Johannes Kepler - Geometrical Harmonies in the Perfect Solids, “Harmonices Mundi”, 1619.

Kepler was convinced “that the geometrical things have provided the Creator with the model for decorating the whole world”. In Harmony, he attempted to explain the proportions of the natural world - particularly the astronomical and astrological aspects - in terms of music. The central set of “harmonies” was the Musica Universalis or “Music of the Spheres”.

Kepler began by exploring regular polygons and regular solids, including the figures that would come to be known as Kepler’s solids.
Harmony resulted from the tones made by the souls of heavenly bodies - and in the case of astrology, the interaction between those tones and human souls. In the final portion of the work, Kepler dealt with planetary motions, especially relationships between orbital velocity and orbital distance from the Sun. Similar relationships had been used by other astronomers, but Kepler treated them much more precisely and attached new physical significance to them.

Someone asked me to explain “Sapphic” so I spent 15 minutes in Paint, and then figured if I was going to put that much effort in I might at least show my crappy diagram off where other people might find it useful.


J. Russell - The moon, viewed in full sunlight - 1805 - via Wikimedia

The Full Moon, Yerkes Observatory - before 1917 - via Wikimedia

Evan Hopkins - On the connexion of Geology with Terrestrial Magnetism - 1855 - via The British Library

Warren De La Rue - Photograph of the moon - c. 1868 - via Science Museum Group

Astronomical diagram. View of the moon and names - c. 1850 - via Science Museum Group

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*presses the matter*

“Well, Don’t say I didn’t warn you. After all the Apexis shard complaining, I assumed no one was interested in the finer details of magic.” Khadgar cracks his knuckles, bringing up diagrams and equations in various runes.

“We all know blinking has its limitations when it’s just one person; you’ve seen it before. Trees, fences, other solid materials will stop a mage in their tracks even if they didn’t blink as far as they were able to. Hence why mages can’t blink through WALLS. Now, a blink is a type of teleportation. Mages can do this; but you will remember it takes a BIT of casting in order for us to do this, even for me. And even then, it takes time for us to appear in our intended target; and during that materialization process we are vulnerable. Have you ever tried teleporting to a place and then find yourself running back to your body before you even knew what happened? Same concept.” Khadgar waves his hand flippantly. “Blinking, once completed, gets to instantly to where you want to be, but the spell is originally intended to be for short distances. You will care to notice next time a mage casts it, that the spell isn’t THAT instantaneous. Now, keeping all this in mind. In order to blink a city, ley line central or no, the destination MUST be as clear as if it were in front of us. Focus is key here, for scrying can help immensely with this. Not to mention, Karazhan is BIT of an easier target. Than say..oohhhh a island infested with the Legion. So while preparing such a spell, we also have to ensure a spot is warded for us to safely land in in, that nothing gets in the way from here to the islands, that the scrying isn’t disturbed, annnd that Karazhan doesn’t just snap us back like a ball on a rubber band. We also have to move the city as a WHOLE, not just in bits and pieces. And without shrinking it. So with 6 of us, we can split the city into 6 different sections that each one of us will be focused on. We will prepare each section for transport, so that when the OVERALL spell is complete, the entire city will blink as a whole. 6 Archmages, 6 sections, each area takes roughly 24 hours to prepare and synch. The final day, day 7, will be the actual BLINKING part of the spell. It takes roughly one second to cast blink. There are 3,000 people in Dalaran - so 3,000 seconds to blink each of them. And then blinking the items, chairs, animals……all comes out to roughly 86,400 blinks. In seconds that’s equal to a day. Now, we mages can SLIGHTLY altar time; you’ve seen us do this as well. So it allows us to blink everything at ONCE while still doing the individual casts on that final day. Karazhan helps a LITTLE with the time distortion. But it still requires a week of work. Also with the aspects having lost the meat of their powers, Kalec may as well be a human archmage. In-fact, he’s no different that a worgen mage. He just turns into a giant flying lizard. I hope this answers your question.”

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Hi love! May I request a scenario with Akashi and his fem! Best friend wherein they were initially having fun but then she slips and he catches her, and things get unusually awkward between the two. Haha please give it a good ending hehe thanks so much dear! ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

AHHH THANK YOU! <3 Your support is what I thrive on, my dears T^T wahhhh thanks for requesting~ Also I religiously stalk your blog every time you reblog something of mine… feedback is like 70% of what makes breathing air…

“Clause one in the textbook indicates the disparity between the diagrams…”

AKASHI trails off, raising an eyebrow when you yawn subconsciously. Upon hearing his gentle voice die down, you start from your boredom-induced reverie and look about the library in alarm.

“What? What’s going on?”

Akashi sighs, but the corners of his lips twitches as if holding back a smile. “You are sleeping, [Name]. Perhaps we have been revising for too long.”

You smile sheepishly. Too long really was an understatement at this point – the library was almost empty, save for the sleepy librarian in the far corner. Akashi was one of those crazy types that could revise for hours on end without declining in terms of stamina, and you being his unfortunate best friend meant you had to try and keep up with him during these revision sessions, or ‘death battles’, as you often called it.

Sometimes, it gets hard for you to keep up with your perfectionist best friend, but you figured that was okay.

Akashi begins to gather up his belongings, and you follow suit. “Do not overwork yourself, [Name].” He advises seriously. “You are not under any obligation to force yourself to sit through our study sessions.”

You frown. “But I like studying with you, Seijuro. Besides, it gets me good grades.”

This time, the redhead does allow himself a small smile. “Though that may be the case, I cannot forgive myself if something was to happen to your mental wellbeing.”

You flush, despite the circumstances. Akashi is your friend. He meant that in a friendly way.


“You’re paranoid, Seijuro.” You say lightly, trying to cover up how flustered you were. Having gathered most of your books into your bag, you grab the remaining armful and get up from your chair, smiling at Akashi as you do so.

“I have to get home soon, anyway,” you stretch sleepily, and then made haste towards the door, “mum’s going to be worried if I’m late.”

In your hurry, you do not notice the books littering the floor by your table before your toe catches on the spine of a really thick textbook and all of a sudden the polished floorboards are flying towards your face.

It happens in a flash. One moment you’re hurtling towards the ground, and the next second you feel several long, lean fingers close around your wrist – gently, but quite powerfully as well. An arm reaches around your waist to prevent your fall, and you feel yourself swivel in midair to meet your savior’s eyes.

Intuitive twin orbs of amber and rose are regarding you with concern, and you blush upon realizing the close proximity between Akashi and yourself. Your breath catches in your throat, and your heart begins to race as he looks down at you with hooded eyes, lips upturned in a slight smile.

God, you’re both standing so close… You could just reach up gently, close the few inches of space between your noses, and you’d be—

“Are you alright, [Name]?”

His voice alerts you back to your senses, and you gasp sharply, blinking several times to escape your inexplicable daze. Sometime between catching you and now, Akashi has straightened up until you’re both upright and face-to-face, though you notice with a flutter that neither of his limbs has loosened their hold on you.

“Y-Yes, thank you…” you mumble, flustered. How red must your face be, now?

Akashi is still smiling. “Be careful, [Name].” His voice is severe, and when he releases the hand on your wrist you feel as if the moment is over. But before you can exhale and calm your nervous palpitations, the hand lingering around your waist pulls you close gently, and at the same time, Akashi leans in towards your ear.

You are vividly aware of how close you two are standing, of how comfortably familiar the heat emanating from his body is, and of how strangely alluring the scent filling the air is – that unique, aromatic Akashi scent you have become so accustomed to. All this is already assaulting your senses, but your nerves go into overdrive when quite suddenly his lips are brushing your ear – his breath tickles your skin as he speaks.

“Do take care of yourself for me.” Your cheeks color deeper as he pulls away and brushes past you in a business-like manner. Before he walks off, he tucks his hands into his pockets a la sexy businessman style, and tilts his head to a side so that he can regard you with one lone half-lidded eye.

This last part you barely catch, but the words repeat over and over again in your head for the next few days: “I cannot forgive myself if anything happens to you, after all.”

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Can I offer a suggestion? If you want to stop answering the same questions over and over and over, why not create a Norman FAQ? Answering the basic most common questions. Short bio's and charts showing his connection to everyone in his life, use Venn Diagrams when necessary. A timeline of where he was when the Space Shuttle exploded (both times) where he was and who he was doing during 9/11, who he voted for in every election etc.. And maybe even and EITD advice column

Ohhhh good call anon. Ill get on that time line asap. 😛😛😛

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And, um…anyone who’s better at adulting than me willing to chime in with this?

I’m having lots of issues with my bathtub. As in, no matter what I’ve done with the drain - short of mixing together baking soda and vinegar - it just doesn’t drain the way it should. Occasionally it’ll clear up a LITTLE after I attack it, but then it’s back to the normal of not draining while I take a shower and then draining after I’m done. Slowly.

I’m not a very practical person around the house. I can put together something if I have a manual and diagrams to look at, but unscrewing things and messing with things that don’t exactly belong to me (since this is an apartment) is not something I’ve done before.


In anatomy and physiology we’re supposed to disect a cat later this semester… Like skinning it and all. Is there any way to get out of it? I am not ok with killing animals solely for me in a basic level anatomy class to dissect, because its more fun than a diagram. I do not agree with animals being raised and killed to be dissected in class just to learn the anatomy. Not all of us are going into a medical field, this will not do us any good. I should have the right to say no to something I believe is morally wrong…

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Please tell me how you study. I'm not an AP student, but I feel like I still try to study as hard as AP students do. I am 21 and have yet to learn a study method that actually helps me retain the information I need for tests and quizzes. Please tell me how you discovered your best method, how you keep on top of it, and what gives you your motivation to not only work hard but actually achieve AP level. Anything would be appreciated!

Hi! I applaud your effort and urge to find a study method that works for you. I hope some of this advice helps!

The best way to find a study method that works for you is to first identify what type of learner you are. I am a visual learner - I learn best by seeing. Other people may learn best from doing, listening, discussing, or talking. Try to think about how you have best remembered information in the classroom setting. Do you benefit from lecture? Diagrams? Activities or discussions? 

Once you have identified the way you learn best, create some study activities for yourself. You can look up study methods online for each type of learner, or you can ask me and I’m sure we can come up with creative ways for you to study. 

I discovered my method through figuring out that I am an inherently visual learner. Because of this, I like to reorganize my notes into diagrams, charts, or mind maps. I like to watch videos on a subject, or to look at images associated with the topic. I keep on top of this method through careful scheduling, motivation from the studyblr community, and through truly taking pride in doing my best work. Even I have lots of days where I struggle to be productive. I try my best to remind myself that giving all the effort I can, when I am able, is all I can do. I try not to stress about doing better when I believe I have worked my hardest (easier said than done!) Try to find a balance between pushing yourself to do your best, and not beating yourself up when you’ve done what you can.

You seem to be working really hard, and I applaud you for that. Don’t give up, I am sure you will get to where you want to be. Best of luck!