Todomatsu: No! It’s a terrible plan! I don’t want any of this ok? I just wanted to go to the party with a hot girl and maybe…and maybe even fit in for once in my life…I…I..(starts crying)

Jyushimatsu: (comes with a cardboard drawing of a lady) Ok Totty, I finished making your date I gave her glitter hair becau- what’s happening?

Karamatsu: I think Todomatsu is crying.

Choromatsu: Has Todomatsu ever cried before?

Ichimatsu: No, not even when I used to hit him on the head.

Osomatsu: Oh my god, Todomatsu has feelings.

Choromatsu: This is terrifying

Karamatsu: What do we do? I feel like we should call an ambulance or something.

Osomatsu: no,no I got this, um…maybe if I just…um….uh (hugs Todomatsu) there

Jyushimatsu: Oh my god they’re hugging!

Choromatsu: Welp, now I’ve seen everything.