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In the beginning, I only shipped the love square, but over time, my bisexual heart started to make it gayer and poly, which I should have known. Now I ship Marinette with like six people.

I’m a sucker for the love square, but also alyanette, nathanette, ninonette, chloenette, lilanette, and basically any poly combo of those ships because I’m trash and Mari is super cute and lovable.

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How do you get so many followers? (pls help a child out)

STEP 1. be you. you don’t want followers who want someone else (unless your an rp blog)

STEP 2. unless your blog is for entertainment purposes, (ex. @just-shower-thoughts and @punsandonlypuns) then stick to that and eventually it’ll pick up. if your blog is you and a personal one where you reblog stuff you like and post stuff you like, then do your own thing. don’t pressure yourself into doing stuff they like, do what you want. everyone has their own tastes. so no matter what you do to your blog, there will be someone who doesn’t like it, and someone who does. its pretty much random on whether more people like it, or dislike it. so no matter what you do, you will have people who like you. and that goes for real life too! alright, I’m rambling.

tl;dr be you and do what you love

Blue exorcist and Tokyo Ghoul

OK I was just re-watching Blue Exorcist and Father Fujimoto said,” It’s a good thing we live in this part of Japan, because If we lived in Tokyo we would be dealing with HUMAN ghouls, instead of just deceased strays.” Does this mean Tokyo Ghoul and Blue Exorcist are on the same timeline and or are linked somehow?? PLEASE HALP ME!!! 

I’m so torn rn ‘cause on one hand I want to finish writing my super short fic about what happened with Melchior & Moritz between running off and making out against a tree in Spring And Summer but on the hand I really want to write Moritz/Ernst, like legit just anything Moritz/Ernst there’s not enough of it, but on another hand I really want to write a fic about Max & Hanschen before he died in the Wonder Of Summer au

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there’s a reason for what happened between us? That maybe I haven’t just pulled away on my own accord but that maybe there’s a reason? No, of course not. You’ll always find a way to exempt yourself from the blame and make everything my fault. But this is a two way street. I guess you’ll never be able to understand that.
—  💜

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you got me into sasuhina and naruto, but the fanbase is a little quite since the movies, so is there any other show you like or otp you have that you could recommend for me

i’ve actually been wandering the barren fandom deserts one by one searching for a ship to fill the void in my heart, alas i have yet to find it my friend.

if you have a few drops to spare for this thirsty weary traveler, please, donate any ship that is angsty, cute, full of potential, and not yet sullied by a love triangle and/or a spiteful author lmao