diablo iii: reaper of souls


I finally got around to finishing Reaper of Souls with my Monk (still love the style so much). Found a legendary chest piece as well, which is always good. And I love so many design things about D3 and especially those amazing illustrations style things in the video sequences.
fem!Monk is hot af and I’m totally lowkey shipping her with Eirena.

(and I never knew the monk had tattoos, there’s something I need to draw at some point)

Current Activities in Diablo #9

My Marauder DH is about as geared as she’s going to get, though over time I am still finding the occasional upgrade. I got a huge 8% damage boost from her new weapon and I did find a belt that was 1% or better on all stats across the board (Still keeping Zoey’s Secret because it’s great for Marauder).

There could be more to do but I’m at my peak. I was able to manage GR60 with a mere 58 seconds to spare. Theoretically I could go find a different build, farm up different legendaries, and push further… But my current form gets the job done. Public games sometimes do GR60′s or 65′s and the paragon levels are still coming in at a decent rate, even when I farm my own GR50′s (Which is above Torment X).

To keep myself in the game and to mix things up a bit, I’ve rolled a Crusader who will be running an actual meta build. If I can just manage to get the full set, my Crusader might actually be able to push further, if I know how to build it right.
Honestly, I doubt it. It involves carrying multiple weapons around and swapping out a couple skills for different situations and frankly, I don’t care THAT much to do all that.

Still, I’ve been running GR’s on my DH and then dumping the Blood Shards on the Crusader which has net her some of the required set, and it’s working out pretty well. She’s also become much more powerful than my other Crusader, whom I have now deleted for becoming obsolete.
I may end up doing the same for a future barbarian.

My only problem with the Crusader right now is the build seems incredibly passive. Everything on it has a 30 second cooldown so I just gather a big group, activate all my shit, and then just sit there and basic-attack stuff. I’m told it gets a huge boost on the 6 piece set bonus, which I believe due to the same happening on MOST class sets. (Marauders especially gets an 1800% damage boost, and another 1200% if you can get the legendary that lets you put two more sentries up). So before I -really- play the Crusader, I’m going to have to get the full set.

I’m still proud of my progress. I became the highest Season paragon in the clan I’m in (Though I might have been passed overnight, not sure. Even then I’m still probably second or third). Like I said, GR60 isn’t exactly the 70′s in the Leaderboards but I’m getting the job done.


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1-70 Leveling & T6 Gearing Guide - Diablo 3 #reaperofsouls #diablo3 #diabloiii #d3 #blizzard

Instead of purchasing and then posting a 1-70 Leveling Guide for Diablo 3, I decided to do you one better.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6a3jQ7DDhU)

It’s time to delve into the Crypt of the Skeleton King! Will we prevail and defeat him or will we fall to the hands of the Mad King risen?


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wKSwdiRKdk)

More crypt delving and perhaps even a friend? Who is this mysterious person and why do they want to follow us?


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeZ6GOJZ4D4)

The search for Leoric’s Crown continues. Which Defiled Crypt is it in? Crypt #2…. Crypt #3? Let’s find out!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em8PxMEncvA)

Diving back in to Sanctuary! Round two against the Wretched mothers and their Queen! Do we get her this time?

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