Dianna Agron’s alphabetA is for Arthur

"He’s losing something important today. Two things to be exact. Poor dear, he may need some cheering up. Can any of you redesign one of the pictures of Arthur? Do something creative in photoshop? Make him a sparkly unicorn? Give him some fun friends? I dunno. Use photo reply with your best shot! I’ll post my favorites.

RIP Arthur ♥


Dianna Agron’s Alphabet | Creative challenge

"If you know me well, you can definitely confirm that the words, “I just want to dance” are heard at any given point of the day. Apparently, there was this day that I came home from pre-school and told my Mom, “I want to do ballet and dance on my toes.” Don’t know where I got this idea, maybe the teacher had introduced us to Thumbelina Ballerina. Not really sure. But the one thing I am sure of is that dancing is why I love music as much as I do and vice-versa, and there aren’t many things better than those two combined. At least in my book.