Just been having an all around good time the past few days. Went to Hershey Park yesterday and had an AMAZING DAY. No lines, perfect weather, snapped awesome pics, ate chocolate. My blood sugar did hit 333 before our car ride home, but I got it down before bed. Today was my birthday and wow my girlfriend is the best. For any curious I’m 27 now. GOD I’M OLD. Haha, I’m not, but sometimes it feels like it.

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Sometimes life gets cloudy for a while, but trust me, they go away. I promise.

Really? Really. No ... really?

True story: 

Scene: me at the imaging center for my 3-moth CT scan (I also have cancer) - getting an IV put in by the tech - we’re discussing needles and blood draws:

me: Yeah… I’ve been diabetic for 35 years now, since I was 3, so I guess I’m kinda used to the needles.

tech: Well, at least it’s not AIDS. At least it’s manageable.

Here’s the thing.  I’m never looking for sympathy - that’s not my thing, does me no good, don’t want it.   But for the love of whatever god(s) you believe in - STOP MINIMIZING DIABETES.   It’s lethal, it’s progressive (not in a society is evolving kind of way either , but in a it gets worse and worse the longer you have it kind of way)…. it’s a lot of things.  Easy isn’t one of them.    Insignificant isn’t one of them.   SELF-INFLICTED ISN’T ONE OF THEM.     

I know I’ll never get this message out there.  But to those reading (because I know you’re all diabetics or love a diabetic … let’s be honest, we’re the only ones who care)  - I have mad respect for all of you (all of US).   We are all warriors.   When people say to me “God only gives you what he knows you can handle….” I think to myself, that’s a comforting notion, but honestly it’s more like - you adapt and learn to deal with it … or die.   So - take credit for that shit. You’re a badass, and I salute you. 


I’m sick and over people saying that my diabetes isn’t ‘that’ serious and that there’s worse things out there!!! I know that in a bittersweet way we are lucky that we have diabetes instead of some other serious and life threatening disease but diabetes is in itself is still a life threatening disease that IS extremely serious!!! The more people that tell me that it’s not, the more I start to question it and start to create a mind set of yeah I’ll be fine it isn’t that serious which I HATE because then all of a sudden I get hit with a low and I am again reminded if its seriousness and blame myself cause I tried to play it of and just live a normal life like the rest of them because I was told that my chronic, life threatening, time consuming illness isn’t ‘THAT SERIOUS’!!!!!!

This is super important and it would mean the world if you paid attention;
My boyfriend is type 1 diabetic, ran out of test strips & is running out of insulin very quickly. His insurance dropped him, and since he hasn’t learned to stabilize his blood sugar yet, he can’t work. No work = No money. We can’t afford insulin or more test strips because they’re super EXPENSIVE & we’re basically dirt poor at the moment. I fear the worst for his health & I really don’t want him to end up having a seizure again or worse PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP godshideouscreation klonopinqueeen vodkabutt laterfuckboys (please reblog)

Hey you person living with Type One Diabetes!

Yeah I’m talking to you.

Go fetch your glucometer right now. Unzip that shit. Snag that lil’ lancet device. Yep, grab that sucker.

Now imma ask you to do something pretty strange.

Change the lancet.

Do it.

I know, it’s a foreign task, but I know you can do it!! Your fingertips will thank you!


This has been a PSA

I had my endo appointment the other day, and it turns out that having a complete and utter emotional breakdown in front of the head doctor is the only way to get noticed in this health system?? I’ve been waiting 7 years to get started on a pump, but nothing ever happened no matter what I said or did, even though they described my control as “perfect”. Now two days after that incident, I got a phone call from the hospital and I’m starting a course in two weeks time. Relieved isn’t even the word. Sure I won’t be cured, but there is nothing in life that terrifies me more than needles so the last seven years of my life have been nothing short than a living nightmare… There is hope <3
Type 1 Diabetic Problems

I came across this awesome artist named Haidee S. Merritt who creates hilarious cartoons and illustrations about life with type 1 diabetes. Here’s just a sampling of her work: 

In addition to being talented and funny, she’s also incredibly wise:

Preach, Haidee. 

Ronald McDonald wants you to CONSUME food that is high in fat, salt, sugar, preservatives and low on nutrition. Ronald McDonald is the most evil clown that has ever lived.

Anybody else diabetic around here?

I was diagnosed in March… and I feel kinda isolated even though my sister has it too. She’s got all her friends who have it but I don’t fit in because I’m older than them but also less experienced?

Yeah anyway… Just thought it might be cool to know some people who have the same condition //youcanjustignoremeknow