• <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Laito:</b> Do you remember last night Bitch-chan, fufu~<p/><b>Yui:</b> I do, Laito-kun. The talk we had afterwards gave me hope and made me so happy to be yours! I feel like we truly made up again!<p/><b>Laito:</b> ... we talked?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Hiya! Hereby I present to you my DiaLovers yandere masterpost. I’ve linked the requests that have been finished already and added some that I’m still working on, and I will keep adding every yandere request to this post as I go along (and reblog this for you). 

The prompts I’m working on will have a little [+] next to them, and links contain both SFW and NSFW. Headcanons that have not been linked, nor have an [+] mark next to them have not been requested yet – feel free to request anything that hasn’t been done yet, and, as always, have fun sinning!

Mukami – RUKI / YUMA / KOU [+] / AZUSA
Tsukinami – CARLA / SHIN

Laito – Jealousy – NSFW [+]

kanamegou  asked:

Hei, it's me again... Can you do one of Ayato texting his brothers he did it with Yui??? Thanks :* ( sorry for bad english)

my dude don’t you worry your pretty little head about bad english, it’s so impressive that you can speak more than one language, and i mean that!!!

anyway, yes, yes i can do that.

Diabolik Lovers【ドラマCD LOST EDEN Vol.1 逆巻編】

From Official Site | Official Twitter

Vol.1 - Sakamaki     8/17/2016
Vol.2 - Kino             9/21/2016
Vol.3 - Tsukinami  10/19/2016
Vol.4 - Mukami      11/16/2016

Oddly enough, it seems the order changed compared to Dark Fate. I wonder if this has anything to do with plot, or if they are all ‘connected’ somehow? 

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