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Litha - 21th of June

 Also known as Midsummer. The longest day with the shortest night, the counterpart of Yule.
Celebration of protection, luck, health, transformation, community, career and relationships.

Element: Fire
Colours: Blue, green, gold, yellow and red.
Flowers, plants and trees: Oak, honeysuckle, lavender, elder, hemp, mugwort, rose, larkspur, vervain, mistletoe, wisteria,  St. John’s wort, violets, rue, fern, holly, pine tree, heather, yarrow, sunflower.
Food, drinks & herbs: Anise, camomile, honey, vegetables, lemons, oranges, carrots, fruit juices, sunflowerseeds, cheese, dairy products, sea food, beef.
Associations: Sun, fire, feathers, sea shells.
Crystals: Lapis lazuli, diamants, tiger’s eye, jade, emerald.
Animals: Horses, butterflies, caterpillars, seacreatures, wren, robin, cattle, bees, snakes.
Activities: Bonfires, drying herbs, spells for love, growth, luck, health and protection.

Happy Litha everyone !

Séduisez-moi (Requested)

(Title is just ‘Seduce Me’ in French)

Pairing:  Bucky x reader

Request:  Hi! Can you please write a bucky who is jealous of pietro, because bucky’s crush or girlfriend teach pietro her native language (like french), to seduce reader’s twin sister with who pietro was in love. With a lot of fluff please. Love you and your writing

Warnings: None.

Words: 590

A/N: Alright now I don’t know French so I used Google translate, hopefully it’s right. (Translations are all at the very end.) Also I know you said fluff but it’s hard to have fluff when a character is jealous but I hope the parts after that were good.

Thank you to justareader for fixing my French ^_^

Y/T/N – Your twin’s name

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Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing people that blog and post photos from the internet and tag them incorrectly. Instead of being rude and calling them out, I decided to make a PSA for everyone who can never tell the difference! It’s quite simple, so here we go!

BANBA: Banba is the lighter version of Manba. Banba wear less of the white makeup than Manba, also use more glitter, and have a less neon hair colors. Banba use more extreme-looking types of false eyelashes, and colored contact lenses. (^ photo 1)

MANBA: Manba skin is always tan and darker. Manba has much thicker white makeup, brighter and more varied colored eye shadow, light to extreme panda makeup, colored eyelashes and diamantes around the eyes. Hair tends to be bright, fluorescent colors or blonde and is cut in a mullet style or braided. Manba’s have a deep tan with contrasting white make-up. (^ photo 2)

YAMANBA: Yamanba is the same as Manba but girls often have extremely dark tans, very white lipstick, colored contacts, and facial stickers. (^ photo 3)

TSUYOME MANBA: The more extreme version of Manba. The hair is bright and usually can be so long that it touches the floor. Big hair is very important, and can be anywhere from braids to extensions to yarn. Eye make-up is usually very bold and the eyes are done up to appear very large. It’s a bit monstrous. (^ photo 4)

Where does ganguro fit into all of this? Ganguro is actually an outdated term that hasn’t been used since the 1990s. Today’s “ganguro” are actually just Manba. The makeup, hair, and clothing is the same.

But the most important thing to remember is MANBA AND YAMANBA ARE GENERALLY THE SAME THING. Though Yamanba tends to be a little darker. So, the order (of darkness/extremeness) goes: Banba, Manba, Yamanba, then Tsuyome Manba.

I hope this explanation was helpful! Thanks for reading!

-Lo senti?
-Questo urlo.
-Urlo? Che urlo? Io non sento niente!
-Come biasimarti, non lo conosci questo tipo di urlo. Questo, infatti, è il grido di chi non ha voce, il grido di chi sta male ma non lo dà a vedere, quel grido di chi non vuole farsi sentire con le parole, ma se ascolti i suoi occhi sentirai un urlo tanto intenso da rompere un diamante in mille pezzi. Ma ti capisco, chi non ha mai provato questo dolore, diventa sordo alle urla di chi sta male.

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What would Diamante do if the sun hurt Doffy's eyes

Doflamingo: “The sun’s too bright. My eyes hurt.”

Diamante: “Which sun? That sun? That asshole sun right there? Oh man that sun is fucking dead. You think you’re tough, sun? Huh? Didn’t you see what we fucking did to that road? You want that to happen to you too? Oh, don’t think I can reach you, huh? Think you’re so high in the sky you can get away with anything? Nah, man. Just you wait I am gonna fuckin climb my way up there and beat you so bad people are gonna mistake you for the fcuking moon I swear to god sun I am gonna fkuing end u so help me goddammit Pica help me get some ladders wait what do you mean we burned all the ladders oh yeah that’s right Doffy fell off one last week but JUST YOU WAIT SUN” 

I think in the end they just got Doflamingo stronger sunglasses, but not before Diamante spent a lot of time throwing weapons at the sun.