Diabetic Emergencies

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every fatphobic response to fat acceptance:

FAT Aceptancce is BAD bcause its NOT healthy to b faTtY!!! !! EVEYONe who is fat dies IMMEDIATELLY and have DIabeats!!. it is literley So dangerous to love urself!!!! Everyyone loose weight if they just Eet les$s and exorcisze !,!!!!!.!! this is soo slimple. Srlsly!! my uncles fat Got him diabetie and he is BAd now!!!,,

I saw a post with someone bragging about how they were at work and someone ordered diet coke and this person purposely gave them full sugar coke and this was supposedly hilarious

To all you out there who work in positions like this person, please please don’t do this

My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes. He drinks diet coke because the lack of sugar means that he doesn’t need to inject himself with insulin before having a drink

If he, or any other diabetic, was served coke instead of diet coke it could KILL HIM

So yeah, if someone asks for diet coke, GIVE THEM DIET.

  • Natsu: Pull~!
  • Juvia: *throws a water disc high into the air*
  • Natsu: *points his index finger up and shoots a small fireball at it*
  • Asuka: That's awesome~~!!
  • Natsu: Heh heh, your turn kiddo!
  • Asuka: *lifts up her little pop gun* Pull~
  • Juvia: *throws another water disc into the air* C'mon, Asuka-chan~
  • Asuka: *concentrates and fires her gun*
  • Juvia: *makes the water disc explode* Wow, that was totally faster than Natsu-san's shot!
  • Natsu: Hey!
  • Juvia: *winks at Natsu*
  • Natsu: Darn it, I lost again...!
  • Asuka: Natsu-nii, you lose a lot to me! *giggling*
  • Natsu: You're just too good for me! So, what do I gotta do this time?
  • Asuka: Horsey~! Take me to get ice cream!
  • Natsu: Ugh... again? Fine, c'mon! *picks up Asuka and puts her on his shoulders* Let's gooooooooo!
  • Juvia: Wait, Juvia is coming too!
  • Natsu: You want ice cream too?
  • Juvia: Maybe... *leans in closer to Natsu* Juvia thinks you are really amazing, Natsu-san. *walks ahead of the both of them*
  • Natsu: ...
  • Asuka: What's wrong, Horsey?
  • Natsu: *small smile* Nuthin' kiddo. And my name's Natsu!
  • Asuka: Not right now - you're Horsey!
  • Natsu: Ugh...

“  Boris and the swap machine AU ”

Andy the baker! <3 

bueno…al ver que a Andy le asía galletitas a todos mientras los demás asían wueas satanias (??) me inspiro a esto! x’’D

verlo como la típica abuelita que te da de comer asta estallar me encanto <3 (?) quiero un Andy asi :’v pero solo verlo me da diabetis con caries (??)

wueno espero les guste! x’D

Bendy,Boris and Alice BY TheMeatly

AU BATSM BY @borisandtheswapmachine

ART BY yop

Uhm, little rant.

So yesterday I saw something on facebook. Here in germany there are facebook pages that post some random facts everyday. So I saw that fact saying that there will be cream cheeses in certain stores that taste like bounty and snickers and twix.
As I was reading the comments (there were thousands of comments and of course I didn’t read them all) I was shocked. So many people were writing things like “I will never eat these, I don’t want to get diabetes!” or “haha, that’s diabetes cream cheese” or even some were tagging their freinds and saying “You shouldn’t have eaten things like these because now you’re diabetic”. And so many people wrote “diabetis” (that’s the german equivalent to “diabeetus”).
The worst one was a girl, on her profile picture she looked like maybe 13 or 14 years old, that wrote “Guys, this is not how you get diabetes. I am diabetic and eating sugar does not mean that everbody gets diabetes.” and there were people commenting below, saying “haha, look at you, you’re so fat (which she wasn’t), it’s your own fault you got diabetes!” or “Maybe if you didn’t eat so much you wouldn’t have gotten diabetic.”
This shocked me. I am living in germany. In my country, education is free. Every kid has to go to school here and parents don’t have to pay (only if you want to go to non governmental schools, but that’s not the point). I learned about diabetes in school when I was 13. Every.damn.kid. learns about this disease here. But there were even adults who worte such idiotic comments. And there ware not only a few comments but so so many! Like? Guys, you learned about that at school! And it really isn’t hard to understand what causes diabetes!
Sorry for that rant, I just wanted to get this off my chest.