Yesterday Evie said she could not have another marshmallow or she would get “diabeetus”. Yes. She said it like that. Whoever is giving my child a complex is going to hear some harsh words. Yes, she’s too obsessed with treats and needs some guidance. She’s 5. We talk about healthy foods versus foods to eat in moderation. Not “you’re going to get diabetes”! Ahhhhhhh.

The Flame of Hope is an eternal flame that honors Sir Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin, as well as all those who have been affected by diabetes. Simultaneously, it serves as a reminder that insulin controls diabetes but does not cure it; ultimately, it stands for the hope that a cure will soon be found.

The Flame will only be extinguished when a cure for diabetes is developed. The team responsible for finding the cure will be flown in to do so.

The Flame of Hope was kindled before 4,000 spectators by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on July 7, 1989.

life of a teenage diabetic
  • me: I need a drink
  • mom: what's ur bloodsugar
  • me: I need to pee
  • mom: what's ur bloodsugar
  • me: I'm hungry is there food?
  • mom: what's ur bloodsugar???
  • me: it's kinda hot
  • mom: what's ur bloodsuGAR
  • me: sleeping
  • mom: *wakes me up* WHATS UR DANG BLOODSUGAR
To the People Who Make Diabetes Jokes:

I hope you realize that it’s not sugar and “diabeetus.”

I hope you realize it’s waking up at 3AM, shaking and dizzy and using all of your energy to find your blood sugar kit, and then more to find something to treat the low.

I hope you realize that it’s little black bumps on your fingertips from countless blood sugar checks.

I hope you realize that it’s scarring on your stomach, arms, and legs from injections and insulin pump sites.

I hope you realize it’s not being able to just eat anything when your friends do without worrying about a major blood sugar spike.

I hope you realize it’s getting unwanted attention in school when you do a blood sugar check or one of your devices beeps.

I hope you realize that it’s trying to stay in the best shape possible, and still hearing all of the fat and eating jokes.

I hope you realize that we’ve been hearing these jokes all our lives, and we’re going to be hearing them until the end.

I hope you realize that these jokes aren’t cool or funny.

I hope you realize that using our struggle as the punchline to your jokes makes you look like an ass.


Hello catsuggest! am Thor, a tough kitty! I survive everything: fight wit other kitties, tapeworm, res-per-tory illness. Even got chomped by coyote once!! But I am still alive!!! Only now I has the diabeetus and momma feed me less and poke me wit pointy thing every day. :(
Am paw-lee-dack-tull, which sound like dinosaur, but just mean I has extra toe beans!!
My sister is Seraphina, a Mean girl who EAT MY FOOD

Really? Really. No ... really?

True story: 

Scene: me at the imaging center for my 3-moth CT scan (I also have cancer) - getting an IV put in by the tech - we’re discussing needles and blood draws:

me: Yeah… I’ve been diabetic for 35 years now, since I was 3, so I guess I’m kinda used to the needles.

tech: Well, at least it’s not AIDS. At least it’s manageable.

Here’s the thing.  I’m never looking for sympathy - that’s not my thing, does me no good, don’t want it.   But for the love of whatever god(s) you believe in - STOP MINIMIZING DIABETES.   It’s lethal, it’s progressive (not in a society is evolving kind of way either , but in a it gets worse and worse the longer you have it kind of way)…. it’s a lot of things.  Easy isn’t one of them.    Insignificant isn’t one of them.   SELF-INFLICTED ISN’T ONE OF THEM.     

I know I’ll never get this message out there.  But to those reading (because I know you’re all diabetics or love a diabetic … let’s be honest, we’re the only ones who care)  - I have mad respect for all of you (all of US).   We are all warriors.   When people say to me “God only gives you what he knows you can handle….” I think to myself, that’s a comforting notion, but honestly it’s more like - you adapt and learn to deal with it … or die.   So - take credit for that shit. You’re a badass, and I salute you. 


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I bet you Ardyn's wife was the one that proposed and he just melted and started getting supper sappy as he was so happy to be asked this.

fuck this is….. this is cute….. how long as this been here…. I have the diabeetus now omg

diabetic strong

if you’ve ever wondered what it means to be “diabetic strong”.

•we wake up every morning knowing that a day of emotional roller coasters, mental breakdowns/craziness, and physical pain waits for us-but we get out of bed and face it anyway.

•we face the “jokes”. most people don’t know that type one is NOT caused by sugar/candy/chocolate/or obesity. so the jokes or comments about getting “diabeetus” are not only false, but extremely insulting- yet we have the will power to turn the other cheek or the courage to stand up for ourselves.

•we power through the pain. everyday we have to take multiple shots just to eat. we prick our fingers so much our fingerprints are disorted. the needles and pokes and pain are sometimes unbearable-but we know we have to do it to stay alive, so we do.

•WE LIVE LIFE. it would be so easy to not care about anything, about even trying to live. each day we know the battles that we are going to have to face, and we know it’s going to be hard. but we deal with it. it could be worse and we know that. so we do what we have to do. and if that isn’t “diabetic strong” then i don’t know what is.

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