I just think this is important to post these on this blog from time to time.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Diabulimia Helpline 1-425-985-3635

Also, Kristin Brooks Hope Center 1-800-SUICIDE

Eating Disorder Helpline 1-800-931-2237

Self-harm Helpline 1-888-610-2045




Diabetics With Eating Disorders Tumblr

I HATE when someone says, “At least you don’t have something serious like cancer.” Diabetes is serious. Deadly serious. Diabetes is the SEVENTH deadliest disease in THE FREAKING WORLD. Fifth in the US. Only ONE TYPE OF CANCER kills more people: throat/lung cancers. There are countless CANCER SURVIVORS. Until there is a cure, THERE WILL NEVER BE A DIABETES SURVIVOR. Because being a SURVIVOR implies the DANGER IS OVER. But it never will for us. There is no end to diabetes. No end to the danger. - Anon

i can’t do this anymore. i can’t do the needles. i can’t do the maths everytime i want to eat. i can’t do the pain. i can’t do the nights. i can’t do the days. i can’t do the highs. i can’t do the lows. i can’t do the isolation. i can’t do the social stigma. i can’t do any of it. i don’t want this to be my life. i want to live. i don’t want to be failing at survival. i just c a n ’ t do this. i can’t deal with it

- Anon

You are not alone <3

When someone says something like “Coke gives you diabetes,” it disgusts me, but what disgusts me more is when type 1s say things like, “That’s type 2; learn the difference,” in response and act all outraged. Especially when no type was given. Sugar doesn’t cause any type of diabetes, just increases the likelihood of getting it by contributing to obesity. We need to stick together and stop pointing fingers. It shouldn’t be an us vs them type war when it already feels like diabetics vs non-betics.

- Anon

Everything in life is more of a hassle with diabetes. You can never just eat, just exercise, just do anything impromptu. You have to plan your life, but your blood sugars can mess up all your plans. Involving yourself in regular activities like drinking and sex takes consideration. Permanent injuries, taking ages to heal, being sick because you get too hot, having difficulty with your teeth with the constant sugar intake. Not being able to lose weight safely. I can’t do this.

- Anon

I know it sounds trivial, but one of the shittiest things about this disease, for me, is that in a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t last 2 weeks. Like, it has always been something I considered, what if scenarios and whatever, but thanks to type 1, I would only last as long as my insulin kept. I can never have crazy adventures, never beat the odds, never survive.

- Anon

Fuck having this disease. Fuck not being like everybody else. Fuck being told how to live your own life. Fuck nearly fainting during blood tests. Fuck doctor’s getting psychologists to call you because you are not where they would like you to be. Fuck my fucked up sleeping patterns. Fuck infections. Fuck feeling weak. Fuck Ketones. Fuck needles. Fuck gaining weight from insulin. Fuck uneducated assholes who think they know everything. Just fuck everything.

- Anon