The second I spoke, the world seemed to freeze. The blonde man on the floor got up, and turned to face me. It was, without a doubt, my brother. Five years older, and a little worse for wear, but I could have recognized him anywhere. The other man on the floor, who must have been his husband, smiled knowingly as Austin closed the space between us and wrapped me into a bear hug. 

A: The doctor told me what happened to your wife. I’m so sorry Tobias. I wish I could have been there for you.

I stood there in my older brother’s arms crying for quite some time. It was so nice to have a family again.

the npcs in assassins creed unity have such bad timing like you could walk into an important dialouge-scene but theres still a voice in the background going “hey arno :-)”

“this important person is dead????” “hey arno :-)”

Language for those writing ESL characters

This guide published by Cambridge University details areas of difficulty and potential mistakes for those learning English as a second (or third, fourth, etc) language based on their native language.  I found it immensely helpful when I was writing a native German speaker who spoke in English throughout the story.

Many thanks!

- Pen

So we had to pick a line from the sources given and animate a character to it. Might make the shoulders move or something but seeing the ParaNorman dialouge tests was SO COOL and so simple, I tried that too. I had another one but totally trashed it, it was too much, pfff.