diabetic tattoos

“Mom, before reminding me that tattoos are permanent, please understand that I will also have this disease for the rest of my life. I got inked today for my safety as well as my sense of pride. I’ve had a couple close calls, and wearing a medic alert bracelet every day is not practical. Although I don’t like labeling myself, and the word ‘diabetic’ should never define me, it is still a huge part of my life. I should not be embarrassed to tell people I am diabetic, but this tattoo will speak for me when I cannot. To be honest, I am somewhat ashamed that I didn’t get the words ‘type one diabetic’ spelled out and instead opted for the more discrete acronym. I also carefully chose a location where it can be easily covered by a watch during job interviews. I am worried less about being discriminated against for having a tattoo than I am for having diabetes. But I am trying to put my health first and increase awareness. If people don’t understand what T1D is, I hope they will ask me.”

T1 Questions!

I just thought it would be fun to make this! Answer them yourself or ask me one if ya want!

1. MDI or Pump?

1.b. Pens or Syringes? / What brand is your pump?

2. Age at diagnosis?

3. Most physical pain it has caused you?

4. Hide it or take pride in it?

5. Novolog or Humalog?

6. Favorite diabetic life hack?

7. First choice of rescue carbs?

8. Most insulin worthy treat?

9. Do you restrict carbs?

10. Do you have real life diabuddies?

11. Anyone else in your family have type one?

12. Worst diabetic habit?

13. Favorite diabetic accessory?

14. Favorite glucose test finger?

15. Favorite pump/CGM/injection site?

16. Have you ever used diabetes to get you out of something?

17. Favorite diabetic devices/tech/whatever?

18. Do you have a Diabetic Alert Dog?

19. Do you wear a medical alert bracelet?

20. Any diabetic tattoos?

21. Have you ever been stranded without insulin?

22. Last time you were hospitalized?

23. Do you store your stuff in organized drawers or more of a chaos storer?

24. If there was one thing you wish everyone could understand what would it be?

25. What food always spikes you? 

 26. Favorite I’ve cream flavor? (This counts. Don’t question me!) 

 27. Favorite zero carb drink? 

 28. Favorite zero carb snack? 

29. How do you act when you’re low? 

30. How do you act when you’re high? 

31. Most ridiculous thing someone has said to you? 

32. What was your diagnosis experience like? 

33. How you doin’?

34. Do your friends “get it?” 

35. Have you ever done anything weird during a low?

7-22-15: tattooed

Sometimes I forget that I took an invisible disease and tattooed it right onto the side of my body. 

 This morning I was waiting for an early morning bus in a crowd of people and looked up from myself to see a middle-aged guy staring at my ankle, where bright bold letters inform anyone looking that I am a Type One Diabetic. I followed his eyes as they made their way from my tattoo up to the sensor just above my knee, and by the time he made it to my eyes my gaze was waiting to meet his. His face softened when we locked eyes and he smiled, tugged on the tubing spilling out from the pump in his pocket and shrugged. 

 We didn’t talk diabetes or even say hello, it was enough just to share the moment. We ended up on separate sides of the bus and he got off three stops before mine and I found myself wondering first about his blood sugar and then about his fingertips and about his pancreas and then if maybe he was wondering about my internal organs, too.

so i’ve decided this is the tattoo I’m going to get at some point, i’ll probably do it for my 21st birthday or something (because thats a little over 2 years away and I’m chicken) but yeah! after playing around with different fonts and trying to decide if i wanted the molecule or not, where to put the blue circle, and if i wanted to spell out type one or not, I’ve finally come to a conclusion! I’m actually really excited for it

feel free to use it if you want as is or to play around with it


Got my first tattoo. Type one diabetic with symbols below the wings reading “I am greater than my highs and my lows”. This has a huge meaning to me. I have always struggled with my diabetes and being comfortable with it in my own skin. I hated taking care of myself in public. I’ve had people approach me and ask me outrageous questions and quite honestly it would set me up for a panic attack and a lack of appreciation for socialization. I’ve wasted five years of my life not wanting to care for my body and my life. Today I am working harder every day to become comfortable with a disease I cannot control. This is one of the greatest things I could have ever done for myself. Much love for all of you. -R

So I found your blog earlier today. I absolutely fell right in love. I really enjoy what you are doing. I am 16 and I was diagnosed about three years ago and I have been on the pump for two years. A little less than a month ago I got this tattoo done. My mother and I were tired of fighting about wearing bracelets and I told her I wanted a tattoo done. I totally recommend it to anyone and it didn’t even hurt. It’s so symbolic and its perfect for identification. Feel free to share my picture if you’d like. Great to meet you☺️


Thank you for submitting! Diabetic tattoos are a wonderful idea; I think yours looks so great, and I hope to get one myself sometime in the near future. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tattoo :)