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So Dialirvi drew me this as a reference to this freaking adorable Karezi drabble right here. Go, read it and give it notes. You know what? Screw it, as soon as this post is done, I’m reblogging that shit because it deserves WAY more than twenty something notes.

dialirvi replied to your post: oh hey it’s karezi day send me prompts and I’ll…

uvu!!!!! fluff tiem after having their first time °-°……………

The two of you are still breathing hard when she snuggles up to you under the blanket. Terezi wraps one arm around your back, clinging to you as she touches your face. You stare at her in the low light of your respiteblock for a while, her smile warm and not at all the usual maniacal toothy grin you’re used to.

Her hand is soft and cool in yours. She coos when you kiss her fingertips.

LOV3 YOU, she breathes in an almost inaudible whisper, nearly lost in the whir of the ceiling fan. You run your fingers through her hair, circling the base of her left horn before you kiss her forehead, her nose, her lips.

LOVE YOU TOO, and that earns you a kiss on the cheek before Terezi rests her head against your bare chest.