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My 52 Frames: Week 18

I drove around for hours this last week finding nothing that caught my interest at all. My family moved to the area I live in when I was just shy of 5 years old. I’ve lived within 50 or so miles of that first house ever since, I’m 43 now. I often find myself feeling like I’ve seen everything there is to see here, like there are no stories to tell that I haven’t already tried to. I know that can’t be true but it’s a feeling I find myself caught up in none the less. 

Kind of giving up for the day, I finally ended up at a location I’ve been to many, many times. Barton Park, in Ann Arbor Michigan, has been referred as one of the most overly photographed locations in the area. While that is probably true, it still offers something every time I go there. Sometimes all the dam gates are open, sometimes none or, like this day, only a couple. Sometimes there are people kayaking on river below, sometimes people fishing. It’s usually a quiet and somewhat peaceful place to just walk around.

The point is, even if you’ve been to a place a million times, it probably has something to offer you just by being there. Be it a photo or just some much needed time out and about, you’ll probably come home with something you didn’t have when you left.

4x5 Arista.EDU Ultra 100, 15 seconds @ f/32 with Red25 and 3 stop ND filters stacked.  Intrepid field camera. 210mm. Dip&Dunk processed in Diafine 3:30+3:30

© 2016 Jeffrey E. Roush