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They’re here please please help by donating to gofundme.com/The-Florida-Hamster-Fiasco! So far I’m seeing some injuries but we are still bringing them in. Wish us luck and please please share!

Remember we are a 501c3 charity so donations are tax deductible! #hamster #donate #help

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Can someone help me find a way to get my art commissions out there?

I’m in a bad situation and I desperately need a way to bring money in. Does anyone know of maybe a place that connects people that want to buy commissions with people that do them?

Advice for a low energy disabled person making money from home also appreciated.
I want to at least be able to buy some stuff to lift my spirits sometimes even if it’s not enough to get out of my toxic home.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fan casts for younger (late teens early twenties) Regulus Black? I have Eoin Macken (below) for older Reg (non-canon obvs), who I have written before but it won’t work in my mind for this fic. 

@synoir @kreeblimsabs @nauticalparamour @ash-castle @indiebluecrown @nellietrelawney @curiouselfqueen @jasperandgemma @primruesabcd tagging a few peeps who may have some ideas (feel free to ignore my procrastinating).

Open to anyone that might want to throw an idea at me… 

donation post

hello i’m ramona & i’m a nonbinary/genderqueer latinx 19 y/o college student tryna pay my rent/utilities as well as buy myself food & pay for my medications.

i have applied to 25-30 jobs in the last few weeks & have only had interviews with three. i’m also currently taking a summer class at my college. i am trying as hard as i can to get a job but it’s proving very difficult.

i’m subletting from a friend and she said since i’m having trouble instead of paying my full $500 rent on the first i can just pay $250 on the first and $250 on the 15th. 

hopefully, i will have a job by the 15th, but i just need to raise money in the meantime for rent/food/utilities/medication. i eat rice and beans for almost every meal lol.

if you can spare any money i would rly appreciate it! if you want to trade i will write you a song or poem or draw you something or mix your song etc.

if you would like to directly donate which would help a lot my venmo is anacoop (or paypal.me/anacoop but i dont rly trust paypal)

if you can’t donate, reblogs would really help! thanks, y’all.

What does the cast Dear Evan Hansen Smell Like?
  • Friend: What do think Ben Platt smells like?
  • Me: axe or flowers.
  • Friend: it both and add, and baby powder.
  • Me: Jesus
  • Friend: old spice rebellion
  • Me: What does Mike Faist smell like?
  • Friend: Weed.
  • Me: just straight up weed.
  • Friend: Weed and piss.
  • Me: okay what about Will Roland?
  • Friend: Will smells like ass and lizards
  • Me: *wheezing* L I Z A R D S
  • Friend: ass and lizards
  • Me: What about Laura?
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: Laura
  • Friend: just everything from bath and body works
  • Me: Alana?
  • Friend: mold...
  • Me: why?
  • Friend: just mold
  • Me: What about Heidi?
  • Friend: Regret.
  • Me: What about Cynthia?
  • Friend: What about Connors dad?
  • Me: disappoint.
  • Friend: nahh he smells like ham.
  • (It's almost 1am help)

Ok I’m dying to get a pet and my contract says I’m not allowed but I’m hoping I can call my landlord on Monday and ask if it’s ok for me to get a fish.

Surely he’ll be ok with a fish! (Fingers crossed)

On that note I need to do tons of research about fish, so if you have any handy info for a newbie fish owner send it my way.

I’m considering a betta. I know they need big tanks of at least 5 gallons, a heater, a filter and no plastic plants.

I know that under no circumstances can they live with other fish but can they live with shrimp?

(I ask because a guy is selling a tank that meets all the requirements and has all the extra stuff a betta would need, but it comes with shrimps and obvs I don’t wanna put them at risk so if not I’ll have to look for a different seller.)