always say this stuff - and Mom always rolls her eyes - but they say that our family, we always find each other. They really believe it. Hardcore.

I believed it, too. Before. But it’s been about a year now, and here I sit. My big brother once found his mom - both of them - in a weird make-believe magical land he’d never been to in under a week, so I don’t know if I should be impressed at your hiding skills or really fucking disappointed in the family for the fact that I’m still sitting here.

For a while I thought… well, there were days, sometimes, where I thought it was because of who I was. Who I came from. My mom, she loved me, but she kept secrets. Everyone did. I didn’t even know, y’know, until we needed to open that portal. I mean, I knew I wasn’t Mom’s, no way this hair came from her. Seventh grade biology pretty much took care of that. I’m recessive genes all over the place. So I knew my “real” mom was someone else, but I just thought… I don’t know. I guess I thought it was before she was with Dad. Maybe she was dead or something. They didn’t talk about it much. Not in front of us. People looked, and made comments, but when your family is made up of royalty and bandits and orphans, you start to sort of expect that stuff, y’know?

But then they needed her, and I saw her for the first time. I don’t know where she’d been. Jail, they said. She’d killed people, and done other stuff. And Dad, he looked at her like I’d never seen him look at anyone. Like just being in the same room as her disgusted him. And I was hers, like so totally hers, her hair, her eyes – I’d thought they were dad’s, the blue, but mine are lighter than his. I’m like her frickin’ mini-me, and there she was again after however long rotting in a cell.

Huh. Like bio-mother, like daughter, I suppose. I just realized that. Funny. Is this supposed to be karma, then?

Anyway, there wasn’t really time for explanations or stories, but my brother, he’s like thirty now. I mean, not quite, and not then, but he’s older. And he wasn’t just a kid when it all happened, so he knew. Mom and Dad were busy getting everyone to safety and reclaiming their castle - again, apparently - and trying to wrangle this bitch back into captivity. No easy task with a Mills woman, from what I hear. So they had plenty of time to brush off the questions. Later, they promised.

Mom always told me patience was important, but I was just about fucking fed up. Besides, she’s never been particularly patient either.

So Henry told me. He said he figured I was old enough.

My other – the woman who – the one I look like, she really hurt my family. Like, she lived to hurt my family. Which is probably why I’m here, right? I mean, kidnapping’s a hell of a way to show someone you care, there’s a real Mother Gothel thing going on here, so all I can think is she doesn’t really care so much about me. She just really wants to hurt my mom again.

So I thought for sure they’d come here, they’d come get me. Right quick. I’d chill out for a few days, maybe a few weeks, and then that would be that. And then the time passed, and passed, and passed, and I thought maybe they figured, well, they were finally rid of me.

The way my dad looked at her, I wondered a little bit how he could ever have looked at me the way he always did. I look just like her, and he hated her. So maybe he was glad not to see me anymore. But Mom, she really had it rough. Raising a kid that wasn’t hers - no problem for her - but one that was made just to hurt her? And by her own sister, y’know? Not that they were ever close, from what I understand, but still, it’s the thought that counts. And with her soulmate, no less.

So at first I thought maybe they were glad to have an excuse to have me gone.

But I’ve had a lot of time to think here, Iago, a lot of time. And my oldest memory of my mom is her taking her makeup off, and letting me use the black soap, and smiling as I rubbed that one dot of cold cream into my cheeks. She had the greatest smile, you know, my mom, and she never smiled anywhere else as much as she did at home. With her kids. She loved her kids, all of them, blood or not.

And we had to stick together, us girls, because we were outnumbered, and she loved the hell out of me, my mom. I was fourteen fucking years old before I ever had an inkling of a reason to think she didn’t. I was born from a lot of pain, and they never once let me know it. It never once showed enough for a kid to catch on.

My mom, she taught me about a lot of stuff. Makeup remover, and Dutch braids, and how long to wait for a pancake to flip, but the most important thing she taught me, she wasn’t even here to help me figure out.

And that’s that family is family, no matter where it comes from or how. And our family, it’s a little different, and a little weird, but all that stuff Mom rolls her eyes at? The always-finding-each-other crap? It’s true.

And you know what else was really true? You have to know when to wait. When to flip. And how to look for signs of readiness.

No, I’m not asking you for pancakes again, I’m saying that when there are crows flying in and out of a tower window that only has food three times a day - and you know I don’t share - maybe you boys in bronze could not be such numbskulls and get a little bit suspicious.

But then, if you had, I wouldn’t be able to say this:

Hey, Iago?

Turn around.

Never Tease my Boyfriend Again. (skylox and merome)

Inspiration: http://tcfangirl.tumblr.com/post/71924756953/girlyshippings-sweetlittlepikachu

Authors Note: I TRIED MY BEST.


Jerome and Adam talked about random things in the dining room While Mitch and Ty sat in the living room using their Gadgets While Not saying a word

that’s when Adam screams it echoed to the living room

Mitch Laughs unexpectedly 

“Adam screams like a girl” Mitch laughed

“at least my boyfriend isn’t a furry Creature” Ty finished

“what did you just say?"Mitch questioned while standing up in front of Ty

Ty repeated the words "AT LEAST MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T A FURRY CREATURE” while putting his phone on the table he stood up also facing Mitch He hasn’t notice he was extremely small compared to Mitch

the both of them faced each other With determined faces

“Well at least my Boyfriend doesn’t love me more than butter!"Mitch exclaimed

Ty’s mouth dropped

"at least my boyfriend doesn’t love a microwave alarm” He shouted

“Well at least my boyfriend isn’t a Bipolar physco !” Mitch answered back furiously

“At least my boyfriend doesn’t go running around with a diamond axe in everybodies faces!!”

“At least My boyfriend doesn’t betray me when we play the Hunger deans” Mitch answered

“atleast my Boyfriend doesn’t slurp all the day!” Ty answered who looked like he was about to blow up


Jerome and Adam went running to the living room Having no comment and just stared at the two while they were fighting both of them just giggled hilariously

“Well at least I dont have to worry about getting Eaten by my Boyfriend!” Ty shrieked

“at least I get to see my boyfriend’s eyes everyday!” Mitch shrieked louder

Adam being the tough won went to stop their fight that was going out of hand Jerome followed behind him without Hesitations

“What the heck just happened?” Adam questioned

“IT WAS HIS FAULT” Ty and Mitch say in unison while pointing at each other

“ok ok chill” Adam said soothingly while pulling his lover into a hug

Jerome did the same and pathed Mitch in the Head

the two were pulled apart by there boyfriends

both of them gave one last Glare at each other

together they said to each Other


Jerome and Adam just looked at each other and smirked both of them whispered and sighed “hhhuhh.. Boyfriends” they both laughed and pulled there Lovers away

on the side where Jerome and Mitch were , Jerome just comforted his boyfriend

“You are so cute Biggums when you get angry. you Jag” Jerome smiled at Mitch who looked really pissed off

Mitch smiled “I love ya Biggums you know that?”

“yep"Jerome smiled while kissing his lover on the forehead

on the other side Ty was looking so pissed off on what just happened a while ago Sky just patted him in the back

"Chill out Ty.Dont feel Hurt you know he was just defending also joking  besides Your perfect to me You know that? Dont hate yourself” Sky said

“yeah you’re Right, You are the perfect boyfriend you know that?” Ty smiled while staring at his lover’s glasses

he took them of and revealed his perfect gold gray eyes, I was completely lost in them

he kissed my forehead and smiled at me

“I love you Ty”

“I love you too”


I Tried my best ok? Dont blame me if its Horrible. I was just Really bored and had nothing to do Sorry for my Grammar, Punctations, and other mistakes :)