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What does "per se" mean??? Thanks <3

Oh, boy! A question on words!

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Per se is Latin and means “by itself”. This definition is rather confusing and Webster’s dictionary definition is even more so. Allow me to give an example instead.

Example: “I do not dislike chocolate per se, but dark chocolate is a bit too bitter for me.”

In this sentence, I have stated that I like chocolate, but not dark chocolate. As a whole, I like chocolate but, “by itself”, singled out, I dislike dark chocolate. Per se is a way to point out that while you do not have a problem with a topic or group as a whole, you may dislike a portion of it.

I hope this makes sense and have fun spicing up your writing!

Happy writing!                                                                          


“There’s something so shockingly intimate about holding a person’s life in your hands, don’t you think?” The villain murmured. “You can never know the truth of anyone so much as in the moments before they die.”

“And what’s the truth of me, then?”

“Oh, honey. You don’t get to die yet. I need you to lie for me still just little bit more.”

Positive Speaking Tones

Amused - entertained; thinking it is funny

Appreciative - grateful; thankful

Awe - solemn wonder; amazement

Calm - relaxed; not excited

Carefree - without worry; lighthearted; joyous

Cheerful - happy

Complimentary - politely flattering

Composed - calm and serene

Courteous - nice; respectful

Determination/Determined - not giving up

Diplomatic - trying not to offend people

Dreamy - soothing; restful; quieting

Earnest - sincere; honest; intense

Ecstatic - great enthusiasm; a trancelike state of delight or ecstasy

Eloquent - expressing ideas in a nice way; poetic; good with words

Encouraging - optimistic; trying to convince you to do something because of a belief that you can do it

Enthusiastic - excited; energetic

Exultant - highly elated; jubilant; triumphant

Formal - respectful, appropriate behavior

Friendly - the way a person treats friends

Funny - humorous; amusing

Gentle - not hurtful; careful

Giddy - frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flightly

Happy - cheerful; in a good mood

Honest - truthful

Hopeful - looking forward to something; optimistic

Humorous - funny

Idealistic - thinking of what is best; optimistic; not realistic

Imaginative - creative; using the imagination

Innocent - not guilty

Inspirational - encouraging; reassuring

Intimate - very familiar; the way one talks to close friends or family

Jovial - happy

Lighthearted - happy, carefree

Mirthful - joyful, jolly

Mischievous - playing tricks for fun

Nostalgic - thinking about the past; wishing for something from the past

Optimistic - hopeful; cheerful

Patient - willing to wait; not in a hurry

Placid - pleasantly calm or peaceful; tranquil

Poetic - expressing beautiful thoughts or words

Poignant - affecting or moving the motions; sincere; heartfelt

Relaxation/Relaxed - relaxed; not worried; not busy

Relived - stop being worried

Reverent - respectful; treating something with honor and respect

Sentimental - thinking about feelings, especially when remembering the past

Sincere - honest; truthful; earnest

Surprised - startled; amazed

Sympathetic - compassionate; understanding of how someone feels

Thankful - grateful; giving thanks

Tolerant - accepting of others

Vibrant - energetic; vivd; full of life

Whimsical - playful; funny; odd

Zealous - devoted; enthusiastic; eager; passionate

Another set of sentence prompts!

“No, you don’t deserve ice cream!” 

“Please stop calling it your lair.” 

“I want a lion.”

“I’ll be the guard dog.” 

“Do you HATE happiness?!“ 

"Okay, I got a pla- oh." 

"What are your thoughts on giraffes in turtlenecks?”


"’We’re not going to die’? We’re not going to die?! Well it bloody feels like we’re about to die!”

“At least breathe in between bites!”

“You’re strangely nonchalant for someone who almost died a minute ago.”

“Who are these people?!”

“That was definitely my finest hour.”

“You are not going to have a good day.”

“Use the little scanny thing.”

“Ow, you shot me in the face!”

“Behind you!”

“Listen, it’s for science.”

“I didn’t even have to do anything.”

“Dude, this is romantic as fuck.”

“I’m in your mind…” “Great, just what I needed, more useless crap in there.”

“Anyone want to sing along?”

“I can save you.” “No, you can’t.”

“I don’t want to be rude, but you’re here to do an actual job.”

“Are you humming?” “It’s my theme song, I need it for confidence!”

“Let’s talk dirty to each other.” “Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.”

“That looks infected.” “It’s fine.” “You’re dying.” “Well… that’s fine too.”

“Crickety crack, that’s really wack.”

Negative Speaking Tones Pt.2

Hopeless - without hope; despairing

Horrific - provoking horror; horrible

Hysterical - very scared

Impersonal - not personal; lacking emotion or warmth

Incensed - to inflame with wrath; make angry; enrage

Indignant/Indignation - angry because something is not fair or is considered offensive

Irreverent - disrespectful

Irritated - annoyed

Jittery - extremely tense and nervous; jumpy

Judgmental - judging others; critical

Lackadaisical - lazy

Lofty - arrogant

Lugubrious - mournful or gloomy in an exaggerated manner

Malevolent - mean; angry; purposely hateful

Malicious - purposely hurtful; very mean

Melancholy - sad

Mocking - scornful; ridiculing; making fun of someone

Morose - gloomy or sullenly ill-humored; moody; sour; glum

Negative - unhappy; pessimistic

Nervous - worried; uneasy; anxious

Patronizing - looking down on others; acting superior

Perplexed - confused; puzzled

Pessimistic - seeing the bad side of things

Pitiful - pathetic; exhibiting suffering and misery

Regret - feeling bad about the past

Remorseful - very sad; sorrowful; regretful

Resentful - feeling displeasure or anger at some act, remark or person

Rude - not polite

Sarcastic - sneering; saying the opposite of what you mean as a way of being unfriendly or making a point

Sardonic - scornful; very sarcastic

Satirical - making fun of something to show its weakness or to teach a lesson

Scornful - open contempt or disdain for something

Sharp - sly; clever in an underhand way; harsh

Serious - not funny; not joking

Snobbish - acting as though one is better than everyone else; egocentric 

Solemn - sad or quiet reflection

Solitude - loneliness

Somber - gloomy; depressing; dismal

Stiff - formal, serious

Stubborn - refusing to give in

Tearful - sad; causing tears

Tense - nervous; emotionally or mentally straining

Threatening - menacing

Tragic - very sad

Upset - distressed; agitated; disturb mentally or emotionally

Urgent - insistent; saying something must be done soon

Vexed - annoyed; confused

Vindictive - revengeful; wanting to get back at someone

Woeful - dreadful; sorrowful; miserable

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Hello! How would you write a dialogue in which a character is freaking out about something? I generally have them word vomit but I don't really like that style. If its too much could you show me an example as well?


You could definitely word vomit – especially if your character is hysterical – but that’s not the only way to do it by any means. I know a few other ways.

1. Calmly.
This is strange, considering your character is freaking out, but the freak-out is internal – they’re shutting themselves off due to shock. In this case, they would be quiet, sane, and even if what they’re saying is illogical, it would probably sound reasonable.

“I was right there when she shot him. He dropped like a sack of flour. I figured he was gone as soon as the bullet hit his chest. So now I’ve decided I’m gonna go after her. Right now. And I’m gonna kill her.”
“What? You can’t do that!”
“Sure I can. She killed him, so I kill her. It’s called justice.”
“But- With just your bare hands?”
“The way I feel right now, my bare hands are more than enough.”

Notice how the character who just watched their friend die in front of them isn’t yelling, isn’t stuttering, isn’t getting angry or crying – they’re perfectly calm, almost to the point of complete emotional shutdown.

2. Angrily.
Some people get angry when they lose control and freak out – it scares them, and the fear manifests itself as anger. This type particularly happens when they’re upset about something and other characters aren’t taking it seriously or are shrugging off their concerns.

“No! It’s happening tonight! We don’t have time to think, or weigh things, we need to fucking leave! Now!”
“We can’t. You know that, and you’d remember that, if you were thinking straight-”
“I am thinking straight! It’s you who’s fucked in the head. I don’t give a damn what you think we can and can’t do, we need to clear out of here, right this second.”

As you can see, this character is freaking out – their concerns may or may not have a firm foundation, but obviously they are concerned, and that concern is manifesting itself as fury.

3. By stuttering.
For some people, it’s hard to talk when they panic, because their minds race forward ahead of their mouths and they get tongue-tied. I typically see/use this with more anxious characters, or with characters who aren’t typically good at speaking anyways (in other words, who are uncomfortable with talking).

There are a couple of different ways to stutter:
a. Repeat the beginning of each word.

“I tr-tried to s-save him, but he wuh-wouldn’t l-let me … he knew it was g-going to happen. It’s my f-fault!”

(However, keep in mind that this kind of stuttering is more as if you’re character is crying and trying to talk through sobs and hiccups. Please use it sparingly – it can get old fast.)

b. Repeat words.

“No. No, I don’t know what’s going on, Ricky. Ricky, why would I have any idea? Don’t fucking look at me like that, Ricky. Don’t look at me like I’m lying.”

c. Insert filler sounds: “ah”, “uh”, “um”, and/or curse words.

“I, uh, I- fuck. I,ummm, I think maybe, ah, maybe we should leave?”

For more on stuttering – it can be hard to peg correctly – check out this post.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Comfort Prompts

“I’m here, I’m not gonna leave you.”

“Don’t say that you love me more than I love you. Trust me, you are the glorious sun to me, my everything and I love you with all my heart.”

“Repeat after me; I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy…and believe it, ‘cause you are.”

“Darling, perfect is just a word. Perfection is impossible and chasing after it will lead you nowhere. Just do your best and accept that the result is good.”

“When the most broken put themselves back together, they become the most beautiful angels. It’s okay if it’s sloppy or if a crack is still left open, you’re even more ethereal to me.”

“The longest and most difficult roads in life end in the best places. Be patient and keep going.”

“So what if the world is complex and overwhelming? So what if you can’t do it all, can’t be the best? Stop focusing on your image and focus on yourself. You have these years on this earth, enjoy them, don’t overthink it. “

“I’m love with your mind, soul and body.”

“The best thing you can do in life is to love yourself and let your passion help others to love themselves too.”

“I know you may feel alone right now but just remember how big the world is. How many souls will love you for who you are. They’re out there, don’t worry. Just get through, explore and you’ll find them. Just don’t forget to find yourself.”

“Can I kiss where it hurts?”

“Hey, it’s going to be fine. We’ll get through this together, hand in hand, okay?”

“It’s all about the little things. Your favorite tea, good stories, sparkly eyes, beautiful skies, the thrill of adventure, passion, the feeling of home. Enjoy them.”

“You’re not broken. Your mind is just built differently, get to know it, have a little chat with yourself. The most complicated minds tend to be the most beautiful ones, just don’t let it use you, learn to cooperate with it.”

“Hey, beautiful, you okay?”

“You’re amazing, did you know that?”

“I think I’m going blind from your beauty.”

“Everyone’s different. Everyone’s beautiful. You’re the most beautiful human I’ve met, and I’ve met myself!”

“Breathe, darling, breathe.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that triggered you, I’ll never do it again.”

“Here, I’m going to make you some tea and we’ll watch a movie, that sound good?”

“ Magic is real. It’s not spells and cauldrons, no… it’s more subtle. Like, when the air seems electrified, when eyes speak more than words, when you sense something none of your normal senses detect. If you stop for a moment and look beyond, you’ll find it.“

“I know you don’t want to, but in the end, it’ll pay off. Just breathe, keep your head up and you’ll be fine.”

Negative Speaking Tones

Accusatory - blaming other people

Agitated - emotionally distured; perturbed

Angry - mad

Anxious - worried or excited; uneasy and eager

Apologetic - sorry

Apprehensive - uneasy or fearful about something that might happen

Arrogant - too proud

Beguiling - deceptive; cheating

Bitter - angry or hateful

Bored/Boring - not interested

Callous - insensitive

Childish - befitting a child; the undesirable and unpleasant characteristics of a child

Cold - lacking in passion, emotion; not affectionate or friendly

Concerned - worried or interested 

Condescending - looking down on other people; feelings superior

Contemptuous - feeling disgrace; disrespectful; scornful

Critical - finding fault

Cruel - mean; hurtful

Cynical - questioning the truth or sincerity; skeptical

Defensive - defending; protective

Defiant - going against authority

Depressed - unhappy; sad

Desolate - solitary; lonely; dreary; dismal

Desperate - frantic; without many options

Despondent - profound hopelessness, discouragement, or gloom

Detached - disinterested; unbiased; not involved or concerned

Diplomatic - trying not to offend people

Disappointed - discouraged; unhappy because something went wrong

Disdainful - scornful; insulting

Dissatisfied - unhappy; not satisfied

Egotistical - thinking only about himself; self-centered

Envious - jealous

Fearful - afraid

Fretful - worried, annoyed or discontent

Frustrated - angry because of not being able to do something

Gloomy - dark; sad; depressed

Hateful - hating something or someone; angry hate

Haughty - proud; vain; arrogant