So a while back, I asked for your help with some Norwegian slang words. Thanks to you, I was able to compile a list with a bunch of others I found and already knew. Some of these words are also dialektord, or only used in a specific dialect, not standard bokmål/nynorsk. The words in bold are ones which I didn’t know (feel free to translate)!

And for everyone who submitted a word, you’ve been linked!

If you have any words you’d like to add or corrections, please leave a comment! This list will continue to grow and will be added to the Guide + Resources page.

EDIT: I have also added a bunch of text messaging jargon from the book Teach Yourself Norwegian.

180 - trenger mer informasjon (need more info)
7k - syk (sick)
Arbeidshest - workhorse
Ask - spør gud
Bjørnetjeneste - a favor with good intentions that causes a lot of problems (lit. bear service)
Bokorm - bookworm
Brakke - hus (house)
Bråte - en hel mengde, mye (Oodles - an entire volume, much)
Bæssmortruse - grandmapanties (submitted by sgtplastictramp)
Chille - relax/chill
D - det (it)
Daffe - drive dank (chilling, taking it easy, be idle)
Det regner trollkjerringer - it’s raining really hard (lit. it rains witches)
Dg - deg (you)
Dritt - shit
Drittbra - fucking awesome
Druse - slå til (hit, strike)
Dunke - have sex
Dåkka - dere (you all)
En heldiggris - lucky pig
Fett - cool
Frisk som en fisk - healthy as a fish (e.g., in good health)
Fyre - have sex
Gid - glad i deg (love you)
Hakke - ha ikke (have not)
Ha det fløyel - å ha det behagelig (to be comfortable)
Hard på drivstoffet  - å drikke alkohol (to drink alcohol)
Huttiheita - middle of nowhere (Submitted by tuberkolose)
Hypp - å ha lyst til noe (to desire something)
Håssåsdig - pants are too big so they slide off (submitted by idalurifax)
Ik - ikke (not)
Jg - jeg (I)
Kis - dude
Kjei - jente/tjej in Swedish (girl, translated by lostinwondderland)
Kjekt - cool/great
Kji - bad, little
Kjipt - sucks
Knallbra - awesome
Korleis - Hvordan/kvordan (how)
Kos - koselig (lovely, nice)
Køddesje - kødder ikke (not kidding)
Kråketær - bad handwriting/chickenscratch (lit. crow’s feet)
Landkrabbe - landlubber
Lesehest - someone well-read (lit. read horse)
Manner - menn (men)
Melkeku - cash cow (lit. milkcow)
Mld - melding
Molefonken - sur, trist, furten (Crestfallen - sour, sad, sulky)
Mætti - plenty/many (submitted by pleasedontkillthenext)
Nebbete - impolite person
Noko - somewhat/something
Oxo - også
Pass dine egne jævla saker! - Mind your own damn business!
Prekæs - snakkes (I’ll be in touch/talk to you later)
Qlt - kult (cool)
R - er (am/is/are)
Reddhare - scardey cat (lit. scared hare)
Rått - Really, really cool
Rundbrenner - womanizer
Sangfugl - songbird
Serr - seriøst (serious/seriously) (submitted by colorsplat, translated by lostinwondderland)
Sik - skal i kveld (shall/will tonight)
Skakke - skal ikke (shall not)
Skamfint - great
Skjera? - Hva skjer da?/Hva skjer'a? (What’s up?)
Slaur - lazy person (submitted by united-fandom)
Slitan - gratulerer med … (Congratulations with/on …)
Snakkis - noe folk snakker spesielt mye om (something people really talk a lot about)
Snx - (Vi) snakkes (I’ll be in touch/talk to you later)
Spa - pen, bra (good)
Spenn - penger (money)
Stilig - stylish, but also used as a compliment to mean something cool
Stuegris - couch potato (lit. living room pig)
Ta ut - Printe/skrive ut (to print)
Tæsje - steal (submitted by ubuswanker)
Td - til deg (for/to you)
Thx - takk (thanks)
Tidi - morsomt (funny)
Urokråke - troublemaker (lit. wild chicken)
Z - sett (seen)
Å - og (and)
Å pigge - to run, to leave (submitted by Norsk blablabla)
Å slepe til seg - ta noe (take something)
Å svelge noen kameler - to swallow some camels (to have to do something you don’t want to do, but must)
Åssen - hvordan (how)

A huge thank you to all of Pardon My Norwegian’s followers and these sources!

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