I finally went back and listened to the Gravity Falls soundtrack. I adore cartoon background music - it’s so much livelier than film scores, almost without exception. Brad Breek is a hell of a composer. I think my favorite is actually the ‘Tourist Trapped’ theme… it’s kind of dorky-cool and I’m not sure why.

“I’m never going to let anyone stop me from reaching my goals!”

“On one hand, I admire your dedication and that’s very inspirational and all. On the other hand, I feel like that’s how super villains get started.” 

“Man, why do you have to bring everything back to super villains?”


I feel like if Desmond had Kristoph’s hair, it would have worked just as fine as his bread hair. Maybe better lol…. They also have similar suits and more similarities I can’t quite name for certain bc I haven’t played either game yet ;_;. Poses referenced from Kristoph’s, naturally.

anonymous asked:

If it isn't any trouble but, can you please write some dialogue between a female angel(Snarky, smartass, doesn't know when to shut up, but wise?(knows alot about politics etc.) and a female demon (angry at the angel).Please?

1) “You shouldn’t meddle in affairs that do not concern you!” 
“And there was me thinking demons were fond of meddling. Meddle, meddle, meddle, it’s practically you’re favourite thing to do.”
“You’re not a demon.”
“Well thank you for noticing, you have such a good eye.”

2) “You think you’re so perfect-”
“-I feel you might have a slight hang up on this-”
“-Always have to be right about everything-”
“-Well, in all fairness, I normally am-”
“Just stop talking for once in your life!”

3) “You think you’re so wise and so clever, but you don’t do shit,” the demon snarled. “You just judge everyone else for being stupid and think that makes you better.”

“Not better. Just not as stupid.”

“Fuck you - you’re not even taking this seriously. You never take anything seriously!”

Of course not. The angel were too old and too endless to be able to bear immortality if she was taking things seriously - but that wasn’t this demon bitch’s business. So the angel smirked instead. 
“Oh, I take things seriously…just not you. Like, what are you going do, headbutt me with your horns like a baby ram?”