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Hey hey! :D
I’m getting close to the point where I want to open pre-orders for physical copies of Volume 1 of the Mafia AU o3o
(Volume 1 includes all pages that have been posted up to this point)
I’ll probably have pre-orders available within a month!
But, I want to have a proper name for the AU XD
This is where all of you, my dear followers, come in :D
Please leave a name suggestion in the comment section of this post!
I will pick the one I like best, and that person shall forever have bragging rights that they named this AU XD

so Rachel Shelley described Milah as a “frustrated artist” on Twitter and I just


like can you imagine, the young woman with an artistic soul, getting trapped in a marriage that takes away her freedom and her self-expression and slowly wears her down because, yes, this is what you do, this is what a good girl does, but it’s not for her, it never was, and her husband is a coward and she always wanted more

and then she gets out, she leaves, she runs away on a pirate ship with a dashing young captain who wants to show her the world

and suddenly she has time and inspiration again and she starts drawing again, just furtive sketches at first, and she remembers what it used to be like, how it feels, the relief of being able to put her emotions down on paper

and Killian finds her sketching and instead of angry that she’s wasting her time on idleness, he’s really impressed and interested, and rather than complain that she never has time for him, he makes sure that she has time for art, he leaves her alone when he sees her sketching and he always asks to see it afterwards because she’s good at it

they make port in some far-off land and Killian takes Milah shopping for pencils and chalks and maybe even paints

the crew members all want to be her next subject and gather around to admire her latest artwork

she does realistic portraits and sometimes hilarious caricatures that make them all laugh (and no one laughs more than Milah, and no one smiles wider than Killian)

the captain’s cabin slowly fills up with art, from dark and bittersweet portraits of a young boy with dark hair, to beautiful landscapes and seascapes, to whimsical pictures of mermaids and pirates, to a portrait of Killian that he says is almost as dashing as the real thing (she can never quite capture the delighted twinkle in his eye, but the love of him is there on the page for anyone to see)

and just, the thought of Milah rediscovering herself and her passions and her inspiration along with her freedom is making me feel a lot of feelings

Prayer Request

I know I’ve been doing a couple of these, but this one is really serious. A girl I know is getting stalked by her ex. This was after an abusive 5 year relationship. She’s moved to be closer to people she trusts and notified the police. Basically everything that can be done has been done, but if we could get some prayers for her and her loved one’s protection as well as for her ex to be calmed and get help he clearly needs before it’s too late, that would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone from Hungary please help

I’m stuck with something, please message me 😅

EDIT: We got this! Thank you all so much for getting in touch and helping! I hope I won’t be needing this post again 🤣
Translation help needed!!

My great uncle went to china and joined the communist party years ago (like, in the 60s), and my dad just found the joining leaflet thing but it’s in Chinese. Could anyone translate it from Chinese into English for him?? It would mean the world, he loved his uncle so much!!

(If you can’t help then please rb!!)

So I bought this dress because it reminded me of African prints and color palettes. This year I was about to drop everything and buy a one way ticket to Africa. Possibly Tanzania, maybe Ghana. But life happened. It happened so fast, so hard. My reality was not my cup of tea these last few months, but the wanderlust still lurks within me. I’ll make it happen. I make things happen. Life is on my side when I least expect it. I’m coming for you Africa.