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can anybody make a tutorial on feet/ shoes? i always have trouble with them because they always end up looking like hands connected to ankles xD thnaks!


Okay so um I really really like drawing feet and shoes so let me help you out friend

So the foot is a weirdass body part that I used to hate with a great passion. I still don’t like drawing feet sometimes, especially when it’s in a weird position. But basically the foot base looks a bit like a doorstop. The toes at the end are pretty much short mini-fingers. The big toe also jutts out towards the inner part of the base (you can see in the second diagram up top that it creates a round bump). Never forget ankles! They are always there and are also a recognisable feature in feet :) ALSO the big toe curves up, the other 4 little toes curve down (so do the toenails if you wanna go into that kinda detail).

YAY NOW SHOES MY FAV PART (i always draw boots so I’m gonna show you boots cause they’re my fav shoe)

Think about drawing shoes as wrapping cloth around a foot. Shoes wrap and form into the shape of feet, so once you know the basics of a foot, shoes shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course you need to keep in mind about laces and perspectives, but practice will get you there. In most cases the tip of the shoe will either be rounded off (like the first example of Docs), or come to a point. (The point usually appears between the first and second toe like in the second example).

You can always look up images of shoes online or at stock photos!

Here are LOADS of video tutorials on how to draw feet and shoes, too!!

Please remember that feet can always be exaggerated!! They can be long, super short, stubby, floppy, hairy, have long toes, have big heels etc!! This is just a pretty standard tutorial on how i’d draw a normal looking foot/shoes! :)

Hope that helped you a bit!!! Good luck!


Beneficial Teaching Methods

Fic Request: a Stydia fic, with an established relationship? Stiles or Lydia having to study for an anatomy test, and the other becomes their model, as they memorized the bones of the human body by giving kisses to each of the bones? (ie, mandible, cervical vertebrae, ribs, ilium…)

Rating: M

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Established Relationship

Author: holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight

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This might be like a human AU or something b/c some of these are things I don’t know how she’d know. Also hers are like by far the most…symbolic and historical and cerebral because heck, it’s pearl

  • First of all, the biggest piece, down the center of her back, reproductions of three 17th-century scientific diagrams of how a pearl forms in an oyster, interspersed with little script words that read “imperfect” and “beloved.”
  • In tiny letters along her collarbone, this quote from a translation of “The Stream of Life”: “I have forced myself toward freedom and I bear it not like a gift but with heroism: I am heroically free.” (It’s one of my favorite quotes, her arc makes me think of it).
  • A strawberry on her arm just below her shoulder (Garnet has the same one)
  • Diagram of Ursa Minor on her ankle (everyone who sees it is like ‘it’s the big dipper!’ and she always has to be like ugggh no it’s not it’s the other one)