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So, occasionally I have ideas for stories that I can’t write because it would literally be a wall of exposition. This is one of them. So I’m just going to put it down in bullet points so the idea can be vaguely given life. This thing is so long, I don’t even know where this was going.

In short, this one is about the reader who wakes up with amnesia after one particular mission with no memories of the last ten years. The past you and present ‘you’ are nothing alike, and it jars a lot of people, especially Hanzo, who you are–was?–dating.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm pretty close to self diagnosing myself with autism, and when I'm bored I'll usually take diagnostic tests just to see what scores I get. I've taken the same test five times now and I keep getting different scores?? The first time I took it I was told I was most likely autistic, then it said borderline, most likely again, not likely autistic, and the most recent one said I was borderline again? Why do my results keep changing? Can I be "more autistic" on some days than others???

You can present traits more on some days than others. It can also be due to variety in questions. Those diagnostic tests are just a basic guideline. They can’t be used to diagnose, but they can be pretty accurate. If you meet the guidelines as presented by the DSM 5, that’s all that matters.

Note: I’m not saying those tests can’t be good resources, but don’t put too much value in response variety. 

- palp