diabolical fun


Fandom/Pairing(s): Elsword; hints of MMLP + DEMM
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2,455

Summary:  Mastermind tries out Lunatic Psyker’s clothes when he noticed that his jacket has gone missing.  What is Diabolic Esper doing with his clothes?  Inspired by this and this by dez!  Crack fic.   

Psyker’s clothes were the first thing Mastermind saw when he opened the dryer.  Of course, he thought in amusement.  Psyker always had more clothes in the dryer because of how often he changed.  He got his hands dirty more often than Mastermind did because of how different their fighting styles were.  The only person who bled more than Psyker was probably Esper, but…

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littlehaunteddream  asked:

23, 35 and 36 of author asks? c:

Thanks ^^

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.
Well, even years later it’s still In The Name of Love. Before it I’d gotten positive feedback of course, but not like this. So many people were excited about this fic and that in turn made me more excited.

It’s also the first fanfic I had planned out so deeply that I had 30 pages of notes on it. I felt diabolical in the fun way for what I put the characters through. And it was just so much fun. And so were the responses I got. One chapter had comments all about the same thing. “NOT AKOYA’S HAIR! You monster!” I loved it!

35. Do you write drabbles? If so, what do you normally write them about?
Oh god I suck at drabbles! I did one sorta recently though, it was for the ship week. A cute lil Kindoka thing based on @fillyrika ‘s adorable kindoka art. When I do write them they’re about little moments, or introspective fics.

36. What’s your favourite genre to write?

I love writing angst. And then to do some warm hurt/comfort afterwards ^^


Fandom/Pairing: Elsword; hints of MMLP
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,571

Summary:  After Add’s timeline was reset, his mother never died and he has no memory of ever being Mastermind.  Why does Add feel uneasy about Diabolic Esper staying at his house?  Sequel to Paranoia, Part VI for the Seal of Time series.  Can be read as standalone, Add/MM centric. 

~[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V] [You Are Here] [Part VII] [Part VIII]

Warning:  It is strongly suggested that you read the last chapter for details of why Add/MM is OOC.  A short summary for those who need a refresher: Mastermind has a different personality because he never suffered in this timeline, which was “reset” by Esper.  Add is technically the same person as MM because they’re from the same timeline/universe, but still different.  

Add decided that he didn’t like Esper.  

The lab assistant was not one to judge those he just met, but something about the visitor was off.  It was hard for him to find the words to explain why.  They had only known each other for a few hours at most and Esper hadn’t done anything haphazard or out of line.  Yet, the way Esper glowered at him sent shivers down his spine.  

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This is diabolical fun
Where beams of light seem to jump from the tip of my tongue
And permeate the mic with mastery at last he has come
Now you afraid of the dark, you’ll need a nightlight
Because what i write might tear you apart
Where do i start?
Your flow’s abyssmal, grab it and run
Where is the art?
It’s dismal what you had to become
Now you’re a sad rendition of a shattered henchmen
Who didn’t listen and got breadcrumbed into an impossible mission
You know that i’m weightless, not even gravity’s holding me down
Brought a Rhymesayer with me, now we the talk of a town