diabolik lovers render


These are just some edits I made for some really special people!

The Kanato and Azusa one was for @clingybatchildannie

The Yuuma x Laito ones are for @alexmukami and his lover Laito Sakamaki who both roleplay YuumaxLaito on G+

The Shuu x Reiji one (The one with them in bloody best costumes) is for  Reiji Sakamaki 逆巻 レイジ and his Shuu on G+

And the Shuu and Reiji (The stars one) one is for Keah Sakamaki aswell as the SubaruxKou one since it’s for our Subaru and Kou

I can do requests for people if they want me to do them, I don’t mind ^~^ I mainly do Diabolik Lovers though xD


If Yuma was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

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White Day Set 2016 [version 1.2]

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What was updated?

  • All chibis were edited again since I wasn’t happy with how I edited them the first time.
  • Reiji was fully redrawn (I tried) and added.
  • Subaru was added.
  • Kanatos eyebrow (right) was fixed.
  • Carlas pupils were fixed.

Bloody Fairy Tale - Ayato  [Low Quality Render]

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If Azusa was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by anonymous  ❀