Things that effect my blood sugars
  • Hormones (don’t even get me started on what goes on during my period)
  • too much or too little insulin (duh)
  • stress
  • exercise
  • being really excited
  • being mad
  • being sad
  • pretty much all emotions
  • school ( math test mess me up like none other)
  • driving
  • chores
  • sleeping in
  • getting up early
  • the weather (yeah even the fricken weather)
  • let’s just assume that everything effects my blood sugars because they’re stupid
Type 1 Diabetic Problems

I came across this awesome artist named Haidee S. Merritt who creates hilarious cartoons and illustrations about life with type 1 diabetes. Here’s just a sampling of her work: 

In addition to being talented and funny, she’s also incredibly wise:

Preach, Haidee. 

Me when I was first diagnosed: Alright now I’ve got approximately X amount of carbs that I can consume throughout the day, which I can break down into X amount of carbs every four hours, which gives me three meals and one bedtime snack with high-protein content to carry me through . Everything must be precise in order to maximize success with my blood sugars. 

Me now: I don’t see why I can’t have three pasta dinners tonight 


When you ask for diet but your friend brings home regular #type1diabetes

Years ago, when I was eight years old and first diagnosed with type one diabetes, someone was asking me what being a diabetic meant. I was not as familiar with internal organs at the time as I could have been but I remembered that the name of the organ in my body that wasn’t working anymore (the pancreas) started with a “p”. So I said “I’m a diabetic because my penis isn’t working.”