Diabolik Lovers LOST EDEN [Tsukinami Shin - Dark No. 01]

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Cannon’s note before you start:

万魔殿 / Banmaden > Tsukinami sibling’s residing place

ピーナツくん可愛いすぎる (´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥`)♡

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anonymous asked:

So I'm not really good with this stuff but before any of the boys get attention, I love your blog so much and I just wanted you to know. Now to the boys, I adore Laito and everything about him (also considering he's always my first choice) but oh my, can I just say Carla, I want to brush his hair but I won't be allowed. I love the rest of them though, Karl included, and I'd be happy to help Reiji and Ruki out if they need a hand... I'll also fix Wall-chan, poor, poor Wall-chan.

[MTK: Oh, thank you~ ^w^♥]

Laito: Nfufufu, such a bold Bitch-chan confessing your love for me~

Carla: You said it right, I won’t allow you.

Karlehinz: Oh, dear, thank you, this makes me glad. Usually I’m always hated.

Carla: I wonder why

Reiji: That’d be very kind of you.

Ruki: I agree; Livestock should always be this helpful.

Wall-chan: Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Child!Au, How would the boys feel if they found out their mother was physically draining themselves doing things for them just so they could be happy and comfortable?

Admin Mawile: └(・。・)┘ Reader noooo


-He doesn’t really understand how someone could willingly wear themselves out so badly, but he does know that too much working is just miserable. You need to come play with him and relax, like you always tell him to do!


-It should be a good thing that you’re showing such diligence, but all he can see is his own efforts to please his mother. For once, he’ll actually insist you take more breaks and time for yourself. 


-Just the mention of overwork makes him feel sick. It’s too much like what the old hag demanded of him, and he nearly panics trying to get you to stop. You’re important! You can’t be sad!


-It’s very difficult for him to understand the suffering of someone else, but knowing that you’re unhappy is worry enough. If you’re upset because of him, what if you decide you don’t want him anymore?


-Your distress shouldn’t matter a bit to him, but it’s strangely upsetting to see you so exhausted. He’ll come up with some story to get you to stop doing so much, and try not to think about how much he cares. 


-After panicking over the idea that you’re going to get sick of him, it takes all his courage to try to convince you to take things easy. He’d… he’d be sad if you made yourself sick over him. 


-The idea that you’re wasting away at yourself to make him happy has him physically ill with memories. If his violent reaction isn’t enough to stop you, this is one of the few times he might beg. 


-It doesn’t make sense that you’d be making yourself sick for his sake, and while at first, he sees little wrong with you taking care of him, it quickly turns to near panic over how pained you seem to be. 


-If the problem is too much work, than he’s going to help! He’s strong for a kid, and is more than willing to help out and make things easier for you. He’ll just be happy to see you healthy again. 


-Registering that affection from you could be a bad thing takes a lot of thinking. Once he realizes that you’re really hurting yourself, he gets near frantic trying to talk you into taking better care of yourself. 


-He’s more than used to working himself past the point of good health, but seeing you of all people do it is just unpleasant. You’re too good to be wasting your time on luxuries for him. 


-His ego wants to say that someone working themselves sick to please him is exactly how it should be, but seeing you actually miserable from it just makes him feel sick. You have to stop now. 

Diabolik lovers Dark Fate Subaru Sakamaki (dark 5) ~traducción~

Anteriores: dark 1, dark 2, dark 3, dark 4, dark 5

Lugar: Castillo Sakamaki- Habitación de Subaru.

Yui: Subaru-kun no viene…
Yui: (Él dijo “hoy duerme en mi habitación” pero…)
Yui: (Pero se fue antes que yo viniera…)
Yui: (No quiero que se vea de una forma rara como si estuviera esperando por él…)
Yui: (Pero, si salgo ahora podría encontrar a Subaru-kun en la puerta)
Yui: (Eso también sería raro…)
Yui: (Qué debería hacer…!?)

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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden [OP]
Sakamaki Brothers
Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden [OP]

Opening of the new game Diabolik Lovers sings by the Sakamaki Brothers

  • Midorikawa Hikaru ( Sakamaki Ayato)
  • Kaji Yuki (Sakamaki Kanato)
  • Hirakawa Daisuke (Sakamaki Raito)
  • Toriumi Kousuke (Sakamaki Shuu)
  • Konishi Katsuyuki (Sakamaki Reiji)
  • Kondo Takashi (Sakamaki Subaru)

The boys for @tenshixkyuketsuki