Ahhh… seeing Miyuki get excited about Sawamura’s pitching ability and the potential that’s yet to be brought out of him really makes my day. As I’ve said before - although he doesn’t praise Sawamura directly, he really has no problem being honest about his feelings when he’s talking about him to other people. It’s also too cute how Miyuki sticks up for Sawamura by mentioning that he’s been giving it his all recently, and also goes to show that Miyuki is still keeping an eye on Sawamura - unsurprisingly. I like how Miyuki describes Sawamura as a gem in the rough and that even though catching Sawamura’s pitches might be more challenging than most, there’s nothing he wants more than to see how far they can go together as a battery when Sawamura becomes a more polished… diamond (yep, you knew there’d be a pun!).

Answers from Terajima

Q: When and why did Tetsu-san and Jun-san start to call each other by their names?

A: Jun-san started to call him “Tetsu” from the 3rd day after entering the baseball club. Tetsu-san started to call him “Jun” around the time when they overcame the winter in the first year (hell camp?).

Ah, it’s not the third day!  But it could happen judging by his character (laughs). Realistically speaking Jun-san started to call Tetsu since summer holidays. 

Q: When and why did Kuramochi change from calling ‘Ryosuke-san’ to 'Ryo-san’? And when Kuramochi entered the club did he call him 'Ryosuke-san’? I'm curious

A: I’m also curious

Q: What kind of development Narumiya and Miyuki went through to call each other Mei and Kazuya? 

A: It might be that during the game in middle school there were a lot of exchanging and strategies that only those two could understand. And after the game they understood their conformance and immediately got along with each other.

Q:  Why Takashima-san isn’t angry at Miyuki-senpai even though he calls her 'Rei-chan’?

A: Why indeed? I can’t think of anything except she forgives him as a person. 

Q: From when did Narumiya-san start to respect Enatsu Yutaka? As different generations Narumiya-san couldn’t see him when he was an active player?

A: Maybe he listened to his father's reminiscence stories every day.. Like that

Q:  The coach is a member of teaching staff so he gives lessons I think, so what kind of attitude toward coach’s lessons do club members have?

A: Basically they are nervous, but there are times when they are surprised/confused by expressions he shows to students not in the baseball club. 

Q:  What’s the full name of Ichidai Sankou?

A: Ichikawa Daigaku Daisan Koutou Koukou. Ichikawa university 3rd high school grade

Q: Those children that play in a senior league don’t play baseball at middle school clubs?  

A: The balls are different, so probably they chose only one. 

There was a comment later that guys enter senior leagues to get used to hardball sooner and they enter track-and-fiels clubs at schools to train their stamina 

Q:  How does everyone attach a back number? Do they sew them by themselves? 

A: Managers do that! They properly place the number on the back and sew it. 

I think that’s all. Message me if there’s a mistake or better way to say something.


Even though Miyuki doesn’t really have to bother since he’s got his own things to do, he always keeps watch over Sawamura - whether it’s from a distance or up close and personal (like in this instance). And as usual - Miyuki antagonises, Sawamura reacts and we love every moment!