There is no for reason this to exist, but on the flip side, I also have no regrets.

The platinum and diamond Maple Leaf brooch made a wonderful appearance yesterday as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in British Columbia.
The diamond brooch was originally given to Queen Elizabeth (the then future Queen Mother) by her husband George VI to wear on their Canadian tour in 1939.
The piece became a favorite which she kept it until the end of her life, when it passed to the current queen like the rest of her jewels.
Queen Elizabeth II was lent if to wear for the first time in 1951 for her first tour of Canada alongside her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.
Queen Elizabeth II loaned the brooch to the Duchess of Cornwall for her first tour of Canada with the Prince of Wales in 2009.
Then in 2011 the queen did the same thing by lending it to the Duchess of Cambridge for her first Canadian visit with her husband.
Now in 2016 we see the brooch appearing once again as the couple returns to Canada. It is fitting as this marks Princess Charlotte’s first official royal visit to Canada. 💎🍁

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