While watching Diamond no Ace it dawned on me that we actually spend a significant amount of time staring at Miyuki’s crotch… I don’t think there’s ever been an anime (yaoi aside) where I’ve stared so intently at a man’s groin! And it holds the answers to the team’s prayers! Oh sports anime… the things you make me do… Lol!

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And not only the physical injuries, he is supposed to see how his students are struggling and fucking help them. He put Eijun under so much pressure he got anxiety. He saw Furuya was being too hard on himself and instead of giving advice he kept demeaning him and rubbing Eijun's progress on his face. And when his team lost his first move was resign (without telling them), instead of staying, showing support and trying to be and do better. Kataoka sucks even more than Ochiai because he pretends

he cares about the players when in reality he doesn’t give a fuck.

I very much agree with most of it. Though I think Kataoka should have resigned, or at least read some books on teen psychology and/or baseball strategies and/or more about balanced training.

And I like Ochiai and am really glad that Kuramochi is finally following his advice. Ochiai is flexible and efficient. He sees what needs to be changed and gives an advice. He isn’t fixed on his opinions and changes them according to situation. I’d really love to see him as a head coach.

Answers from Terajima

Q: When and why did Tetsu-san and Jun-san start to call each other by their names?

A: Jun-san started to call him “Tetsu” from the 3rd day after entering the baseball club. Tetsu-san started to call him “Jun” around the time when they overcame the winter in the first year (hell camp?).

Ah, it’s not the third day!  But it could happen judging by his character (laughs). Realistically speaking Jun-san started to call Tetsu since summer holidays. 

Q: When and why did Kuramochi change from calling ‘Ryosuke-san’ to 'Ryo-san’? And when Kuramochi entered the club did he call him 'Ryosuke-san’? I'm curious

A: I’m also curious

Q: What kind of development Narumiya and Miyuki went through to call each other Mei and Kazuya? 

A: It might be that during the game in middle school there were a lot of exchanging and strategies that only those two could understand. And after the game they understood their conformance and immediately got along with each other.

Q:  Why Takashima-san isn’t angry at Miyuki-senpai even though he calls her 'Rei-chan’?

A: Why indeed? I can’t think of anything except she forgives him as a person. 

Q: From when did Narumiya-san start to respect Enatsu Yutaka? As different generations Narumiya-san couldn’t see him when he was an active player?

A: Maybe he listened to his father's reminiscence stories every day.. Like that

Q:  The coach is a member of teaching staff so he gives lessons I think, so what kind of attitude toward coach’s lessons do club members have?

A: Basically they are nervous, but there are times when they are surprised/confused by expressions he shows to students not in the baseball club. 

Q:  What’s the full name of Ichidai Sankou?

A: Ichikawa Daigaku Daisan Koutou Koukou. Ichikawa university 3rd high school grade

Q: Those children that play in a senior league don’t play baseball at middle school clubs?  

A: The balls are different, so probably they chose only one. 

There was a comment later that guys enter senior leagues to get used to hardball sooner and they enter track-and-fiels clubs at schools to train their stamina 

Q:  How does everyone attach a back number? Do they sew them by themselves? 

A: Managers do that! They properly place the number on the back and sew it. 

I think that’s all. Message me if there’s a mistake or better way to say something.