diagonal format

y'all the transitions in again are sick AF

The diagonal line formation they do while jinjin is rapping and how his footwork takes him diagonally backwards while the rest of them are going forward and then it transitions to Rocky’s rap where the 5 of them are now in the front and jinjin just slots into place. And then all of the chorus parts where they just appear out of nowhere ALSO THE PART BEFORE THE FIRST DIAGONAL LINE Where bin is up front at the end of the chorus and takes two hops back and I suddenly in diagonal line and then the part after Rocky’s rap where they line up for that chest beating part and transition back to the chorus and then right after that chorus the second diagonal line is opposite direction from the other line and instead of coming forward like they did the first time and the lone person (jinjin) starting at the front and going back, the second diagonal line is going back and then sanha the lone person starts in the back and comes to the front and then there’s the spins to the box around MJ and sanha and wow that was smooth how they had bin rock mirroring each other with the spin from the aerobic performance and then slide so that eunrock (visual and main dancer) were in front absolutely beautiful and then the ending where they reflect the sanha MJ in the middle of the box except for this time it’s the rappers rockjin in the middle and they are trading off rapping at the end and you definitely think it’s over after jinjin gets his second turn to rap but no PSYCH rocky has the last words and all of them love in sync to end it facing backwards and wow