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“I know it’s been awhile since the last time I did this, but I want to start over so, hi, it’s nice to meet you. My name’s Clara.”

oh wow i like that ship,and that first fanfic they gave u @onebizarrekaii really like it,bc ye NM looks precious like that,so i just did the same thing in 2 alike ways 6-6(also computers suck at pictures and i have no idea what they are doin,u can imagine a dialoge),but i decided to dont show the second one,anyway hope u like it <3 <3 



“I try to remind myself that you don’t know how to love me, but I can’t forget that, at one time, you did.”

How I think I look when I finally learn the Artificial Love choreography

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How I really look

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I don’t own any of the above gifs.

I think this could unfortunately be even more true than I realize :(

Still I love this choreography and Ill dance to this song anyway hah :)

Hang in there guys and dance your hearts away no matter what people tell you <3

When I get on the bus listening to k-pop and can’t stop jamming to the beat like:

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But old ladies on the bus don’t like it:

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My self-conscious brain is kicking in, telling me to control myself:

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But the beat is to strong, my body ain’t going to stop:

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Hmmm…this came out of nowhere…

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ALL K-POP MOODS (Nostalgia)

Wanna get into a nostalgic mood, throw yourself a pity party or simply feel like a character from a Korean drama that just broke up with her boyfriend/girlfriend? 

There is nothing easier with the new ALL K-POP MOODS. A new list of K (and not only) songs will create a specific mood on request. 

Jump into out nostalgia train by trying out one of the following ways and you’re sure to get some quality sadness going on very soon :)

1. Take an escalator going up while listening to Luhan’s “Medals”

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2. Slowly walk along a train station listening to Winner’s “I’M YOUNG” and watching the trains come and go.

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3. Queue in Starbucks and order a warm Caramel Macchiato listening to D.O’s/Kyungsoo’s “Crying out” (외침)

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4. Wear a long cozy coat. Listen to Exo’s ”Miracles in December” while walking slowly along a busy street with an umbrella in the rain/snow.

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5. Take a plane (might also be a bus or car) after sun down, sitting by the window and staring at the cities below (or passing lights) and listen to Z.Tao’s CROWN.

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Good luck with Your nostalgia hunt and stay thoughtful <3

Okay so I started this series which I don’t know if Ill ever continue because its not really supposed to be funny (maybe sometimes but barely) and I don’t know if people will enjoy it at all :)

So generally it is just my list of suggestions for certain songs and situations that combined put me in a specific mood :)

Feel free to add up to my list by sending asks/reblogging :) any good song and situations will be added to this list :)

Hope you enjoy guys <3 (I know, I know I should probably stick with my lame jokes)

Exo: aquarium (3/6)

Minseok: look look this qute fish there looks just like chanyeol

Baekhyun: *shoves minseok to the side* move i wanna see

Baekhyun: …

Baekhyun: …

Baekhyun: it is chanyeol

My dashboard is full of posts like “Reblog if k-pop ruined your life”

I’m more of a:

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Exo as teachers

D.O./Kyungsoo: an arts teacher. Only owns black paint. Lowers students grades for every color other than black present in their paintings. Raises grades each time students say the words “suffering” or “death” while drawing. Doesn’t use textbooks because thye are printed in color.

Suho/Joonmyeon: the principal of the school. Wears plaid jackets and shirts simultaneously. Has biscuits in his office. Invites all teachers for biscuits and tea. Students love him. Call him gramps. Often walks along the corridors with speakers and dancing Macarena. Everyone joins in. Even Kyungsoo.

Chen/Jongdae: teaches maths. Solves equations in free time. Lends materials to everybody. Provides free cookies for everyone. In reality is very evil. Encodes curse words and insults on bathroom walls with a cipher. Laughs mischievously in secrecy when no one can decipher them.

Kai/Jongin: a biology teacher. Brings dogs to school and uses them to teach anatomy. Has to restrain himself from playing with dogs during lessons. Dogs eat assignments, tests and important documents. Students like his dogs more than him. Tries to fix his mistakes by leaving dogs at home. Is miserable thought the whole day.

Chanyeol: a cleaning guy. Is too tall to fit in though most of the doors. Is very clumsy. Knocks over buckets of water on important documents. Vacuums important documents. Sets important documents on fire. Almost got fired by Joonmyeon multiple times. Has huge puppy eyes. Even Joonmyeon can’t say no to that.

Baekhyun: a P.E. teacher. Forces students to run pointlessly in circles just to see them suffer. In the meantime steals coffee from the staff room. Also steals his colleague’s cups. Doesn’t wash them. Hides them behind a potted plant. Waits for the someone to find and clean it up for him. Notoriously pretends he doesn’t know where all the cups are.

Kris/Yifan: a physics teacher. Is a safety freak. Checks whether sockets are aligned according to BHP regulations in free time. Walks around with a sound level meter during breaks. Checks if sound levels fit within the norm. Sound levels don’t fit within the norm. Activates fire alarm to evacuate the building.

Tao/Zitao: business teacher. Centers his lessons around analyzing the profits and costs of fashion companies. Mostly Gucci. Doesn’t want to apply to the school’s dress code. Wears miniskirts and ripped pants. But mostly miniskirts. Gets called into the principal’s office. Students steal his Gucci bag and use it as blackmail material to avoid tests.

Xiumin/Minseok: a chemistry teacher. Gets mad because school chemistry equipment is not pink. Spends time trying to produce pink chemical compounds. Organizes a club on perfume production in free time. Is very disappointed when no one turns up. Tires to drag other teachers into the club. Only Kyungsoo comes. Kyungsoo leaves as soon as he sees pink.

Luhan: a Spanish teacher. Has absolutely no idea what is doing. Doesn’t even know any Spanish. Pretends to speak Spanish by mumbling random words in Elvish whenever Joonmyeon comes to inspect the lesson. Dreams about working as biology teacher. Wants to teach about deer mating habits.

Sehun: a philosophy teacher. Doesn’t like to listen to people talk. Doesn’t like to talk himself. Organizes silent lessons during which students communicate in sign language. In the meantime contemplates the nature of life, universe and everything. Genuinely believes in love at first sight, aliens and unicorns.

Lay/Yixing: a history teacher. Obsessed with roman soldiers. Comes to school wrapped in white sheets and in sandals. All students faint. All teachers faint. Joonmyeon faints. Is left alone on the corridor among piles of motionless bodies. Couldn’t be happier.

hello everyyoneeee <3

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Love you all <3

Bakhtin // 'Discourse and the Novel' // The Dialogic Imagination

But the trajectory of the poetic word toward its own object and toward the unity of language is a path along which the poetic word is continually encountering someone else’s word, and each takes new bearings from the other; the records of the word passage remain in the slag of the creative process, which is then cleared away (as scaffolding is cleared away once construction is finished), so that the finished work may rise as unitary speech, one co-extensive with its object, as if it were speech about an “Edenic” world.

In a word, the novelistic plot serves to represent speaking persons and their ideological worlds. What is realized in the novel is the process of coming to know one’s own language as it is perceived in someone else’s language, coming to know one’s own belief system in someone else’s system. There takes place within the novel an ideological translation of another’s language, and an overcoming of its otherness – an otherness that is only contingent, external, illusory
—  M. M. Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination
Diversity of voices and heteroglossia enter the novel and organize themselves within it into a structured artistic system… . The internal social dialogism of novelistic discourse requires the concrete social context of discourse to be exposed, to be revealed as the force that determines its entire stylistic structure, its ‘form’ and its 'content,’ determining it not from without, but from within; for indeed, social dialogue reverberates in all aspects of discourse, in those relating to 'content’ as well as the 'formal’ aspects themselves.
—  M. M. Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination
Exo: aquarium (2/6)

Chanyeol: does it tickle when a shark bites you?

Sehun: yeah as hell

Chanyeol: tHATs SOO COOL

Chanyeol: *jumps into shark tank*

Sehun: *looks around* …did I hear a splash?

Sehun: i probably just imagined it