Baths of Diocletian - A Sanctuary of Ariccia

A sanctuary dedicated to Demeter and Kore, divine personifications of the generative forces of the earth. Demeter (middle) has a chitone and cloak sitting on a wide and decorated throne. The goddess is richly ornated with a diadem and with ears of corn crown and jewellery. She is holding in her hand some ears of corn which is a typical attribute of the divinity.

(museum info card)

Rome, June 2015

The ruby and spinel diadem, part of the parure gifted to Queen Therese of Bavaria from her husband, King Ludwig I, in 1830. Ruby is the birthstone of July babies and Therese, by the way, was born on 8 July. :)
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I wish slytherin had a shield instead of a locket. And hufflepuff an armor or something, then if you were “truly worthy” you’d be rocking the sword of gryffindor, the shield of slytherin, armor of hufflepuff and diadem of ravenclaw in battle and look absolutely fabulous bc u KNOW there’d be red, green, blue and yellow crystals all over that shit!


Hey spacekin! Thought you all might enjoy a diy project if you’re a knitter or interested in knitting. This wonderful shawl is called the celestarium and its on ravelry for $7. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/celestarium It’s not a beginner’s pattern, but the stitches are mostly all just knit, yarn over, and some knit 2 together. I learned how to bead onto a knit work with this shawl. It took me months to get it done. Patternwork is a must know and its smart to keep a sheet handy to mark rows and stuff. It’s a big project. I used knit picks diadem yarn in fluorite, which turned out to be the best color ever. Had a subtle variation along the strand, and the material mix was magical. It’s my favorite shawl. I even got a special half moon and stars pin to wear it with. Totally worth the effort!