Science Fact Friday - Tapetum lucidum!

So why don’t all vertebrates have this adaptation? It’s an advantage to animals that are active in the dark - cats, dogs, owls, raccoons, crocodiles, and so on - but it makes everything slightly blurry. Many daytime vertebrates (including humans and most other primates) do not have one and instead have better day vision.

rebelcaptain || the x-files AU

↳ “Nobody here but the FBI’s most unwanted.”

Jyn “Spooky” Erso is a talented FBI profiler and agent. Obsessed with the disappearance of her father, Galen, she at first believes that he was abducted by aliens, but she comes to realize that there is a more sinister force at work, and that he may have been taken by a shadow syndicate known as “The Empire.”

Because of Jyn’s belief in the supernatural–in the existence of “little green men”–she is a pariah among her colleagues, a walking joke. Despite her talents, she is shunted away to a little-known department in the basement of the FBI building that deals in strange, unsolved cases: The X-Files.

Enter Agent Cassian Andor. Assigned by Assistant Director Draven to work with Erso, Andor is a medical doctor, and more important, a skeptic. Sent to oversee her work and report back to Draven, he is also there as a logical and cool counterpoint to her speculative and reckless behavior. They butt heads at first, but over time, Andor finds it harder and harder to provide scientific explanation for the things he sees, even if he is able to debunk Erso’s original, unconventional theories. He eventually becomes a reluctant believer.

Though they begin their partnership in conflict, their relationship evolves, from contention to cooperation, from distrust to a deep faith in one another, and from friendship to a love that cannot be explained by logic or pragmatism.