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How would yui react to a new bride clinging to her all the time because she's scared of everyone else?

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“It’s alright, ____! We’ll be fine. “

  • Tries her hardest to ease your discomfort.
  • Greatly enjoys your company and is never sorry to see you.
  • Tries to play up the nice moments of the boys. there is none, sweetie.’
  • If you had to chose someone to ‘own’ you when you came, She’ll do her best to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Will try to save you from some of your bad encounters but She can’t really help you and will struggle with it…feeling utterly guilty. 
  • Prays for you and encourages you to do it, also.
  • If anything bad happened to you, she’ll try to care for you or get someone to help you the best she can.
  • If you two grow close, I can see her being devastated if you were gravely injured or killed. Most likely, shattering her bond with the person responsible.

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What would be Ruki's reaction if his S/O was getting fed up with being called livestock all the time and started calling him "farmer" in return? (Keep in mind in Japanese the word farmer can be synonyms with peasant.)

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-Honestly, he’s furious. That is not the kind of behavior that livestock should be showing, and you should be much more respectful towards him. You seem to fail to realize the position you’re in, and he’s far from appreciative that you’d dare to show such disrespect. You’ll be punished strictly for speaking out against him so, and hopefully, in the future, you’ll remember your place a little bit better. 

If the Sakamakis were self aware

((I recently finished Doki Doki Literature Club and got me thinking: Since DL is an Otome game, that would it be like for them to gain artificial intelligence and know that they are in a game, and if they gained the power to control the programming))

Shu: Shu never really cared at first. To him, knowing that the others, with the exception of him, were all fake allowed him to get the one thing he’s always yearned for: silence. The male used up most of his eternal time to sleep, mute or delete the other characters for his own comfort. He would stay in his room and sometimes go to the music room. Though, the lifestyle soon became helplessly lonely. He would often think of way to gain company. He tried to have the MC of his game, Yui to share the same intellect and awaken her, but, like the others, she was just a programming with no life inside. He grew increasingly lonely, often trying to delete himself in the process, but it never worked.

Then you came.

You picked up his game and began to play it on your handheld console. In the first time in forever, he felt a spark of light enter his dark two-dimensional world. He saw you through the camera of your device. He immediately saw you, someone who was real, someone more than two-dimensions, someone with a consciousness-someone like him. He immediately fell head over heels for you, but refused to let you go, but he wasn’t so up front about his feelings at first. He pushed them away, willing to let you play the other routes before him. He wanted to let you choose him by your own free will, but when you didn’t, he quickly grew impatient.

He rigged the cursor to make you choose his route next, and made fun of you for choosing him. “ Ah, you choose me, huh? How bothersome,” he would say despite feeling very much alive. “Don’t bother me too much okay?” However, he then went out of his way to make the script spend as much time with you as possible. He would make it seem like you/Yui were desperate for his attention saying things like: “You really want me that badly?” or “How obsessed are you with me?”

Soon, you kinda grew fed up with his nit-picking. If he was going to call you out for spending time with him, might as well change the route. You tried to exit the game, but your cursor wouldn’t move. Without you pressing anything, his dialogue box appeared before you. “What do you think you’re doing?” He would say through the dialogue, but his voice would sound out in hiss. “You’re playing my route you know. You’re not allowed to spend anymore time with anyone else but me.” You were immediately freaked out that he had broken the fourth wall while you were trying to exit and tried to turn the game off, but your handheld didn’t shut off the screen.

“You’re trying to leave me? What a horrible person you are…You’re not allowed to leave me, not while I’m the only one here in this miserable. Keep playing…stay with me…”

Reiji: Like Shu, Reiji took advantage of his situation at first. He used the coding in his brothers to make them more obedient. Actually, he deleted Shu’s file entirely, changing the script to make him the eldest brother, and the only child of Beatrix. He found comfort in the fact that things were working out the way he planned, but he couldn’t deny the emptiness inside of him. Though, when you arrived, he refused to believe that you would solve the loneliness he felt. He detached himself from you, allowing you to play the routes you chose while still playing his part in the new script he created. Though, as time passed on, he shifted each route to force you to spend more time with him. He would first allow to still get your ending with the others, but then he slowly drifted further and further away from it. He gave you endings in which the brother you chose would die, or he would end up taking care of you/Yui whether you were healthy, in some kind of vegetable state, or in a coma. But it soon came to be that the MC wasn’t enough.

He wanted you.

He wanted to know you.

When you finally decided to take his route, he removed every interaction with any other character. It was just you and him. And besides acting like his usually sadistic self, he would ask you questions. He would ask your favorite color, hobby, sport, whatever came to mind and game a list of option answers to choose from, making sure to be as detailed as possible to get to know you and not the MC. And sometimes, he would make it so that you would only have one option, the option to choose/be with him.

He enjoyed this ability to play God, to get to know you more…But you may have found this rather creepy, hearing that this was not what usually happened in the Diabolik Lover Games. You first believed that it was simply a glitch or maybe a DLC of some sort. Though, that was until you reached his ending.

His route ended with the two of you together and a CG of him smiling at the screen.

“Wouldn’t be great to stay like this forever?” He would ask. Your only option would be “Yes.” He would then add. “You are satisfied with me, yes? So you’ll play my route once more.”

This made you pause. You read the dialogue over and over before he continued without you clicking anything. “Ah, I must have surprised you that comment, (Y/N)…My apologies. I guess it slipped.” You snapped your head back, surprised that he had addressed you by your name and not the name you chose for the MC.

“Ah, are you surprise? I simply looked at your game profile on your handheld. It isn’t too hard to find your real name…or birthday, or age, or your address…Might I suggest you not connect to the internet through here, terrible people can get ahold of your location just by the interwebs alone…But don’t worry, as the smartest and eldest brother, not to mention the love of your life, I promised to protect you.”

You gulped as his voice echoed through your head. You weren’t so sure before, but now you knew that this wasn’t normal! You never heard about the Diabolik Lovers games knowing so much about you! This was practically an invasion of privacy!! You moved your finger to turn off the game, but the screen did not turn black. Instead, another Cg came up. Reiji’s face was closer to the screen now, his finger pressing against the middle of his glasses, pushing them up the bridge of his nose. “Where do you think you’re going? Do you really believe that you can escape me-and in a moment where I speak to you so passionately. I do not appreciate you trying to ruin such a romantic moment-the closest I’ve ever had with you and not the cursed Main Character of this dull world. Come now, I’ll Forgive you if you stay with me forever.”

Laito: Oh, he loved being the God of his two-dimensional world. Having everything play by his rules, getting whatever he wanted by just messing with the code, it was so fun and addictive, almost like a drug, and you know he took great pleasure making the script a bit more adult-like. Though, like a drug. The high slowly faded, and the joy of that drug soon had less and less effect over him until he was completely bored with everything.

Maybe that was why you made such an interesting toy to collection when you started to play the game.

He took great joy as you played through the other routes, seeing that it was bit more adult than your friends had told you. In fact, the game related more of a hentai or a prono than a dark romance. Passionate sex took place or character development and actual romance. Laito had fun illustrating such a scandalous script for you, but it was only when you decided to play his route did the strings truly started to snap.

He watched as you expressed your discomfort for the sex in the game. Sure, you expecting steamy content, but not so often like this, and you expected to spend some time with the characters outside of the bedroom. You wanted actual socializing, actual romance. Though, when he heard you verbally express these complaints, he grew confused.

Wasn’t love just some candy-coated term for sexual frustration? To him, it was the same, but it seemed that your opinions clashed. He started questioning you as the player, surprisingly more often than he had sex with the MC. He grew more interested in your opinions and views on romance. What love was actually like.He gave you option answers that were more diverse than choosing what body part to touch next, and though he openly dismissed your opinions either through the game or accidentally breaking the fourth wall, Laito found himself soon agreeing with you, morphing his vision of love and lust into two separate images. He soon became more and more infatuated with you.

Je would often play with you even while you weren’t playing his game.He’d let out sexual moans while you were walking in public, forcing you to take out your handheld and pay attention to him. He’d crash every time you tried to let your friend play his game, and would give you less freedom to choose anyone else other than him.

However, Things finally came together when you suddenly got an ending that you didn’t gain before. Laito revealed to you a CG of himself, blushing as he stared at the screen back at you. His hands pressed against the sides of his face as the dialogue box emerged.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to talk to you like this, Bitch-chan~ To be with you…it’s so fun. Oh, I know you must be really shocked right now…I can see it in your face. Nfufu, your expression of confusion and fear is such a beautiful look one you… (Y/N)…Ah, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer-I love you, (Y/N). Not the MC you play as, but you…Beautiful, adorable you~ Surely you must have caught on, when I commented on your eyes and hair instead on Yui’s…Did you, you were always so smart~I noticed…Ne, ne…Bitch-chan, stay with me won’t you, stay with me until I find a way out of this hellhole and into your arms!”

Kanato: He hated it. He hated being alone in this flat world. He could create anything he wanted, yes, but being along was hell for the male. He desperately tried o call out to people in your world, but being a game without a handheld, he had no voice. He was a lonely soul in a world where he wasn’t supposed to have one at all. Kanato would talk constantly to Teddy, trying to keep himself company, but Teddy’s unresponsiveness struck only irritation and a constant reminder of his loneliness. He never liked people, granted, he never liked his own brother, but even his own doll collection bothered him when he realized that he was the only thing that could think for himself.

Kanato had a sense of powerlessness than one of a God’s. He would cry and sob constantly, crying for help. He wanted someone to be with him, and the closest thing he had to company was using his mother’s code to comfort him in such a fake and artificial way. That changed when you came into the picture.

His loneness was suddenly cured when you picked up his game. Seeing that you had chosen his game gave him a new hope. He finally had someone to play with, someone to truly play with. And though he could reach all he wanted and not touch you, it was better than nothing.

In full desperation of your attention, he erased all the characters, covering the other possible choices in black glitches. His forced your cursor to choose only him and he manipulated the script to spend time with only him. He enjoyed playing with you constantly. He would sometimes break the forth wall by commenting how beautiful the color of your hair was or how you seemed tired or how he missed you when you reopened his save file. You considered it some kind of humor that the game installed to make the player feel more connected to the characters, but what caught you off was every time you turned your game off or saved in a file.

“You’re not leaving me, are you…” he would usually as when you save or get ready to shut the game off. He brought the toy ear closer to him as he spoke to Teddy. “Ne,ne, Teddy, you don’t think they’re actually gonna leave us…right? “ You would reach for the power button until-“No, wait! Let’s play a little longer. You love me, don’t you, so let’s play more! Let’s-“ your finger would reach closer to the button-“No! Don’t leave me!!” He would start screaming. “Get away from that. Come back! Come back and stay with us! Don’t leave me!! Don’t you dare-“ you would then turn off the game before that screaming would grow any louder.

You would be obviously creeped out by this. Though, this happened so often every time you would try to shut the game off that you thought that it was just how the game was, making you feel guilty. It was a mechanic you never heard of , so you didn’t know how to feel about it. Yet, you always found yourself back, turning on the game to try to gain Kanato’s love love. Unlike what you’ve heard,it was actually pretty easy. He enjoyed it when you complimented him or said you loved him. In fact, there weren’t any options actually insult him and nothing to make him angry either. He was rather possessive, and you ended up playing his route over and over again, mostly because the others weren’t an options. You thought that maybe you would need to play Kanato’s route a number of times to achieve the others, but around the fourth play through, you had dismissed this theory.

“You know what, I give up…I think I’ll just sell this game tomorrow…I need the money anyways,” you verbally expressed, but just as you did, Kanato’s sprite appeared on screen.

“What…did you say…You’re leaving me…? You’re leaving me for good?” You raised your brow, you’ve never seen this scene before, and you’ve played the game at least four times. You watched as tears animated and fell from his cheeks. You’ve never seen this happen. “So I really wasn’t good enough for you…Why?!” He screamed. God, you didn’t want to hear this again. You pressed the power button, but the console refused to shut off. “You can’t turn me off. You have to stay with us…Isn’t that right, Teddy? They’re going to stay with us. They’re going to love me…they have to…They don’t have the option to do otherwise…”

Ayato: He didn’t mind being alone at first. He enjoyed that he could program his other brothers to do what he said and fall for his pranks, reacting exactly how he wanted them to react. He would troll around, messing with Reiji’s china collection or ruin Shu’s violin. But he had to admit, their reactions became dull fast. When he learned how to play with the coding of the game, he made everyone worship him like the God he believed himself to be, but having everyone so submissive only was amazing for so long. The male yearned for a challenged, yearned for some fun. He felt desperately lonely with the MC acting “rebellious” only because he programmed her to try to. Though, being that he was the one to fiddle with Yui’s mechanics, everything she did was planned out by him, thus, too predictable. He felt at a loss for awhile, aimlessly trying to find something to do or someone else to defy him. His wishes were soon answered when you picked up his game.

You offered defiance and a chance to have fun, real fun!! He forced the cursor to choose his route first, and even though that you didn’t want to play Ayato’s route first, you agreed to it, thinking that it was some kind of technical error and that you could always finish him up and go to another game in the next game, but Ayato saw through your play quickly and meddled as much as he could to keep you with him.

He made his route longer, allowing you many options to defy him, in which you gladly too to his satisfaction. This allowed him to punish you and the MC while he watched you express your rage for either “choosing the wrong choice” or getting some weird situation in which he punished Yui is some outrageous way that involved biting. He purposely erased your save files, forcing you to replay moments in his route and backtracking you from getting an ending, and when he wasn’t punishing you, he was bragging about himself, wanting you to fall head over heels for him. He boosted himself up so much that it made you laugh often times, and though it wasn’t the preferred reaction, when he saw you smile, he immediately felt his coded heart skip a beat, and as time went on, he learned that he plan of making you fall for him has backfired greatly. Instead, he was the one to fall head over heels for you.

This caused him to ask more personal questions about you, allowing many choices to pick from so he got to know more and more about you-most of which involved knowing if you planned or had a romantic partner yet. “I don’t want you to see anyone else, Chichinashi. You are mine and mine alone. I may not be able to touch you just yet…but you better remember this.”

You, of course, do not take this threat seriously with it being a game and all, and when you do reveal you have been in a relationship, your game begins to glitch out nonstop. The dialogue becomes unreadable and passes by fast. This continues until the screen is completely black. For a moment, you though the battery died out or the game had crashed, but those theories were pushed aside when Ayato’s sprite appeared in front of you behind a pitch black background. “How…fucking dare you…”

You blinked as your heard Ayato’s voice. You’ve never heard him curse like this before. What was going on. Ayato’s sprite glitched and emerald eyes glared back at you. Some thing was different this time. Pure rage and emotion leaked from the glowing orifices-something that has never happened before.

“You promised to me mine! You are mine! And then you go over behind my back and make off with someone I don’t even know?!” He screamed. You were taken back by what he just said, trying to get it to sink in. He had not only addressed you, not as character, but as the player and addressed the fact that you had lied to him and were in a relationship. “Is it because I can’t touch you yet? Is it because I’m not next to you yet? Just wait! Just wait!! I’m going to get out of here and make you regret the moment you lied to me. You belong to ore-sama, and no one else, it doesn’t matter where I am…”

Subaru: Subaru had mixed emotions about his lonely situation. He liked being alone; he liked that he couldn’t hurt anyone in this form. Everyone else was a program with no individual thought. Thus, he couldn’t hurt someone that was never alive. They never expressed a personality outside of their coding, and never showed up outside of where they were designated to be. Subaru never liked order and rules, and these roles everyone had sickened him. But there was no reason to change them, so he didn’t bother. Of course, he cut off as much contact as he could with his parents, but that was about it. He spent most of his days huddled up in his own coffin. He never kept track of time. Time didn’t exist in this world…but apparently, neither did his happiness. Subaru would end up staring at nothing, talking to nothing. He was lonely, but he was smart enough to know that there was nothing to do about it. He might as well accept it.

When you started to play his game, only then did his opinions on his situation start to shift.

He really didn’t care that you were playing his game at first. He highly doubted that you would choose him first. So it came to his surprise that you did. He first tried to push you away, sometimes not even showing up in the scenes he was supposed to be in, causing the game to crash often. Though, when he did show up, he would always glance up at your expression. He watched as you took much enjoyment with his company. You giggled and smiled at his responses and reactions, causing the male to blush. But what caught him off guard the most was the determination in your eyes. You wanted to spend time with him. You wanted to get to know him. You wanted to fall in love with him, and that pulled the male’s interest. You would comment at his reactions, like the two of you were holding the conversation, not him and the MC.

He felt like the two of you were forming a bond, an actual one. As he learned more about you, he fell more and more in love. H e loved you…he became accustomed to your company. When he once tried to push you away from him, he had now become so desperate for your company that when you turned off your console, he would just wait for your return, planning on what he’d say next, what he’d do next to get your attention, to see your reactions…to see you..

“You know,” you would sigh as you played Subaru’s route. You weren’t expecting anyone to listen, being that you were in your room alone, but Subaru was listening, he always did. He enjoyed it when you thought you were talking to yourself when in reality, you were talking to him, “I sometimes wish I could just…play this game forever, stay with you like this. I just love Subaru so much!…Ah, I must sound desperate saying how much I love a fictional character named after a car,” you laughed at yourself. The male stared at you as his lips pursed. He knew he shouldn’t say anything but…

HIs dialogue box suddenly appeared before you. “Why not then…play forever, I-I mean…” You blinked at you looked at your screen. You could see Subaru’s bushing face on it. You couldn’t recall if you had pressed the next button or not. But…did the character just address the game he was in?”

“Oh crap, I’ve played this game so long I’m hallucinating…”

“Wrong, you idiot!” He corrected. “I-I mean…I don’t have a problem with you staying with me like this…or whatever…I-I mean, I know it’s weird, but I think…I lo-love you too, (Y/N).” He averted his gaze from the screen with his face a deep crimson. “But I don’t want you to leave me. Let’s stay together, just like you said…even if it’s just like this…I’ll be happy…”

((Might do the Mukamis later but D A M N I wrote a bunch!!!!!I just really love those two games…like…a lot. ))

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(sakamaki boyz) what would happen to a prey tht pulls out their glock @ the first sign of danger & wont freaking hesitate

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Shu Sakamaki :

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Reiji Sakamaki :

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Laito Sakamaki :

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Ayato Sakamaki :

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Kanato Sakamaki :

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Subaru Sakamaki :

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Husband!Sakamaki Headcanons

• Shu enjoys watching you fold your clothes and inhaling the scent of it when you’re not looking. It helps him relax.
• Some shared evenings include him playing a lovely piece on the violin for you.
• In public, Shu doesn’t mind holding your hand. He wants to make sure you’re at his side in crowded places.
• He tends to spill his thoughts to you whenever you ask him what’s wrong. You’re his ear to lend.
• He has developed a strange habit of patting your head affectionately at random times.
• “For a troublesome woman, you are good at entertaining me.”

• Still scolds you at times, BUT he’s learned to take it down a notch.
• Refuses to let you do any housework. He always reminds you that his familiars or the servants can do it.
• Reiji likes to send you to the local nail salon every two weeks. Beauty is essential for a proper lover of his.
• Or if he’s feeling pretty generous, he will give you a manicure and pedicure himself. (He’s so good at it too!)
• Reiji will often send a familiar after you whenever you’re out and about, much to your chagrin.
“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s only so that I can keep an eye on you. I won’t let you out of my sight from now on.“

• Ore-sama’s favorite dates with you include watching basketball games. From high school to the professional ones, he’s always ecstatic!
• Praising him for being/doing the best will always cheer him up after a bad day.
• Ayato tends to glare quickly at others who give you a lingering look in public. He doesn’t like it at all, and will pull you closer as a result.
• This boy will do anything to make you proud of him. He wants to give you the best quality of life.
• Ayato likes to wrap his arms around your shoulders and pull you tightly to his body in private times. It’s his way of confirming his presence to you.
• "Chichinashi, say that you will stay with Ore-sama. You have no right to say otherwise.”

• Kanato doesn’t like outdoor dates that much unless you both visit tea shops or cafes. It helps persuade him out of the mansion.
• He often wants to help choose your outfits for the day; it’s become an obsessive hobby of his.
• On rare occasions, he likes to give you sweets when you’ve been a good doll to him.
• His tantrums have lessened around you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll hold his temper for long.
• Moonlight walks with you surprisingly cause him to open up more about himself. He’s at his calmest too.
• “The moon is lovely like you tonight. Don’t you agree, Teddy?”

• OOH BOY, if you thought Laito’s sex drive was already high, you were wrong. He holds nothing back when it comes to you.
• When you two are not getting it on, Laito likes to take you to see musicals or concerts. It’s his usual idea for date night.
• He’s had to tone down his flirtatious antics for others around you, and the two of you have had multiple fights over it in your marriage.
• Nonetheless, he makes up for it by giving you his full attention and with a few kisses.
• He despises seeing you without your wedding ring on your finger, and often urges you to wear it when in public. (But this is just your way of seeking revenge when he’s flirting with others.)
• “Bitch-chan, where is your wedding ring? Did you lose it? I can’t let you go out without it on your finger. You are mine, remember?”

• Poor Subaru still can’t grasp the fact that you chose to marry him. He always needs tons of assurance from you.
• He knows you can’t sleep in a coffin with him, so he’s learned to compromise and share a bed with you instead.
• You tend to yell back at him during his explosions, so he’s learning slowly to choose which battles to fight in or give up on.
• On rough days with him, Subaru leaves a white rose on your nightstand as his way of saying, “I still care for you.”
• He gets flustered with PDA, but that won’t stop him from having you stick to him when Kou’s around.
• “Oi…just ignore that guy and focus on me. I’m your husband, right? Tch…just stay with me…”

• Kino is always telling you about the latest game he downloaded on his smartphone. It’s cute to watch him get excited for it.
• You two often visit cons or seminars together for a few days as vacation before heading back home.
• When you’re sitting alone with your back against nothing, he’ll sneak over and sit beside you with his back against yours. A comfortable silence is then exchanged between the two of you.
• Though he has a nasty sadistic side like his brothers, he also has an awful love for teasing you nonstop. It can be annoying sometimes.
• Kino is persistent in wanting to change you into a vampire like him. He never explains why until he grows fearful of how fragile a human’s life is.
• “It’s for my benefit that you become mine for an eternity. What? Selfish? That’s not true, you get to have some benefits from it too!”

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I really like this cg because it looks like Subaru’s in the middle of explaining why they don’t need a sixth brother 

“All I’m saying is that he was never any good at basketball anyway.”