Diabetic Emergencies

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I saw a post with someone bragging about how they were at work and someone ordered diet coke and this person purposely gave them full sugar coke and this was supposedly hilarious

To all you out there who work in positions like this person, please please don’t do this

My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes. He drinks diet coke because the lack of sugar means that he doesn’t need to inject himself with insulin before having a drink

If he, or any other diabetic, was served coke instead of diet coke it could KILL HIM

So yeah, if someone asks for diet coke, GIVE THEM DIET.

Question about sugar free foods with dextrose and maltodextrin.

Alright, I am confused and was wondering if anyone could help me out here. So I was looking up the ingredients for the sugar free razzleberry pie at Marie Calender’s because my grandparents’ like to get it for Thanksgiving and I like to know what I am eating ahead of time (yeah, few months early, but I am weird like that). Anyways, I always assumed “sugar free” meant that it was something geared towards diabetics as they need to watch their sugar intake so they don’t raise blood sugar levels. If this is the point then why add dextrose and maltodextrin which have a higher glycemic value than refined sugar? Wouldn’t it just make more sense to just have a moderately sized piece of regular pie? Am I just missing something?

Three Methods to Eliminate Type II Diabetes

It is practically common knowledge that if you have type 2 diabetes, you will have it forever. However, common knowledge isn’t always right. Consider the fact that people used to think that the Earth was flat, and you all know how that turned out. The truth is that doctors and researchers have now identified 3 ways to eliminate type 2 diabetes.Low-Carb Eating PlansLow-carb diet programs such as Atkins and South Beach are not widely accepted among medical professionals, especially among nutrition experts. However, numerous medical doctors have tested these types of diet plans with their own patients and discovered…