I just took this really thorough Regional Dialect quiz that’s been going around, but I took the 140-question version and it took me about an hour to do because it’s been loading real slow (I don’t think the server hosting it can handle all the traffic).  Apparently I’m a Jersey boy and wouldn’t fit in too well much else in the country except around Miami.

Most similar cities:

  1. Elizabeth, NJ- 59.4
  2. Newark, NJ- 59.3
  3. Yonkers, NY- 58.9
  4. New York, NY- 58.6
  5. Toms River, NJ- 58.2

Least similar cities:

  1. Des Moines, IA- 47.9
  2. Sioux Falls, SD- 47.9
  3. Minneapolis, MN- 48.3
  4. Cedar Rapids, IA- 48.4
  5. Green Bay, WI- 48.5

You can take the quiz yourself here, but it may take a lot of reloading to get in.

Bandwagon: Dialect Quiz

What caught my eye about this? Check out number 2 on this:

Oh Reno, I miss you. Pretty sure that’s 100% a result of “having drive through liquor stores but not having a term for them”


Dialect test! Socal! (by ColtonRainwater)

Me and Marshall ( http://everythingisunfin.tumblr.com/ ) Doing the socal dialect quiz!

I was finally able to take the dialect quiz.

It’s obvious that I grew up in New England.

BUT here’s the thing:

You notice only the contiguous US is included in this map?

I firmly believe that if Hawaii was included my results would be VASTLY different.


it better fuckin be. i took voice and articulation classes in college. midwest is best.  i try not to have the super strong CHI CAHHHH GOOO thing going on…but its there. mostly bc i try to emulate the way my grandpa said certain words.  but when i speak on the radio, i do more proper midwest.

Whenever I would get homesick for Hawaii in the past I would wonder if it would have been easier to have moved to the west coast instead since it seemed a lot more similar. But I guess 14 years later I’ve assimilated into the north east.

Click here to take the test yourself!


So I took the dialect quiz. The first round was the basic 25-question version… and it gave me North Carolina, which is odd because I’ve never lived there, and I’ve lived in at least 7 different states scattered around the country. I was expecting to show up as being from one of those nine areas. So I took the 140-question version, just to double check, and I think it gave me a slightly more accurate reading. 

I tend to speak with a more “standard” educated accent - no multiple modal construction, no “I’m done my homework”, no “I done broke my arm” I know some people use those regularly, but I have a slight judgement on them myself. Cot and caught are pronounced differently; Mary and marry are the same, but merry is different. I do use y'all as a plural, but I say soda exclusively. There’s also no pen/pin merger for me, which is one of the biggest things that separates me from many English speakers in Seattle.

This seems like a good quiz, but I do have a slight beef with it, since my home state (Hawaii) isn’t even on the map. Neither is Alaska. I think that if this quiz were to be truly accurate, the other two states would be included.

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer the questions to see your personal dialect map.

I found this US dialect quiz that shows the 3 cities that have dialects most similar to your own. My boyfriend and I both took it (I’m from NY and he’s from Cali) and it was pretty accurate!

YUP. Manchvegas raised with influences from my Mass. relatives.

Also, who calls an easy class “meat”, “gut”, or “bird”? Tell me about your regional dialects!

Also, “the wolf is giving birth” for a “sunshower”? Sounds like Teen Wolf fanfic and I love it.

Question mark for answers?