To a language that would see itself as the language of philosophy, it is helpful to oppose this multiplicity, and so to subject it to a deterritorialization that would make it conscious of its inscription in difference. Goethe put it well: “We know nothing of our own language if we don’t know any other.” The philosophical dictionary whose project must then be pursued indefinitely is not one that would give equivalents of the same concept in different languages (themselves evidently also conceptual or “abstract”) but one that deterritorializes the ways of speaking that make use of the word in question, and ultimately leads us to become aware of our conditions of living in what Hannah Arendt calls “the unsteady ambivalence of the world.”
—  Souleymane Bachir Diagne, “The Ink of the Scholars: Reflections on Philosophy in Africa”
Go with the flow: Yoga for PMS relief

After tracking your cycle for a few months, you may discover that you don’t actually experience premenstrual syndrome or symptoms on a monthly basis. But if you do, you know it. And when it strikes, all hell can break loose.

To cope with PMS, your first instinct might be to curl up in bed and hibernate for days. While rest is important, movement and stimulation could be much more effective for fast relief.

Sometimes the best cures are also the simplest (and the oldest!). Yoga is splendid way to get active whether you’re at home, outdoors or in a studio.

Yoga has been shown to be effective in both easing cramps and shortening how long cramps last (1, 2).

Yoga may help to ease your cramps in a few different ways. First, certain poses help to stretch the areas where you feel premenstrual pain. Research shows that stretching your abdomen, pelvis and groin can lessen the intensity of cramps (3).

Practicing yoga increases blood flow in your body (4), which may also help to ease cramps. Some people who experience cramps have less uterine blood flow on the first day of their cycles (5). This may make their cramps more intense. The warming effect of yoga may also lessen cramp intensity - just like a heating pad…without the pad (6, 7).

Yoga might also ease painful cramps by helping you de-stress.

Why? Turns out when you’re less stressed, your uterus may actually contract less intensely (3). The soothing combination of movement and breath has been shown to ease the feelings of stress and anxiety that some people experience as premenstrual symptoms (8, 9).

Yoga can lower the amount of certain stress hormones produced in your body (10, 11) One of these hormones is cortisol. 

Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” and is intimately connected to the pain some people experience before their period (12).

Yoga may also help in regulating reproductive hormones that contribute to premenstrual symptoms (13). Research shows that levels of follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and prolactin may all be affected by a consistent yoga practice (13). Balancing these, and other hormones might help to lessen cycles irregularities, and ease painful cramping (13, 14).

Lastly, exercise and movement simply distract you from your cramps. Yoga brings focus to other parts of the body and gives the mind something else to pay attention to (15).

Here are a few suggestions for poses you can try next time you’re feeling the pinch of premenstrual cramps:

Bow pose: Stretches and stimulates the abdomen; also applies abdominal pressure, which may be soothing to some people

Camel pose: Stretches and stimulates the abdomen

Legs-up-the-wall: Helps in moving blood from the legs to the abdomen

Child’s pose: Stretches the back, which may help relieve cramps in the back of the lower lumbar

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  • Deal on the return of B team defender Diawandou Diagne (20) to Belgian 2nd division team Eupen has been closed. Player will join in coming days. [l’avenir]
  • Youth team winger Bobby Adekanye (16) has joined English club Liverpool. He was one of the five transfers that were banned from playing for the club over claims they were illegally signed. [dailymail]


  • Barcelona sources confirm they are holding talks with English club West Ham on a possible permanent transfer of Alex Song (27). No deal has been made yet. Song has agreed to personal terms with West Ham and is now awaiting a medical. A fee is yet to be agreed with Barcelona. Manchester City, AC Milan, and Inter Milan were also interested. [rac1, dailymail, sky]
  • Gerard Deulofeu (21), who was on loan at Sevilla, has joined English club Everton on a 3-year deal. [premierleague]
  • Ibrahim Afellay (26), whose contract at Barcelona has expired, has been offered to Italian club Lazio. [sportmediaset]


  • Chile (with Claudio Bravo) and Argentina (with Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi) will face each other in the 2015 Copa América final on 4 July. 
  • Martín Montoya (24) has signed a 2-year loan deal with Italian club Inter Milan. Barcelona will get 1.5M for his loan. Buy option for 7M available. [90min, md]
  • After UEFA lifted the financial fair play restrictions, French club PSG are again interested in signing Pedro (27) this summer. [lequipe]


  • Barcelona coach Luis Enrique asked the Club to sign 2 players this summer: winger Aleix Vidal (25) and midfielder Arda Turan (28). Enrique also wants an extra midfielder before Barcelona’s pre-season on 13 July. He handed the Club a list with 4 names. [md, ara]
  • Barcelona had a deal with İlkay Gündoğan, number 3 on midfield wishlist, but Enrique prefers one of top 2, Arda Turan among those. [ara]
  • Barcelona would pay between 35 and 40M for Turan. Managing committee wants the new president to announce the deal while Enrique wants him at the start of pre-season. Club sources say the managing committee could still sign the deal. They asked for more information. [esport3, cope, md, sport, ara]
  • Barcelona have a verbal agreement with Italian club Juventus who won’t sell midfielder Paul Pogba (22) this summer. They have reached an agreement on his transfer for the 2016/17 season. Barcelona’s next president will have to finalize the deal on his transfer after the elections. [ser, sport]
  • Barcelona’s managing committee will meet on Monday evening. They could then decide if they will sign the Turan deal or not. [rac1]
  • Three Barcelona executives are in Brazil for talks with Brazilian club Fluminense on midfielder Gerson (18), on whom Barcelona have first option. [md] 
  • Alex Vidal (25) and, if a deal is closed, Arda Turan will be Barcelona’s only summer signings during this summer transfer window. [sport]

Blackout. So the theme is Uprising and my favorite part of black resistance history the Haitian revolution. Fuck white supremacy. Fuck white violence. Africa for the Africans. My names Ahmed Diagne I’m an organizer for racial justice and a radical one at that. I love my people and I know what we were,what we can be,and what we will be. We are the start and the end. Black is beautiful that will always be the trend. Love it or or hate you know that it’s true. Pick what side of history your on. Because I know what side i would die for. The universe is calling. Is it calling you?

Good afternoon, Barça fans! It’s the start of the season (finally) and today, we have a game! Our lovely Barcelona players will be playing against Recreativo Colombia in Huelva (Colombia). Here are some things to know about the match!

We are traveling to Huelva with a 23 man squad. If I’m right, it’ll be the following eight team players: Ter Stegen, Montoya, Bartra, Deulofeu, Afellay, and Bojan. And the following B team players: Patric, Bagnack, Edgar Ié, Lucas, Grimaldo, Samper, Diagne, Halilovic, Babunski, Munir, Sandro, Dani Nieto, Juan Román, Dongou and Adama. Everyone above are on the team for today, with the exception of Bojan, cause I think he was injured! Masip may also be playing!(This isn’t confirmed, but later I will release the starting line up if given.)

The team will depart from Camp Nou at 9:15 AM CET and touch down in Seville at 11:00 AM CET! Them ,from there, our players will make a final trip to the AC Huelva hotel, where they will rest up and recoup petard until game time, which is 20:45 or for others 8:45 PM (CET).

This will be the first game of the season that Luis Enrique serves as manager, and in addition to him serving as the manager, many B team players will be making their debut today in Huelva!

And, our new 2014/2015 away kits will be used for the first time today in Huelva, the first team they’ve been seen since they were unveiled in July 15th! It sports a crew neck collar, and the shirt is entirely and utterly crimson (ooooh!), aside from the cuffs which are red on one side and blue on back, aka, Blaugrana colors! ‘The yellow and red Catalan flag is printed on the back of the collar inside the neck, and this detail is repeated on the back of the collar, but with ‘Barca’ in blue and the club’s unique club font below it. Inside the back of the neck there’s a blue pennant tab with the club motto ‘Mes que un club’ (More than a club) and the foundation year of 1899. The new away shorts are also bright crimson with a thin blue stripe along each side, while the new away socks are bright crimson with a wide tonal stripe on the back’. (thanks to fcb.com for the description of the away kit).

If you have any questions about the game, don’t hesitate to message me! Enjoy the game! Cheer for Barcelona xx