magnus blinked slowly as he tangled his fingers in his boyfriend’s hair, lightly scratching at his scalp. they were currently laying on magnus’ bed, magnus on his back with alec resting on top of him, head on his chest. alec hummed against his skin, seeming utterly content at that very moment. the silence that had filled the air since they had settled on the bed was broken when alec sighed and looked up at him.

“can I ask you something?” he said, something flickering in his eyes. magnus let out a hum and a small nod as a go on, watching alec closely. alec’s fingers ran gently up and down magnus’ upper arm, eyes falling shut as he spoke: “so… you like boys.” it was more a statement than a question, and it was only a few seconds before he continued: “and you like boys.” also a statement, then finally getting to the question: “so… what does that mean?”

magnus’ hand in his hair went still, and for a moment in felt like his heart did as well. alec seemed to take this as a sign of confusion instead of distress and kept talking, trying to clarify what he meant. “i mean… i like boys and that’s all there is to it, you know, pretty straight forward,” he explained, fingers still lightly tracing magnus’ skin.

magnus looked at alec, feeling his heart clench, and not in the good way, not like it usually did when he looked at him. he was about say something, anything to make alec stop before he could say something so bad that magnus would not be able to simply forgive and forget it, but alec was faster.

“but multi-gender attraction isn’t like that, you know. i mean, i know you know, but my point is that it’s more like a spectrum and there isn’t simply one sexual orientation that covers it all,” alec said, now looking back at magnus, seeming almost desperate to get magnus to understand where he was going with this, stopping for only a moment before going on,

“and you’ve always been very open about being attracted to more than one gender, and i guess i was just wondering where on that spectrum you see yourself?” alec’s eyes were wide, waiting for an answer, and magnus suddenly felt so much lighter, letting out a breath he wasn’t aware that he had been holding.

slowly starting to move his fingers again, he closed his eyes as he answered: “yeah it can be very confusing indeed, i mean, it took me decades to figure out myself, but bisexual just resonated more with me than anything else, so that’s how i identify.” he could feel alec smile against his chest, his next words no more than a whisper: “i love you, thank for telling me.”

// 31 days of magnus bane -> magnus + bisexuality

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I've seen and heard the name "Marius" pronounced different ways. Is it "Mare-us" or "Mary-us"? If it is "Mary-us" the answer is hell yeah Ill marry you boo❤️

Lestat: Marius, look at this.

Marius: “Mah-rius.”

Lestat: What?

Marius: My name– it is pronounced “Mah-rius.” You called me ‘Marry-iss.”

Lestat: What’s the difference?

Marius: One is my name; the other is not.

Lestat: *grumbles* Oh shut up old man.


[^Lee Pace as Thranduil, has a Marius vibe here, at least physically]

I’m not even going there re: you wanting to MARRY him bc he is one of our more insidiously Problematic characters. @anton-mordrid had a good write-up about him here

The pronunciation of his name is up for some debate; it isn’t explicitly defined in canon. Les Mis fandom ppl - who also have a Marius in their canon - tend to pronounce it “MAHR-eeus” with more emphasis on the first syllable. 

I’m not a scholar on Roman history, either, so someone who is can chime in on this, bc it would probably be that way. I’ve always pronounced his name “Marry-iss” which I’m sure is totally wrong, but sounds right to me :-P

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chara thinks you’re their older brother, but the truth is you’re their dad. In an effort to get away from your own abusive father, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, home to monsters you never realized existed. But, with little to go home to, you and Chara end up staying in Snowdin with Sans and Papyrus.

Something seems off with Chara, however. There’s times where they seem to know more than they should. And, to complicate matters, the tall, funny, and surprisingly caring skeleton starts flirting with you. Caught up in a romance you never expected, you try desperately to cling to this new happiness you’ve found after a life that had very little.

(All smut chapters include warnings beforehand. Current number of smut chapters: 1

Welp, here’s something that hopefully everyone will enjoy. As the title may tip you off, here’s the facts: this is a fan-fic AU of a fan-fic. Specifically Onadacora’s incredible “Would That Make You Happy?” I wish to thank Ona for giving her blessing on this project as she is incredible for letting me do so. Also, a special thanks to @chronicdelusionist, the other half of my inspiration for writing this story.)


Recent photographs by Andreas Gursky, accompanied by an electronic sound installation by Richie Hawtin, a leading exponent of minimal techno since the mid-1990s, are on view at Gagosian West 21st Street. The photographs include large-format images of politics, painters, nature, and consumer products. Inspired by American postwar painters—such as Barnett Newman, Robert Rauschenberg, Ellsworth Kelly, and Mark Rothko—Gurksy’s recent works, most of which have never before been seen in the US, slip between the recognizable and the abstract. Through scale distortions and rhythmic repititions of motifs, including tulips, solar panels, and mass products, Gursky explores the formal questions of abstraction with th almost musical approach, echoed in Hawtin’s hypnotic soundscape.

In the following conversation, Andreas Gursky and Richie Hawtin discuss their collaboration with art historian Laura Käding.

LAURA KÄDING How was the decision made to integrate music into the exhibition “Nicht Abstrakt” at K20 Museum of the North Rhine–Westphalia Collection in Düsseldorf?

ANDREAS GURSKY I thought about it for a long time. If I remember correctly, we were playing electronic music during the installation of my last Gagosian exhibition in New York, and I started thinking that it would be interesting to have music accompany the show. After that, we carefully considered it, which took quite a bit of time. The music in this exhibition, though, is neither merely accompanying the images nor is it a typical Richie Hawtin sound. Rather, it is a soundscape, which was composed especially for the exhibition and permeates the images in the most peculiar way.

LK In the exhibition, there are strong similarities between the music and the photographic works: there are sequences, repetitions, frequencies, etc.

RICHIE HAWTIN When I started, I only knew part of the process of how Andreas was working and manipulating the images—but they are manipulated so well that you can’t see any trace of process, and the final image feels real. The longer I looked at the works, the more I was brought in, and the more similarities I found with my own work. So as I was composing, I was changing the instruments and sequences, trying to find something that evolved cohesively, until my eyes and my ears were both kind of hypnotized.

AG So, you began from scratch and allowed the pictures to affect you? I assumed that you started from earlier sound pieces, which were perhaps dematerialized, but you are saying that’s actually not true. You more or less captured what you saw?


Eater of Calamity? did she eat the moon

I must have been the first boss or something, with those stats.

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random conversation between Tae and Admin Noona

Tae: kehehe… Do You know what’s coming next? *wide smile*

Noona: Christmas *not very satisfied*

Tae: yes but after that!??? *wiggles excited*

Noona: … New Years….? *blinks*

Tae: *pouts* noooooooooo… My birthday!!! the most coolest day of the entire year!! *whines*

Noona: *rolls eyes* finally turning 5, hm?

Tae: *pouts even more*