Things to do instead of Feeling Like Shit. (ED Recovery)

1.) Have an apple and a glass of water.

2.) Go get/ give yourself a manicure/pedicure

3.) Read a magazine/a book


5.) Make a list of gifts to give your loved ones and add it all up. Even if you can’t really afford certain things, sometimes you can come across ideas for little things you can make or get for holidays/anniversaries/birthdays/just because gifts.

6.) Warm Epsom salt baths are great for relaxing tension if you are stressed and for muscle relaxation if you get delayed onset muscle soreness.

7.) It’s okay if you don’t want to work out. But just know that exercise can make you feel better, even if it’s just something like walking your dog or going to the mall to window shop/ walk round.

8.) Watch something engaging, something that makes you think, something  that makes you realize how amazing and beautiful life is. Watch something interesting that occupies your thoughts and just focus on it. Or watch something that just makes you feel good and not think at all.

9.) Go for a drive if you can. It’s fall/winter, go see the trees, make a playlist, and grab a friend or go alone if you want. Go see how pretty your town is and maybe find a few places just for you to go to and know about.

10.) Lay in bed and just rest when you need to. Don’t make it a habit, but do take your rest days when you need them for mental/emotional/physical whatever reasons. It’s okay. You’ve spent enough of this life pushing and pushing yourself. Let yourself rest for a day here and there. Everyone needs a break.

been such a bad diabulimic these last couple days.

but idc.

i only ate once today, i think thats pretty great i guess?


confession time,

some stupid bitch was in the bathroom bugging me because its like the 3rd time she caught me throwing up on campus and I had to lie and tell her I was pregnant.

is it bad I giggled about it to myself?

anonymous asked:

Do you know something about "diabulimia" ? ~MD

Hi there, dear!

Diabulima is an eating disorder which may affect those with Type 1 Diabetes. Diabulimia is the reduction of insulin intake to lose weight. It’s considered a dual diagnosis disorder: where one has diabetes as well as an eating disorder. While it’s generally associated with the use of insulin, an individual with diabetes may also suffer from another eating disorder.

There are a lot of health risks of Diabulima. High glucose levels, exhaustion thirst, inability to think clearly, severe dehydration, muscle loss, high cholesterol bacterial skin infections, yeast infections, menstrual disruption, staph infections, retinopathy, neuropathy, stoke, coma, and even death.

This is just as serious as any other eating disorder and if you think that you’re suffering from it or someone you know if suffering from it you should really talk to someone about this. It can be very very dangerous and we don’t want to see you get hurt, dear. We care about you and we’re here to try to help you in any way that we can. You can come talk to me whenever you need to and I’ll try to help you the best that I can.

Lots of love,


I just want people to know that might be reading this, once you start to take insulin again during diabulimia recovery, you will bloat and gain water weight. This is something that I’m struggling with even now, and you need to know that THIS IS TEMPORARY. It is not forever and what’s happening is your body is basically going into a shock period because insulin bringing your BG down and you not being dehydrated anymore. It is not really weight gain and it will go away. Keep going, keep taking your insulin, exercise a little bit, and do not give up. The struggle is only temporary.