A lot of things can destroy a heart,” she answered, sounding tired yet strong somehow.
“Destroy it? But wouldn’t that kill you?” He asked, baffled.
“Oh yes, but a heart is like a cat in that way. It has a lot of life’s.”
“Oh. Then does it hurt? When it dies?”
“At first, then you feel nothing.”
“What happens afterwards?”
He could see her smiling in the corner of his eye.“It starts all over again.
—  Break my heart

“<So,> Tobias asked, <are you still going ahead with your get-to-know-the-humans plan?>

<Yes. I may be on this planet for a long time. I should be using this time to learn about humans. Even though…I think I may have behaved badly at the movie.>

Tobias laughed. He laughed for quite a while. <Yeah. I heard about that. You just need to stay away from chocolate.>

<I am not prepared for taste. The experience is very powerful. Perhaps I should not morph into a human anymore.>

<Don’t sweat it,> Tobias said. <But speaking of taste…you realize there’s this big mystery about you.>

<A big mystery?>

<Yeah. No one wants to ask you because they think maybe it’s rude. But everyone wants to know how you eat with no mouth.>

<How I eat?> I repeated, puzzled. <Well, I have hooves, don’t I?>

<Ooookay,> Tobias said. <I’ll mind my own business.>”

- Book #8: The Alien, pg. 38 (by K.A. Applegate)

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for the whole "Undertale takes place in one day" You don't necessarily have to reset to get that dialogue, also, shouldn't it take place the same day as in real life since you have to be there on the same day as on the sign?

(undertale spoilers)

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “You don’t necessarily have to reset to get that dialogue.” Which dialogue are you referring to?

As for the same day as in real life, considering that the So Sorry monster is a hidden character, it’s hard to say if the condition to meet him isn’t simply for meta purposes. 

There are instances where the game uses the day of the week from the real world – such as in the dating HUD used during Papyrus’ date and in the Riverperson’s dialogue. However, we are strictly speaking about the game universe when we say the game takes place in one day – we aren’t considering the implications of the real world day.

Leg Room

@dragonanne you requested some Sabine and Zeb joking around? I admit it’s a little more serious, but it’s got a little bit of teasing in it!!!

This takes place right after the y-wings get inside the carrier, and it’s from Sabine’s perspective…cause you know…I have a lot more experience writing from her perspective xD

Fic below because of spoilers…

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Prompt: kid lavi&allen (mana-timeline allen?) meeting and passing and then once meeting in the order, recognizing each other and fun times (or chaos) ensues! (your fics are so great i hope i'm not late!)

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FREESTYLE! ((Hope you like this one.))

Allen sighed, pulling at the sleeve of his shirt. He’d forgotten to bring his gloves before he headed out into the market for food, and it was too late to turn back and grab them. The busiest time was the best to sneak off and pinch a few items while no one was looking. He doubted Mana would’ve approved of it, but when Allen brought home food, he never questioned where he got it.

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...But I wanted to see what you think of it: after flub falls, and frisk comes around later on, the kid accidentally resets allll the way back to before the war. Flub thinks this is his chance to escape and exist again but nope! ...

The reset doesn’t free him. But there needs to be *a* gaster, so this time Allen comes around and takes flubber’s place. This could explain why flubber dislikes Allen so much, because he has to be stuck in nothingness while some alien steals his life

(did you send three asks because it seems like tumblr ate one before this?)

i like this idea!! it’s a lot different then what i was going with but I can see it working in some ways. 

Poor Allen when he inevitably falls and lands in Flubber’s territory though. Centuries trapped in the void and spectating an imposter living out his life probably would’ve turned Flubber malevolent and vengeful against him