diabetes meme

Me, usually:

Juice? Hmm it’s ok I guess. Don’t really like it too much. Gimme some of that w a t e r or maybe some m i l k I guess.

Me, low:

Oh fjück.. I’ve entered the astral plane… Juice is sustenance sent by god himself. I love it. Slurp slurp. Fuck yeah. All I need is that Ĵ̶̳ͅu̶͚͒̽ȋ̵̘̕c̵̉̌͝ͅe̵̫̹̳͒̈ and then I will relax until the Juice king embraces me and I enter the realm of human experience once more.

Me, high:

Give me the forbidden juice. Life is suffering. My body screams for the juice. The only thing that can help be now is her. The juice. I love her…. but I cannot have her… we are star crossed lovers separated by god himself…. one day we can be together… all I wish is to bask in her sugary beauty..

3:26 AM
  • jungkook: okay, but when you say you love me do you mean like, you love love me, or just like, you love me?
  • yugyeom:
  • jungkook: you never made crystal clear your feelings for me :/
  • yugyeom: jungkook please, it's three in the morning
  • jungkook: see, this is what i'm talking about, you always avoid the subject
  • yugyeom: jungkook, for fucks sake, we're married!