Writing Prompt #183

“You realize that people might think you’re gay dressed like that?”
“Well, damn, I sure hope so. How am I supposed to get laid if everyone thinks I’m straight?”

anonymous asked:

some prompts with "that was your evil plan?" please*٩(๑´∀`๑)ง*

1) “That was your evil plan?”
“Hey, I was never the one that said it was evil. It’s not my fault if nobody believed me when I said it really wasn’t so bad this time.”

2) “That was your evil plan?” Smug, entirely too smug, knowing it wasn’t.
The villain’s eyes narrowed. “What did you do?” 

3) “That was your evil plan?”
“And everyone says I’m such a nice person too.” They said it cheerfully, as if the protagonist’s whole world hadn’t just turned hollow. “I’m glad you think it’s suitably evil, I was a bit worried it would only come across as a bit bad.” 

anastasia!au where jimin is anastasia and jeongguk is dimitri. jimin is desperate to get to paris to find his family, however not possessing travel papers he is unable to leave for paris. hearing that jeongguk and taehyung are the people he should look for if he would like to obtain travel papers, he seeks them out, only for them to persuade him into pretending to be the dowager empress’ grandson. now their eventful journey to paris has begun.

“are you trying to tell me that you think that i am royalty?”
“all i’m trying to tell you is that i’ve seen thousands of boys all over the country and not one of them resembles him as much as you do.”
“i knew you were crazy from the beginning but now i think you are both mad.”

“I’ve been reliably told that you are a terrible idea.”

Their lover raised their brows, and smiled. “And yet here you are. Looking for trouble?” They held out a hand, drawing the spy closer.

“Looking to figure you out.”

“Oh, you don’t want to do that. Takes the glamour out of it all, like old married couples who share bathrooms.” They tipped their head back, accepting a kiss. “Secrets are always trouble - mine are not for you.”

The spy stroked their hair, as if they could untangle thoughts as easily as knots. “Would yours hurt me?”

Their lover caught their hand, pressing another kiss to the spy’s knuckles. “No, not you. Please.”

sessme  asked:

Hey! I was wondering how to end dialogue appropriately? Like some dialogue ends with commas and periods and it's really confusing... help would be much appreciated!

I struggled with this terribly when I first started out. No worries, the rules are pretty easy to remember.

Periods go where a person is finished speaking or when dialogue is interrupted by a beat:

- “He’s not here right now.

- “I don’t know, I think he went to the store.” She brushed lint off her sleeve. “I’ll tell him you called.

Commas go where a person isn’t finished speaking or when a verb describes their speech: 

- “You know,” he looked at him sideways, “I bet you couldn’t jump that.”

- “Do it,” he dared.

Read some books and study how they end their dialogue. That’s how I figured out how to do it myself.

~ Thank you for asking!

“You sell desperate people hope like it’s some kind of commodity.”

“That’s because it is,” the angel replied. “The most valuable one of all. Oh, people would sell their soul for a scrap of hope. Other donations are mild demands by comparison.”

“You’re an angel!”

“And selling hope is the prime product of religion, what’s your point? It’s not like I scam them. Serve upon the earth and I will ascend thee to the kingdom of heaven, just as I promised.”

“You ask too much in their servitude.”

“Oh boohoo. Is the sinner suddenly gaining a conscience?”


B: “So… you used to be a boxer?

D: “Back in the day, yeah.”

B: “And this is where you did all your Rocky sh-stuff?”

D: *laughs* “Nah, the gym was my old man’s place. He used to box too, then he was just a trainer. I grew up around it.”

B: “You must have been a pretty sucky fighter then.”

D: Hey! Why would you say that?”

B: “You’re still here. If you were any good you would have gotten out.”


Fire Emblem Heroes – 5-star Camilla’s Level 40 Dialogue

I love my big sister I love my big sister I love my big sister I lovE MY BIG SISTER

Lots of us love Camilla for her doting ways, and I am no different. Though Xander and Ryoma are my beloved husbands in Fates, I often find myself wishing to run to Camilla for comfort when I feel particularly childish or small.

I think it helps that sometimes I just wanna be squeezed a little. Just not to death, tho. I need my life to do stuff. lol

plz hold me Camilla