“What do you want?”

“Oh, I just want what every young girl wants.” She sighed, dreamily, her nail scraping sharp along the princess’s arm as she circled. “True love and a reckoning, blood, fire, a pony…” Her hand moved up. “That shiny little crown on your head.” She plucked it up. “So pretty, just like you. I’d expect it to be heavier, you know?”

“The people would never accept you as their queen.”

The next second, as the girl stopped on front of her, the princess was glaring at the perfect copy of her own face, her reflection.

“Oh,” the girl smiled and stroked the princess’s cheek. “I think they will.”

“It’s not betraying them to love again, you know.”

“I know.” A smile curled their lips, a little sad and a lot fond. “They would have nothing else - god, you would have loved them. They were great. The best”

A smile curled the other’s lips also. They stayed swaying together in the light of the fire, at peace for a while. 

“So…” the other began, “you’re saying you love me then? If you’re in love again.”

They laughed at that. Happy and aching all at once. “Yeah,” they said softly. “I guess I am. Thanks for that.”

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“…My first contract, I was… I don’t know, sixteen, seventeen. There was a guy who broke into a church. The preacher was still there, so he told the guy ‘Look, you don’t have to steal anything. Take whatever you want.’ Dude wasn’t there for the loot. He wanted to hurt somebody. …Slaughters the preacher, displays his body on the altar for his congregation to see. …The Bible says never to take revenge… to leave it to the Lord. But I wasn’t prepared to wait that long. So, when your moral compass gets around to pointing at me… yeah, you’ll be pointing at one of the good guys.”

“And how does one of the 'good guys’ get connected with a piece of shit like [Surname]?”

“I didn’t know everything the dude was into.”

“That’s an easy excuse.”

“Look, you know everything about every client you ever had?”

Nope. I don’t–I don’t decide whether my clients live or die.”

adrianimpalamata  asked:

I don’t know if anybody has said this yet but I really liked how last night’s premiere expanded on the ending of the original movie. Just so much fun seeing them back in action and Hiro’s words at the end when he’s talking with Professor Granville (about Tadashi’s legacy — something along the lines of choosing to take risks and all). :)


and I agree! I love that this was an expansion of what happened towards the end of the movie! :D