18 september 2017

bts’ comeback makes this the best birthday ever and I caught up on so much work thanks to early school dismissal!!

31 • 08 • 2017 // finally starting to do some work! (ft. preparations for today’s journal!)

It feels so nice and productive to start working again, and on such a beautiful platform too! Infact, I’ve been working on a short essay for a prep-ahead university course right now! (And multitasking with doodling for my journal!)

{Also, goodluck to my Muslim brothers and sisters with their fasting today (and those having the pilgrimage, with their journey)!}


Hey everyone! So as you may or may not know, I’m moving to Belfast for university and I would really love it if someone from Belfast, or who has been to Belfast a few times, or anyone with an extensive knowledge of Belfast and Northern Ireland please contact me!

I want to learn more about the place and the culture and the languages, etc. and basically a person’s point of view of the place because I’ve had enough of googling everything 😩