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I really appreciate everyone who pitched in on short notice! I think it sends a very good message that - no matter how controversial this series may be, there is an audience for it. 

It also really gives me hope for the fandom, so thank you very much!


I want to talk a bit more about the possibility of a localization. My apologies that this post is a little wordy. It’s also optimistic?

First, let’s look at the state of things:

Hakuoki fandom’s persistence paid off.

If you haven’t this heard yet, it’s really great news: Idea Factory International has announced that Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is being localized next spring. This is coming after many petitions, write-in campaigns, and even people directly asking Aksys at cons for more Hakuoki.

The popularity of otome games is on the rise.

Mystic Messenger has been a smash hit with English players, albeit an unusual one. Code: Realize sales did well enough that we’re getting an English release of the fandisk. Next year is going to be huge for otome games, with a ton of big releases both for new series (Collar x Malice, Period Cube, Bad Apple Wars, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, Nightshade), and continuing ones (Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Code: Realize ~Blessed Future~).

It’s definitely worth supporting those releases as much as you can afford, because it’s important to show companies (IDEA FACTORY) that there’s a market overseas for otome games. (Also, otome games are fun.)

Idea Factory is the distributor for Diabolik Lovers.

As most of us know, Rejet is the creator of this series. They created the first drama CDs, but they actually partner with Idea Factory for the games. (Check the bottom of the 2012 website for yourself.) This means that the people who are listening to the otome game community are also the ones we can petition and send requests to, in the hope that they can work something out with Rejet. 

It may be a fight, but an English release is not an unrealistic goal.

Look: this series is polarizing. That is a fact and we all know it. But we are also a devoted fanbase, and we deserve to have our voices heard as much as anyone does. 

This poll was a good step forward, but there’s a lot more we can do: 

  • We can email and write in directly about the games we want.
  • This petition has 1000 signatures as a start.
  • We could also campaign for the manga to get licensed. 
  • We could support the anime releases much harder. (March 2017 for season 2!)

We can prove that we are a fanbase that is eager to support our favorite series – or, at least, I think so. If you’re interested, I’d really appreciate any feedback or thoughts. 

Thanks for reading. ^^ 

anonymous asked:

I would LOVE to see the brot3 being wingmen for each other.

(Nora: Let’s do this shit. This is a lot crackier than it was supposed to be but it’s still funny!)


~Shuu didn’t need help?

~Except that one time he couldn’t understand her so Subaru and Yuma had to help out (she was Russian, it was Subaru’s time to shine)

~Yes it was a pub crawl

~Yes he did get laid

~Operation Get Shuu Laid: Success


~This dork over here

~Tried to be smooth, was like crunchy peanut butter

~Shuu to the rescue

~Talked him up like a champ

~”No shit?!” “Yup. Nine inches. I’ve seen it.” “Bro that’s gay.” “No homo?”

~Still worked though


~The poor little Tsundere

~She came onto him

~He punched her in the arm

~Yuma help the kid

~Subaru didn’t know what to do with that.

~Yuma talked to her, Shuu gave him a pep talk (And a script)

~It worked…kinda….

~Poor babe

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Alright so as a prompt from a random word generator, how about writing a fic based on the word "damage"? I love your writing❤️


Prompt: damage
Word Count: 300

   "Don’t you have faith, too, Laito-kun?“
Yui’s words churned in his mind, still fresh from when she’d first asked him.
                                                                             —Faith? Faith for what? For who?
His mother’s image flashed in his mind; smiling haughtily, running a hand through her stringy, purple tresses.
His fingers came down on the piano keys, pressing increasingly harder as the song progressed and the tune began to evolve.
The wide eyes of that Little Bitch were too good. He dwelled on that thought, and the idea of his fingers curling around her tender neck, not once thinking of ending the piece.
     "Laito.” Reiji’s voice cut through the notes, but didn’t stop the brunet’s playing. He watched as his younger sibling devoted himself to a sick song. Wasn’t he aware that it was audible throughout the mansion? His song weaved from a classic, sorrowful song to a hymn; prayer music. Standing beside the instrument, he couldn’t help but try to amend the catastrophe. A gloved hand imposed. Ivory fingers swept ebony keys, adding flourishes to mask what had morphed into a church song— suitable for a mass that would never be.
     Red eyes flitted to the see the pianist’s face.
                       Tears fell only the ivory keys; Laito’s broken, silent sobs.
Black brows furrowed in something of disgust and pity; how uncharacteristic of the elder. His fingers left the keys.
     "Laito.“ His voice now so stern, demanding his attention.
The brunet’s fingers faltered, and slipped off of the right notes, muddling a song that was not worth saving.
     "It is unadvisable to play when it’s in such a state.”
The piano had been waterlogged. Keys warped. Strings decaying.
        The younger was oblivious to its state. Beyond damaged; not worth repairing.
                                                                    Familiar. Laito could no longer hear the music.

theotakufairy  asked:

Wreaths the sakamaki

Wreaths - Family Traditions

(We’re breaking these down because we have ALOT)

Normal tradition:

Decorating the house is a group effort and they get it done in impeccable timing.

Shu and Subaru are tag teaming the tree. It always looks great

Reiji is doing general tidying, setting up his Christmas village, and preparing the overly large Christmas dinner menu

Kanato is decorating the fireplaces with beautifully hand embroidered, homemade stockings.

Ayato is buried in garlands, tinsel, bows, popcorns strings, etc.

Laito is hanging ALL of the mistletoe. All of it. No one knows where he gets it from.

Weird Tradition:

The struggle to get Kanato to watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Kanato despises this movie but it is a family tradition that they watch one film together and Kanato tried to skip out and no one was having it. Subaru had him in a headlock, Shuu laid on top of him and Ayato… Well, let’s say the two didn’t speak for three days afterward.

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Reindeer and Santa Hat for Ruki mukami please

That was fast. But we are not surprised. So here you go~

Reindeer - Favorite Holiday Movie

Ruki is a big fan of Miracle on 34th Street. He likes the goodwill vibe and all the feelings it stirs in him. It’s a classic and in Black and white too! Any reason for him not to love it?

Santa Hat - Have they Been Naughty or Nice this year?


Let’s check the list…..

He was nice this year. But only barely. He was extra nice to his brothers a few times and only gently kicked Ayato out of the house when he broke in again.

Diabolik Lovers (ディアボリックラヴァーズ)

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood entertains us with an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party on new poster art from the February issue of Otomedia Magazine (Amazon US | JP), illustrated by animation director Noriko Shimazawa (島沢ノリコ).