The Mad Scientist and the Egyptian Cat

It was 1989, autumn and the beginning of sophomore year at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Peter Dinklage was yet doctor, only having a bachelors and a masters that he had obtained at only sixteen at California tech. His genius level was always beyond, he was tested as a prodigy that made up for his lack of height. Still he was taunted for his dwarfism, some people will always remain ignorant. Back to the fall of ‘89, he was in his professors lab as his professor was on break, young Peter, was inspecting.a vial of some sort of mutation, accidentally he dropped it breaking the vial and he was knocked out, when he woke up he felt different and following events he diacovered that he had super attributes, strength, and when he was in a car accident that should have killed he healed quickly survivong completely, and jis intelligence increased inhumanly. Peter had become a mutant. Later he met German mutant Tom Wlaschiha together they joined and began to recruit, Peter now a doctor for the team The Defenders. Now they were on their way to Death Valley in California to save a mutant that was being experimented on. He was posing as a scientist at the lab and as he ventured he heard a pained meowing noise…

noite claro

                                                   a carla diacov

é dia
e nós
procurando poemas
como quem busca sentido entre sombras
a louca
o homem bêbado
o menino faminto em burkina faso
o chão descalço dos pés de quem caiu
a farinha sem as mãos de quem tem fadiga
e ainda
a voz de doutores ao sul receitando holocausto
eles, se julgando bons como os ingleses
   (mas não os de north east)
envergonham rotweilers
e ela, por exemplo, na outra ordem, desse desmantelo
assim como o sol
não tem erro
é dia
não falta luz
faltam olhos