creative curses i like using
  • shut the hell your mouth
  • billions of bilious blistering barnacles
  • what the goose
  • pirates!
  • bloody hell
  • slutbags
  • motherhugger
  • lord farquaad
  • great snakes!
  • crikey
  • well i’ll be a bitch
  • flippity flop you’re a cock
  • well butter my buns and call me betty crocker
  • dusty doughnuts
  • kiss my sass
  • daily doses of dingleberries


B: “Wha-what’s wrong?!”

A: “Shrek 5 comes out 2020 and will be about Shrek’s backstory and how he came to be and I’m so excited, was he born an ogre? Was he cursed? Will we see baby Shrek? Angsty teen Shrek? I need answers.”

B: “…did you honestly break into my room in the middle of the night to discuss SHREK?!”

When you're a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and try to confess your love to your crush in a subtle way with your OTP's and you're just like:
  • Person: Hey....ummmm, I just wanted to say that, ah, you are the Mai to my Joey
  • Crush: ...what?
  • Person: I mean-uh-You are the Yugi to my Yami!
  • Crush: Are you ok-
  • Person: The Ryou to my Bakura, the Tristan to my Duke, the Kisara to my Seto, the Marik to my Yami Marik, the Joey to my Seto!
  • Crush: What are you babbling on abou-
  • Crush: Dude, Calm down-
even more random series of prompts
  • “Or, you know, you can not be boring and help me.“ 
  • "HAH, you’re as alone as I am!" 
  • "911? Yes, I’d like to report a loser." 
  • "See you in prison, pal!" 
  • "Thank god, I thought you were serious for a second there." 
  • "That got a lot more complicated than it needed to be." 
  • "Do I look like a cat to you?!" 
  • "Know this; I have all the baggage." 
  • "Time to ruin everything." 
  • "Did you know you have enough bones in your body to make a skeleton?” (B: “…Please stop talking.”) 
  • “Well this is a predicament." 
  • "I built this town with my bare hands." 
  • "Are you labeling me? And not in the metaphorical fashion, you are literally putting a label on me." 
  • "Is this what it’s like being average?" 
  • "That sigh was a lot louder than I intended it to be." 
  • "Hold me." 
  • "Hasta la vista, jackass." 
  • "This can’t be real." 
  • "I’m a romantic, I know ALL the pick-up-lines. Every single one." 
  • "Well isn’t this tubular?!" 
  • "They deny it, but they have no idea what they’re doing." 
  • "Quick, hide me!”
short sentence prompts part 2
  1. “I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t mean to.”
  2. “Eyes on me.”
  3. “How dare you?!”
  4. “Please never stop smiling.”
  5. “It’s starting.”
  6. “Stop talking.”
  7. “I’m stuck, I’m stuck!“
  8. “You need to see this.“
  9. “Do you understand now?”
  10. “I want to, so badly… but I can’t tell you“
  11. “I never want to see white walls ever again.”
  12. “Criss cross it.”
  13. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”
  14. “I agree.”
  15. “Stop harming yourself like this!”
  16. “My heart beats for you.”
  17. Help.”
  18. “I can’t wait to hug you.”
  19. “Take it.”
  20. “Don’t cry, baby.”
  21. “Every inch of you is breathtaking.”
  22. “No way in hell.”
  23. “You died!”
  24. “You got this.”
  25. “Do not. Tempt. Me.”
  26. “Cute, but still fucked up.”
  27. “That’s not yours.”
  28. “We are not friends!”
  29. “Thank you for making up my mind for me.”
  30. “Stop being so attractive!”
“Don’t Remember” Audio

Okay, don’t quote me on this but the audio that muffled/ echoed sounds a lot like…

“Do you remember?”

“Soon” (???)

“I see you” (???) (edit: I think it might be “I saved you.” but again, not sure.)

“We were going to do great things.”

“…resist….” (I can’t catch what’s before or after that, but I think I heard the word resist)

“…” (There’s another mumble I can’t make out.)

“Go to sleep”

I’m probably not right, hence why I put question marks, but the lines without question mark I’m almost 100% certain that’s what said. 

Anyways, now that I got that out of the way,…


I heard creaking, which makes me think of Darkiplier because of the creaking noise in ADWM, Don’t Play This Game, Markiplier TV, and Darkiplier Vs. Antisepticeye. But, there is no audible ringing noise, which is the other signature sound for Darkiplier. I don’t know. I immediately got Darkiplier vibes, but that could just be the horror ambiance of the video. 

Idk, tell me what you think or if you can understand what’s being said in the video. 


I just made the connection with his first Darkiplier edit videos. “Don’t Blink”  and “Don’t Move”. We now have “Don’t Remember” Which follows the other two to create a pattern if this is actually darkiplier. Mark told us “Don’t Blink” and “Don’t Move” are canon Darkiplier appearances,, so I guess we now have to sit back and watch to see if anything comes from this video.

prompts based on things my friends say to/about me
  • “We don’t even have to look behind us, if we hear a weird noise, we know they haven’t wandered too far off.”
  • “How have you survived this long?”
  • “Oh, don’t even act like 3 AM is ungodly for you, just the other day you sent me a message at 4:20 AM that just said ‘blaze it’.”
  • “Why am I friends with you?”
  • “You’re like that picture of Steve Buchemi saying ‘howdydoo fellow kids’.”
  • “Oh, I’m sorry, too adult for you?”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re asleep.”
  • “I don’t know if we’re blessed or cursed.”
  • “No one said memes, go to sleep.”
  • “I’d be careful if I were you, they can be surprisingly decent when they want to.”
  • “Stop making a meme out of me.“ 
  • "You will die quickly if you keep up these puns.”
  • "Look at them, all growing up and learning to be a bitch, I’m so proud." 
  • "Can we kill them? I can make it look like an accident.”  
  • “You are literally a child." 
  • “Did I just go along with your reference? …Oh god, you’re infecting me.”
  • "Oh god, shield their eyes." 
  • “Hey… stop.”
  • “You are God’s greatest mistake.”
  • “I worry for your sanity.”
  • “Our love may be strong but you’re still an idiot.”
  • “I got a notification from you and I knew, I knew it’d be a picture of that stupid bear again.”
  • “What in the hell did you even say?!”
  • “Oh don’t get your hopes up, you’re going to screw up soon to even it out.”
  • “I saw this funny old man and immediately thought of you.”
  • “I’m surprisingly proud of you.”
  • “New cryptid 2017: You.”
  • "Oh no, I’m not telling you, it’ll traumatize you for life." 
  • "Are all your senses just… dead or something?”
  • “You disgust me.”
I Believe

Sam: I can’t believe Cas is really … gone.


Sam: Should we burn the body?

Dean: No

Sam: Dean?

Dean: Don’t touch the body.

Sam: Why not?

Dean: He’s coming back…

Sam: How do you know that?

Dean: Because… I believe… I believe in him.

Sam:… Dean… He is dead.

Dean: So was mom.

Sam: Yeah- 

Dean: You and I have died more times than I can count. We always find a way back home. Why is this any different?

Sam: Cas was an angel which probably means the rules aren’t the same. In other words making a deal with a demon won’t work.

Dean: Screw the rules.