PSA! Very important please read!!

It’s Spring! And Spring is the most common time that people are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes! This is because symptoms are the most prominent after the body has fought of a illness.
If you experience any of the following symptoms please see a doctor immediately…

Deep, rapid breathing.
Dry skin and mouth.
Flushed face.
Fruity breath odor.
Nausea or vomiting; inability to keep down fluids.
Stomach pain.
Frequent thirst and urination.
Lethargy, fatigue.

again! Please see a doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms! Especially if you’re just recovering from a cold or flu! Diabetes is a chronic disease that can happen to anyone, and it’s deadly if not treated. Diabetes is nicknamed the “silent killer” for a reason.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an ask!


If you or people around you seem to be having an eating disorder or mental health issues please also get checked for diabetes. Somehow it seems they all may be related in some cases.

Hey diabetic friends. 

Can I use insulin that expired last month (in February)? I’m out of non-expired vials, and I have to change my pump today, and otherwise I’m totally out of insulin. Help? 

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Well I was in the ICU again.

Woke up the other morning feeling terrible, major pains, throwing up.

Went into the ER and got sent home a few hours later because my labs were fine, they gave me some meds and said drink water.

A few hours after that I called an ambulance and headed back in, ended up going to the ICU for a day or so and got corrected there, was in DKA as usual.

Finally back at my lady friends house and recouping.

Fun stuff.

Ok but can we diabetics talk about how little emphasis is placed on our mental health?

Like s/o to my physicians for teaching me different ways to stab myself with needles. Woulda been great if I was given the tools to deal with the internalized guilt and shame and eventual depression as well