The Euchdag (also known as the Diamair) is a creature that carries a great burden – the gift of all-knowledge. Shy and elusive, she has been driven underground by those desperate to seek her out. She casts a spell on an unconscious Gwaine, when the latter sees a light but is ambushed by Morgana’s men when he goes to find out what it is.

What if Morgana had found the Diamair
  • Morgana:What is Arthur's bane?
  • Diamair:Arthur's bane is himself.
  • Morgana:Himself?
  • Diamair:Yes, himself.
  • Morgana:
  • Diamair:
  • Morgana:Can't believe I wasted my hunky slave army on this shit. Aithusa, burn this bitch.
  • Diamair:What?
  • Aithusa:Roar!
  • Morgana:Didn't see that coming, did ya.

wizardinrhyme  asked:

Hmmm... prompts... prompts... Okay; first: I know there are several already, but I am always open for more fics about what happened when Merlin woke up (presumably alone and hopefully still injured) in Ismere at the end of "Arthur's Bane". Second: In episode 3, Merlin tells Gwen he knew her father was doing better because he was psychic. What if she believed him? If neither of those tickle your fancy I shall come up with more ^_~ Congrats on the 50- hop you get lots of responses to this! ♥

Here you go, sweetie! Hope you’ll like it.


Merlin woke up to the white-hot pain of a horrible headache.

Blinking to clear his eyes, he tried to remember where he was and why his head felt like it would explode. After a moment of confusion, a burst of memories hit him.

“Merlin!” the king yelled, as he saw his manservant being thrown violently on the cave’s wall.

The warlock raised a hand to cast a spell to get Morgana away from Arthur, but couldn’t focus on the target. Something warm was on the back of his head — was it blood? He couldn’t tell. Darkness edged at the sides of his vision, and he could blink all he wanted but the blurriness remained.

Luckily, someone he couldn’t recognise came from behind the witch, taking her by surprise, and attacked her. The woman collapsed and Arthur’s mysterious saviour helped the king up.

Darkness swallowed him and his hand fell limply — and uselessly — at his side.

Merlin didn’t know what happened next. He could vaguely recall a bluish, glowing creature talking to him and healing him. The Diamair.

Fine, but… Where was Arthur? The blonde had gotten wounded, he could need help. And Morgana, where was she? Had she run away or had she been caught?

Standing up, the raven-haired man looked around the cave. He swayed for a bit, massaging his aching temples, before trying to move. He trudged through the corridors, calling for the ling and the knights, obtaining no response from either. His thoughts were getting clearer by the minute, and with a start he realised that he was completely alone. No one, friend or foe, was there with him.

They had left him behind. They had forgotten him.

A wave of bitterness overtook him. There he was, with his skill cracked open, possibly dying — no one knew he had been healed — and they hadn’t even spared a thought for him. Well, Arthur was unconscious at the time and thus couldn’t be accused, but the knights? Did he truly mean nothing to them? He had been barely meters away from the king, and his so-called ‘friends’ hadn’t noticed him.

A horrible thought stole into his mind. What if they had seen him, but not deemed him important enough? Had they believed him already dead, and left him to rot in that dark cave, alone?

Then again, it wasn’t a one-time thing. He was a servant — how could he ever forget it? — he should expect to be considered worthless. Or at the very least, worth less.

As a cool breeze messed up his hair, Merlin realised he was out of the cave. He had been so immersed in his musings, he hadn’t even noticed he had gotten out.

The last thread of hope he so desperately clung to vanished when he didn’t see anyone at the entrance. How foolish of him to think the knights would have come back to look for him.

Shaking his head bitterly, the warlock threw his head back and called for Kilgharrah.

(Little did he know, a certain mead-loving knight had just left Camelot, worried sick for his best friend and blaming himself for his absence.)