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Taku : I recently met Canadian on train, they said they’re fans. We’re talked that time, about things like “cool”, something like that. Please come (to Canada), and many things.

Ubu : I want to go to Canada.

Taku : However, that means there’s demand from outside Japan, even just a little.

Staff, Ubu, Taku : even just a little. LOOOLLL.

Excuse me, Miss, do you know any Canadian here? @elsiechapman 😂🤗😍


A sucky animation of my two dorks together in todays episode :)

Yeah I know i didnt really add the gear and stuff, maybe later Ill draw a better version. If I feel better enough to do so.

I still hope you can enjoy this cuteness of the little brothers <3

Heres some funny dialog:

M: whoa so what are we now husband and wife? I wonder whos the husband.

D: *death glare to mikey*


Like Daughter, Like Father
Batgirl v1-19 2001-10
Detective Comics 939 2016-10

Nobody… Dies… Tonight.
Batgirl 2001

Nobody dies tonight.
Batman 2016

James Tynion, you are amazing.

JTIV is doing such a good job at accurately voicing his characters and paying homage to their past lives. His dialog feels natural and flows nicely with no awkward or unbelievable moments.

When Batman says Nobody dies tonight of course it hit me like a nostalgic brick to my comic book face - BAM! That line is straight out of Cassie’s mouth from Batgirl #19 all the way back in 2001. And I love Batman’s maximal grimace when he says it.

What’s great about this line is it flows perfectly with the book’s story and with the character of Batman. So a reader that’s not knowledgeable about OldCass would think “this makes sense, Bats is intense and determined, and will ensure no one dies.”

But for Cass fans, it also reminds us of her old days and how much Cassandra Cain shares with Batman. They’re both intense, dark, intimidating, driven, iron-willed, mostly solo vigilantes who want to stop death and suffering because of their own dark pasts. When Batman says Nobody dies tonight it is also feels like Cass is saying it.

Bravo JTIV, bravo sir.

Ok, what about the rest of ‘tec939?

It opens with a very nice expansion on Bruce’s parents’ death. You’d think there’d be nothing else to add to this part of Bruce’s past but I really liked seeing Jacob and Kate at the funeral since it makes Martha’s death real and meaningful to another blood relative other than Bruce. And Kate with Bruce was perfect. It also helps readers like me who don’t know as much about Kate realize that she’s close to Bruce’s age and more of a peer than a sidekick.

There’s a really nice beat with Steph and Tim as they talk about his future. Every player has gotten some page time in every issue and this helps make JTIV’s 'tec an excellent team book.

Bats and Kate have a serious talk with her admonishing him for lying by calling out his I suspected as being Batman double speak for I knew. Good on her for standing up to Bats and making it clear this is a partnership.

Tim figures out the Colony drones are attacking Gotham and the team scrambles to respond. There’s a very nice frame of the team with Kate saying it’s not over.

As the team starts to evacuate civilians, “Batman” smashes through an apartment windows and says Hey! Uh… Batman here. What? I read this frame carefully not looking at the rest of the page. I thought JTIV finally blew it and wrote out some weird dialog. But no! It’s Clayface! This is perfect and very funny.

You wanna piece of this?!
Run, or you’ll get a full dose of Clayface!
(Sigh) Hey, it it works, it works.

Back to Cass! THOOM as Cass opens, I mean she kicks open, I mean she kicks the whole door off it’s hinges. It seems she can only kick open doors Hard Enough To Crush A Normal Skull.

So where is this? Maybe a boarding school for high school age kids? No college dorms have 5+ bunk beds in one big room. Is this a detention center for teens or an orphanage? I don’t know. It might end up being something that doesn’t map well to the real world, like 8foot thick titanium doors or tunnel systems from 1900 that are 300feet below ground level.

But wait, who’s that guy in the baseball cap?! We get 2 frames with both him and Cassie in them so there’s no doubt we’re being told he’s someone. But who? And is it just a dark scene or are his eyes strangely all black? Cass only gets a single page this issue but I bet this is a tease of her upcoming story arch.

So Tim realizes there’s only one trick he can pull: redirect all the drones to attack a single target. Being a noble superhero, Robin points all the drones at himself.

Then there’s an excellent exchange when Steph radios Bats and tells him to get back to Tim, now! Batman calmly chides Spoiler telling her to only use code names on the comms and she yells back:

I don’t care about your stupid code names!

Bam! What’s really cool about this it is not just a Gotham teen Bat-sidekick with confidence issues barking at the bossman. This exchange also communicates the emotion and gravity of the situation: Steph’s boyfriend might be sacrificing his life to save them all and Bats needs to save Tim. While we haven’t had a bunch of issues showing Steph and Tim spending time together, beats like this make their relationship feel real.

So will Tim actually die? Rumors have swirled for weeks now but it’s been discounted as likely being another Robin and not Tim Drake. Plus, JTIV’s fave toon is Tim. But dead or not, it looks pretty definite that Tim is going down or going to college and putting his tights aside. Will this make room for Harper to show up either on the team or maybe as a relationship interest for Steph? So many possibilities!

I for one am excited to see Tim’s resolution and how it will impact the team and Steph. I’m also itching to know about the guy in the baseball cap when Cassie rescued those bunk bed people. Who is he?!

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Tower of God S2ch213 Rough Translations

Sorry for the lateness! I was so exhausted from our company team building and woke up pretty late from my “nap” lol and SIU changed quite a bit of dialog between Androssi and Lilial (crossed out parts are parts that were removed in the official version) and I fixed a lot of stuff too. Anyway, her eyou go

Raw: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=183559&no=295&weekday=mon

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Still struggling with how to write this angst.  I’m trying to balance emotion stuff, introspection, dialog and actions and it all feels wrong :(  I had to delete a bunch of the history which to me was interesting but usually when I think something’s important or interesting, it has to be deleted so I chopped it.  Dammit.

  • Seta:Apa yang kamu bayangkan tentang 'jodoh'?
  • Rea:Sebuah punggung.
  • Seta:Maksudnya?
  • Rea:Ya, aku membayangkan sebuah punggung. Aku berada di belakangnya. Untuk memanjatkan doa, agar bisa menerima dia apa adanya, dengan seluruh masa lalu yang sudah jauh. Untuk turut meringankan beban yang aku lihat begitu menggunung di pundaknya, demi membangun sebuah kehidupan.
  • Seta:Berarti, kamu tidak ingin ada di sampingnya?
  • Rea:Seorang imam, akan membalikkan badan usai shalat, kan? Aku tahu, dia tahu, kalau aku tidak akan pergi begitu saja tanpa lebih dulu melihat dia tersenyum. Melihat dia lega karena mampu mempertanggungjawabkanku.
  • Seta:Kamu patriarki-holic, ya? Di jaman seperti ini?
  • Rea:Terserah apa bahasanya, aku hanya tahu, hal paling penting dari laki-laki adalah merasa dihormati. Lantas, laki-laki bertanggung jawab mana yang tidak akan menghormati perempuannya setelah merasa dihormati dan didukung dengan begitu rupa?

anonymous asked:

How do I wrote dialog I feel like my story isn't complete without it yet I find it so hard to do when it's a long talk. Also some other words for said?

SAID IS A PERFECTLY FINE WORD TO USE. So many people say that “said is dead” and that you should use other words when you mean said but this is not true. I’ve read from many agents, authors and other people who actually know their stuff that getting too creative with dialogue tags can be a sign of an amateur. Dialogue tags (like said, answered, yelled…) mostly serve the purpose of letting the reader know who said what and keep things organized. We usually skim over the word said because all we care about is the who part, and this is exactly what it’s there for. When you use too many “special” dialogue tags it gets distracting. Some of them can be useful like whispered, yelled, asked and answered because they do help us to know how the dialogue is actually being said. But using words like “boomed” and “opined” don’t aren’t really necessary. I’m not saying you can never use other words but just use them sparingly and when you think they are really necessary. After all, most people in everyday conversation just “say” things.

As for writing awesome dialogue I have a few quick tips

  • see this other post about some tips for long dialogue pieces
  • Say it out loud. Seriously, out loud with your actual voice so you can hear it being said. Does it sound natural to you? Would you say this to someone else in real life?
  • Use contractions. I know it gets beaten out of you when writing essays but nobody says “I cannot wait to see you.” Unless the character is particular in this way, use contractions to make it sound more authentic.
  • People also don’t speak perfectly. Sometimes they stutter or say “I dunno” and “’cause” and don’t use perfect grammar. Remember that dialogue isn’t as formal and precise and narration so you can have a little fun with it.
  • This sounds creepy but listen to other people speak. You can hear more about this in the video Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing 
Exo as teachers

D.O./Kyungsoo: an arts teacher. Only owns black paint. Lowers students grades for every color other than black present in their paintings. Raises grades each time students say the words “suffering” or “death” while drawing. Doesn’t use textbooks because thye are printed in color.

Suho/Joonmyeon: the principal of the school. Wears plaid jackets and shirts simultaneously. Has biscuits in his office. Invites all teachers for biscuits and tea. Students love him. Call him gramps. Often walks along the corridors with speakers and dancing Macarena. Everyone joins in. Even Kyungsoo.

Chen/Jongdae: teaches maths. Solves equations in free time. Lends materials to everybody. Provides free cookies for everyone. In reality is very evil. Encodes curse words and insults on bathroom walls with a cipher. Laughs mischievously in secrecy when no one can decipher them.

Kai/Jongin: a biology teacher. Brings dogs to school and uses them to teach anatomy. Has to restrain himself from playing with dogs during lessons. Dogs eat assignments, tests and important documents. Students like his dogs more than him. Tries to fix his mistakes by leaving dogs at home. Is miserable thought the whole day.

Chanyeol: a cleaning guy. Is too tall to fit in though most of the doors. Is very clumsy. Knocks over buckets of water on important documents. Vacuums important documents. Sets important documents on fire. Almost got fired by Joonmyeon multiple times. Has huge puppy eyes. Even Joonmyeon can’t say no to that.

Baekhyun: a P.E. teacher. Forces students to run pointlessly in circles just to see them suffer. In the meantime steals coffee from the staff room. Also steals his colleague’s cups. Doesn’t wash them. Hides them behind a potted plant. Waits for the someone to find and clean it up for him. Notoriously pretends he doesn’t know where all the cups are.

Kris/Yifan: a physics teacher. Is a safety freak. Checks whether sockets are aligned according to BHP regulations in free time. Walks around with a sound level meter during breaks. Checks if sound levels fit within the norm. Sound levels don’t fit within the norm. Activates fire alarm to evacuate the building.

Tao/Zitao: business teacher. Centers his lessons around analyzing the profits and costs of fashion companies. Mostly Gucci. Doesn’t want to apply to the school’s dress code. Wears miniskirts and ripped pants. But mostly miniskirts. Gets called into the principal’s office. Students steal his Gucci bag and use it as blackmail material to avoid tests.

Xiumin/Minseok: a chemistry teacher. Gets mad because school chemistry equipment is not pink. Spends time trying to produce pink chemical compounds. Organizes a club on perfume production in free time. Is very disappointed when no one turns up. Tires to drag other teachers into the club. Only Kyungsoo comes. Kyungsoo leaves as soon as he sees pink.

Luhan: a Spanish teacher. Has absolutely no idea what is doing. Doesn’t even know any Spanish. Pretends to speak Spanish by mumbling random words in Elvish whenever Joonmyeon comes to inspect the lesson. Dreams about working as biology teacher. Wants to teach about deer mating habits.

Sehun: a philosophy teacher. Doesn’t like to listen to people talk. Doesn’t like to talk himself. Organizes silent lessons during which students communicate in sign language. In the meantime contemplates the nature of life, universe and everything. Genuinely believes in love at first sight, aliens and unicorns.

Lay/Yixing: a history teacher. Obsessed with roman soldiers. Comes to school wrapped in white sheets and in sandals. All students faint. All teachers faint. Joonmyeon faints. Is left alone on the corridor among piles of motionless bodies. Couldn’t be happier.

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I’m back after lotto dropped with some non-lotto related posts :) I will finish up the supermarket shorts and the zoo scenarios tomorrow or the day after that but for now have a completely new post from me :)

I hope you enjoy it and i’m sorry if I have been less active lately but I’m going off to university soon and need to prepare for that :)

Love you all <3



PLOT: You and your sister Harley are still stuck in Belle Reve after being taken by the Batman, but you are given hope when a task force is formed, giving you the chance to return to your beloved Mr J.

DISCLAMIER: Now I can’t remember word for word everything that was said in every scene that I’m going to be talking about, so don’t sue me if I don’t use the exact dialog that is in the film.

“Just another day in the wacky bin, I guess.” You thought to yourself, hanging upside down from a hanging seat made from cloth. You let your body stretch out, looking to the side of you, was your sister doing the exact same. “Morning Harls.” You chirped out, waving at her. “Morning sis!” She giggled back at you, when the loud buzzer went off indicating ‘feeding time’ as you called it.

Your heads snapped towards the sliding metal door, as a small army of officers walked in, led by Captain Griggs, the bastard himself. You and Harley looked at each other with a smirk on your lips, he was one of your favourite toys. “Morning Captain. Got something nice for us to eat?” you purred at him. “Of cause, sweetheart. Do you wanna come down from there and say hi?” his eyes trailing over your bodies, what he would give to have a night with you two. You and Harley laughed, swinging down from the ropes, bouncing over to the Captain. 

“Tell me, Captain. Have you ever been with sisters?” you purred, smiling up at him. “Are you offering sweetheart?” he cooed, biting his bottom lip in frustration. “Come in here and find out.” Harley giggled. “Come play with us, we’re bored.” She pouted, her voice going whiney. 

Griggs laughed, looking round at his team. “You two took 9 of my guys out the other day; no one is going to play with you two naughty girls. Light them up.” Suddenly the bars send shockwaves through your bodies, causing you and Harley to fall over. Harley got up and ran for Griggs when she hit her head on the bars, knocking herself unconscious.

 “It’s okay baby, I forgive you.” You winked at the Captain, climbing back up on to your ropes, eating the ever so small portion you were meant to live off. “That’s a whole lot of pretty and a whole lot of crazy boys. See you later, sweetheart.” He smirked, walking out of the door he came through.

You knew that Mr.J would get his revenge for you and Harls soon.

Amanda Waller dove into her briefcase, pulling out a white file with ‘TOP SECRET’ written in a bold, red font on the cover.

She opened the file, “Harley and Y/N Quinn. Formally known as Harleen and Y/N Quinzel. Harleen worked as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, she was assigned to the Clown himself. She thought she was curing him but she was falling in love.” She stabbed her fork into a piece of meat. “Y/N was working as a bartender at a local club. Harley would come and tell her all about her new found love, and instead of warding her off him, she asked to meet him.” “And Arkham allowed that?” Waller laughed. “They found a way.”

“Hey Mr J. I bought someone to meet you.” She sat at the table in front of him; he was still resistricted into his straight jacket. You walked from out of the shadows, circling around your sister, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Hello, J. My sister has told me all about you, she didn’t need to. You’re a busy bee. Even if you are in a heavily guarded asylum.” You giggled, skipping your way towards him, perching on the end of the table. “You should have introduced us sooner, Harleen. Your sister is.. wonderful.” He grinned, swaying from side to side, looking straight into your eyes. You cupped his face in your hands. “We’re going to get you out of here, Mr J.”

“So you’re telling me, two young women got one of the most notorious crime bosses out of Arkham Asylum?” he asked in disbelief. “Well, they had help from Joker’s workers. They raided Arkham, freeing The Joker, before he used electroshock therapy on Harley, sending her over the edge.” “What about Y/N?” Amanda wiped her mouth on a napkin. “She didn’t need it. She was already critically insane and felt that The Joker was what she and her sister needed. Even if he is a psychopath, he still cares for them, feeds them, buys them everything they need and gives them a roof over their head. She didn’t fall in love with him like Harley. She became obsessed.” The man scoffed. “Playing happy families.”

“They became the king and queens of Gotham City, and God help anyone who disrespected the Queens.”

“He don’t shake hands, sit down. Have a drink.”

The Joker was fixated on watching you and Harley in the big glass box, dancing with one of the customers, pushing him to the side and snaking your bodies up his chest.

“Hey J. On behalf of everybody, I wanted to come and say thank you personally.”  He whipped his head round.

“Are you sweet talking me?” He moved his hand in front of his mouth, his smile tattoo on show, laughing. “I love this guy, he’s so intense!” he stated to Jonny. Monster T took off his sunglasses, looking over at you and Harley. “You a lucky man, got two bad bitches.”  The Joker looked at him intensely, “Yes, it’s true.” He jumped up. “The fire in my loins, the itch in my crotch! The Queens of Gotham themselves, the infamous Harley and Y/N Quinn!” he exclaimed, whistling you over to him. You both sauntered over to him, climbing over the end of the booth, through the golden draping curtains. 

“Ughh, come to daddy.” He growled. “Puddin!” you both answered, giggling. “Listen, you two are my gifts to this handsome honka-honka!” he laughed, turning back to you two. “You belong to him, now.” He stated, grabbing your hands, leading you over to Monster T. You both stood on either side of him, giggling and growling at him. “You’re cute.” Harley cooed at him. 

“We never get to play with others, honey.” You said, pouting at him. “You want us? We’re all yours.” you both trailed your hands around his face and body. You could hear Mr J breathing deep and heavily, behind you. “I don’t want no beef.” He stated, you didn’t like that. “You don’t want no beef? You don’t want no beef? You don’t want no beef?” he taunted, scrunching his face up, moving his head rapidly around. “There your ladies.” He tried to reason with the Joker. “Fine, we won’t waste our time then.” You snarled, forcefully getting up, Harley following you to sit down. 

“Look. Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked, getting in Monster T’s face, grinning wildly at him. “No, that’s your ladies Joker.” “That’s right.”

“Hey, J”

Next thing you knew, you were driving around Gotham, at over 100mph in Mr J’s fancy purple Lamborghini, laughing wildly. “Come on Puddin’, do it!” Harley shouted forcefully. He looked in the side-mirror, “We’ve got company.” He leant over to you and Harley, grinning wildly. “Batsy, Batsy, Batsy.” You both grinned, looking out the rear window at the Batmobile. Batman jumped on to the top of your car, you grabbed a gun.

 “Stupid Bats, you’re ruining our date night!” you shouted, angrily. Joker took a sharp turn, heading towards the river. “Puddin’…” Harley murmured, your eyes grew wide. “Honey, she can’t swim!” you cried. You went face first into the river, you head banging on the side of the car. Batman had now swum into the river, trying to find you and Harley. 

You had no problem swimming your way out but Harley went for Batman with a knife, causing him to punch her in the face. Mr J was now nowhere to be seen, which honestly pissed you off. In the process of grabbing Harley, he grabbed you too, getting you both out of the water. “Look B-Man, I know you’re going to send us back to Arkham but I don’t care. Just make sure Harley’s okay.” You looked at him with pleading eyes. “Please.”

He checked for a pulse, which he found there wasn’t one. He began to give compressions and mouth-to –mouth when Harley pulled his head towards her, kissing him. He managed to pull away with her giggling her pretty head off. He pulled her up, dragging you along with her.

“I have the witch’s heart, and Doctor Moone has his. Now, he’ll follow my orders. In a world of flying men and monsters, this is the only way to protect our country.”


Writing Prompts

1) He turned away, silently begging her to call him back. Say no, we can fix this. Say, we’ll make it. Tell me you want to fight for it. Please

2) After everything she had done she was angry. All that, all the sacrifices. For this. 

3) “Do you honestly think we’re going anywhere like this? We’re not anything and we never have been. We’re stuck and frozen. And the world is moving on without us. Wake up! This is doing nothing but holding us back, we need to learn how to let go.” 

4) She wanted to take everything back. Make it so they didn’t know, hide it all away again. It always worked better like that anyway. 

5) The raindrops hit his skin like knives but he didn’t move, the bus would come any minute. 

6) “Just leave me alone, I can’t deal with you right now, a war is about to start.” 

7) The reflection in the window was enough to make it clear what was happening. They had come for her. 

8) He had watched him die. Held him in his arms, felt his heart stop beating, watched is last breath, seen the life leave his eyes. He was never the same. 

9) “I’m not me today.” 

10) She was emotionless, empty, devoid of thought and feeling. They were gone. They were really gone.